2022 BPTRA Season and Announcements

A place to post an announcement - new changes to rules, Range progress and updates etc.. Please do not Post any shooting/matches and dates here!
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2022 BPTRA Season and Announcements

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Below is an email I sent to the shooters who subscribe for updates to https://bptra.org/
Please read if you're interested in participating in our matches in the Black Powder Target Rifle Association, aka BPTRA.
We have some exciting announcements, changes to our rules and some of the matches that will be kicking off the season.
Any mentions to attachments, entry forms and a copy of our 2022 Rulebook can be found on our website at the following link and available to download at


I’ve been playing a bit of catch up this year, but I wanted to update you on the season starting in the next month for the BPTRA.

First, I have 2022 membership books in hand. Feel free to fill out the membership form on the website and put it in the mail or I’ll have them at matches in Worland, Byers, Cheyenne and the Cumberland Range. Check the flyers of the matches you plan to shoot as some require membership for entry and some do not. All of the membership and entry forms can be found under the Entry Forms and Contact section of our website that I’ve linked here. https://bptra.org/entry-forms-%26-contact

I’ve also attached some of them here for your convenience.

We have some important announcements for the 2022 BPTRA season. First being that the Cumberland Rifleman in New Jersey have decided to shoot their matches under the BPTRA. They have quite a few midrange matches out that way that are run by Glenn Davis. All these matches along with Worland, Cheyenne and Byers can be found on our Match Calendar. https://bptra.org/match-calendar

That puts us at nearly a dozen matches across the Country this season thanks to the addition of the Cumberland Rifleman!

We also have a new 2022 BPTRA Rulebook which I’ve attached and will live on the website if you ever need it.
Most everything is the same with two changes.

First, we have added Bench Shooting to the Any Position in the BPTRA. We hope this will allow Rifleman who are unable to lay prone or have issues sitting to join in the fun. We experimented with this at two matches last year and found there to be no advantage or gain in competitors scores. We took a vote at our Creedmoor Nationals and it was an overwhelming yes. There are very specific equipment and position rules to this. I ask that all these be pointed my way if there are any questions. Pictures are very useful of your bench setup if you have questions. This rule and allowances of bench shooting are at your Match Director’s discretion. If he/she cannot accommodate bench shooting for any reason they have the power to make that call.

Second, we are now a black powder ONLY organization. Without diving too far into it, I see this as necessary for many reasons. If you have questions please feel free to email or call me.
I can tell you for the 3 years we allowed it, we had little to no participation from those using substitutes or duplexing. I don’t see this as a big loss and feel it stays in line with the traditions we’re trying to continue in the BPTRA.

You should see that I’ve Cc’d all of our local Match Directors on this email. Dick in Cheyenne, Tom Outland for Worland, Glenn Davis in New Jersey and myself for Byers. If you have questions about local matches please feel free to contact these Gentleman. Also, please thank them for providing us matches to shoot in and participate when you can.

We have the BPTRA Midrange Championships starting May 19th-22nd

The Wyoming State Midrange Championships June 4th-5th

Cheyenne starting June 25th with Dick’s midrange matches and some very cool .22 target rifle matches for the Summer.

Glenn in New Jersey has already started his matches at the beginning of April and he runs through October.

See you on the line,

Robert Garibay

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