Basic Reloading Question

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Basic Reloading Question

Post by GSmith » Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:47 pm

Have a lot of experience with reloading shotgun loads but only have knowledge with what I have read about blackpowder cartridge reloading. I am working on piecing together all I need to reload while the rifle is being built. Seems all venders are out-of-stock. My question is with all the dies available which should I choose (I will be using the RCBS Rebel press). Will only have one rifle that will be firing these loads so as I understand I don't have to resize the cases each time.

Sorry for the basic question but need to learn.


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Re: Basic Reloading Question

Post by sackett » Mon Apr 26, 2021 5:05 pm

Use whatever brand you want. Most of mine are Lyman, Redding, Lee & CH4D. I also have a couple RCBS and Forster dies. I'm just not a fan of most RCBS stuff (not saying it's bad, but I prefer other companies equipment more, except rcbs collet bullet puller which I prefer using).

I used to use a turret press but have recently switched over to a forster co-ax.

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