Smithmoor November 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor November 22's

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Shooters and Friends, 11/21/2022

We started our 9th Winter 22 BPCR Series off with a bang on Saturday, November 12th! As you will see from reviewing the scoreboard, there was some SMOKIN’ shooting going on. Most years, our first match of the season the scores are slightly lower and we see them climb throughout the year. If we do that this year, we are liable to see some perfect scores by April! Great Shooting everyone! I am so proud of the level of marksmanship we have attained here at Smithmoor!

The match started a little rough with Coralee coming down with a stomach bug mid morning. She helped get the match started, and then we were on our own. She was laid up for a day or two, but was back to going full bore in a few days. So far, I’ve missed it (fingers crossed!). As always, lots of great helpers fell in line and things ran pretty smoothly. A special thanks to Bev Reed for helping with the food and the paperwork, Katy Stephenson, and Mark Pachares for pitching in, as well as to everyone else that lends a helping hand setting up, tearing down, and cleaning up. Thank you guys, we couldn’t do it without you!

I’ve had fun dreaming up fifth stations for the shooters. This year the range purchased a couple of Texas Star spinning targets to use. Just to keep it simple on the first time using them, I put them at about 120 yards and gave the shooters unlimited shots . They have 5 inch discs that fall off when hit. Although lots of fun, this proved a little too easy and lots of shooters were able to clean them, so I didn’t give any awards for the fifth station this month. Don’t worry, they are going to be a little tougher next match!

Coralee had a big roaster full of beef and barley soup for lunch, and it was super! Katy and Grizz brought a bunch of super bread, butter, and garlic spread, and young Asa whipped up two big pans of his specialty, peach cobbler. We also had several boxes of donuts for the morning snack thanks to Dick Hennebry and Dan Womer. I maybe forgetting somebody as we had lots of good food, but know you are appreciated! All of the food was great!

Now to the shooting! Holy Moly was there some shooting!! Roger Decker was quite pleased to win AA class with a 21, while Keith Kelly took home AAA class with a 29. Keith and Jacob Wolf were in a dead tie and since the match ran long and it was getting dark, we resorted to an exciting flip off to determine the winner. Master Class saw two clean prones, JD Farmer and Craig Wolf. Yahoo you two! Dan Womer took home the class win by smacking an awesome 7 chickens and ending up with a solid 34. This will be Dan’s last win in master class as this Grand Master score is his third one and he will be moving up! Great Shooting Dan! Dan and Craig’s tie was settled with reverse animal count. Grand Master class was super competitive as usual with two clean prones in it as well, Michael Rix and Jack Odor. Michael also shot a super score of six chickens to end up with a 36, but it wasn’t quite enough. The old master himself, Jack Odor, showed everyone he still has what it takes and knocked down 7 chickens, with 5 in a row. This along with the clean prone made a super score of 37! Great Shooting Jack! At this match somebody shot a solid score of 34, which is enough to win most matches in the country, and ended up being 6th overall! I had to chuckle.

Thank you everyone for all of your help and support. The next Winter series 22 match will be December 17th. Note this is the 3rd Saturday and not the 2nd. Coralee and I will be out of town, so we had to shuffle the date around. Big bore at Watkins is scheduled for December 3rd, weather permitting. We are also planning our Annual “Escape from the In-laws” 22 offhand match the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 26th. I’ll get an email out about it shortly, but please let me know if you are thinking of coming. Also big news, we are working on finishing getting the new propane heaters installed this week and should have them done by Saturday. They are going to be really nice!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shooter Gong Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Steve Anderson –6 10 10 9 35
Jack Odor 100 7 10 10 10 37 MW, clean prone, and 5 chickens!
Mark Pachares – 2 10 8 8 28
Michael Rix 100 6 10 10 10 36 1st clean prone
Cody Smith – 6 10 8 10 34
Grizz – 100 3 10 8 8 29

Master Class
Greg Bybee 50 2 10 10 8 30
Dick Farmer 100 3 9 10 8 30
JD Farmer 100 3 10 10 10 33 clean prone
Dick Hennebry 10 3 10 10 6 29
Michael Jackson – 3 9 9 10 31
Tom Reed 100 3 5 5 7 20
Gary Smith 100 2 10 9 9 30
Craig Wolf 100 4 10 10 10 34 clean prone
Dan Womer 10 7 9 9 9 34 1st
Jeff Woodring 100 3 10 9 10 32
Brian Youngberg 100 1 10 9 8 28
Robert Garibay 100 3 10 10 8 31

Ed Himelhoch 100 2 10 5 8 25
Joshua Tangeman 10 1 10 8 6 25
Katy Stephenson 100 0 10 8 9 27
Jacob Wolf 100 0 10 9 10 29
Keith Kelly 100 0 10 9 10 29 1st

Roger Decker 100 0 9 5 7 21 1st
Danny Glick 0 1 3 8 5 17
Kristen Womer 60 1 9 4 5 19
Keith Sebern 0 2 5 5 3 13
Mike Kelly 10 1 2 4 3 10
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Re: Smithmoor November 22's

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WOW!!!!!! Fantastic shooting.

Richard A. Wood
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