Smithmoor Jan 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor Jan 22's

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Smithmoor Gang, 1/22/23

The first January 22 silhouette match at Smithmoor went off very well. Although we don’t let the weather slow us down much, it is still always a concern how it is going to turnout this time of year. It turned out we had a beautiful blanket of 4-5” of snow and as close to zero wind as we ever get here in Carpenter. I only moved about a half a minute of windage from zero all day. I’m not even sure why I did that, I guess it just felt strange not dialing in some windage once in a while! With the blanket of snow on the berms, the black targets stuck out and provided an amazingly great sight picture. Temps were warm for the season and from the comforts of the shooting shed beneath the new propane heaters, it was a GREAT day to shoot.

As you can imagine, with the great shooting conditions we also had some great scores shot. We had six clean prones this match which ties our record of clean prones per match. All the Grand Master class shooters cleaned the prone, which they should have. I am sure glad I didn’t drop a prone animal and end up the only grand master that didn’t….lol We also had Jacob Wolf in AAA clean the prone and kill 3 chickens. His master class score is his third one and he will be moving to master class next match. Jacob’s brother Caleb shared the center of attention with James Sedman as they tied for 1st master class and had to shoot it off to find the winner. James has been busy with life and hasn’t made many matches lately, but he sure wasn’t rusty. He has been shooting in AAA class, but he shot a super grand master class score of 34 with 5 chickens this month. Shooting two classes above your regular class automatically moves you up one class, so he had to duke it out with Caleb, and it was exciting. There’s nothing like a good shootoff, and brother this was a good one! They first went head to head on 5 chickens and both of them wacked two. Caleb had only one down, but connected on the last one as the time wound down. He was feeling the pressure, but made it happen. Then we went to sudden death. After a round of that, James connected and Caleb couldn’t answer him, which left James triumphant. Great shooting fellas and super job James!

As usual, lunch was super. Coralee tried out a new recipe, cabbage roll soup. She always worries me when she wants to try untested recipes for the match, but it turned out good. Ed Himelhoch brought a bunch of super cupcakes and Grace made a big pan of chocolate chip cookie bars. We also had a variety of super donuts for our morning snack. We ate well!!

I can’t seem to make the Texas star fifth station match hard enough! This month I put a bar across the bottom third of the stars and had the rule you had to shoot beneath the bar. By knocking off the bottom gongs, the stars spin a lot more. They were located at about 110 yards and we limited them to 6 minutes. I really thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t. Oh well, it was still fun. Wait till you all see what I dream up next match……Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! (evil laugh)

I wanted to make a quick note and mention Greg Tryon has put together a gang of good guys that enjoy coming to the matches. Greg is an amazing machinist and is always entertaining us with some awesome new rifle he has made. He finally was able to con Tony Maddox into making a match. Tony is a long time BPCR fellow and has two businesses. One is dealing in BPCR rifles. He buys and resells individual rifles and paraphernalia as well as entire collections. Bring your own mop, as you will spend plenty of time fondling and drooling! Tony’s other business is he recreates and sells exact replicas of antique rifle sights. Check out

Dan Womer was our 1st in AA/A class this month with a 25. You might be thinking ”Whoa up there! Dan is a grand master class shooter!” You’d be right, but Dan wanted to try out iron sights and leave his scope behind this month and AA class is where he shot to. We had fun giving him a hard time. He has been shooting rather well and I had to ask him if he was being nostalgic about the old days when he used to suck and wanted to go back. Lol! Good job Dan!

AAA class went to Jacob Wolf with a clean prone and 3 chickens! Yahooo!!! As mentioned above, James Sedman prevailed in the shootoff to be 1st master. Michael Rix shot a super score with clean prone with 6 chickens for a total of 36 to be 1st Grand Master! That’s some great shooting Michael! I was pleased to shoot well and end up the Match Winner.

We have some room in our second January silhouette match coming up on the 28th. Let us know if you want to come. We will have two matches again in February and the third weekend is our winter offhand championship. There is some space left in it as well, so please think about coming to it.

Take care everyone,
Cody Smith

Shooter Star Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Mark Pachares 10 1 10 10 10 31
Michael Rix 10 6 10 10 10 36 1st
Cody Smith (Irons) 8(OH) 8 10 10 10 38 MW
Craig Wolf 10 3 10 10 10 33

Sir Billy 10 2 10 9 8 29
Dick Farmer 8 1 10 9 9 29
JD Farmer 8 3 10 7 9 29
Dick Hennebry 7 0 10 8 10 28
Michael Jackson 10 4 10 9 8 31
Joe Kapler 9 2 10 10 9 31
Coralee Smith 10 -- 10 9 9 28
Gary Smith 10 1 10 9 9 29
Caleb Wolf 10 4 10 10 10 34 clean prone
James Sedman 10 5 10 9 10 34 1st

Ed Himelhoch 7 4 7 9 5 25
Keith Kelly 5 1 9 9 8 27
Joshua Tangeman 10 2 10 8 10 30
Jacob Wolf 10 3 10 10 10 33 clean prone and 1st

Roger Decker 10 2 9 6 0 17
Keith Sebern 6 0 9 7 7 23
John Sturgeon 3 2 7 1 6 16
Tony Maddox 7 3 7 2 5 17
Dan Womer (Irons) 7 0 9 7 9 25 1st
Greg Tryon (Irons) 2 2 10 3 6 23
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