Dual Diameter @ Alliance Long Range Match

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Kenny Wasserburger
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Dual Diameter @ Alliance Long Range Match

Post by Kenny Wasserburger » Tue May 11, 2021 2:27 pm

First off let me preface that my score in the match doesn’t give one a good idea of the bullet’s performance. I finished 15/45 shooter, with a 27/48 score, I did salvage the day somewhat, shooting the high scope score though.

We started at 900 and through some misunderstanding on my part I needed to come down as all my misses were at 10-2 on the lollipop. It has no berm behind it so it’s difficult only 3 hits. We had fishtail winds. 2 MOA down in elevation probably would of gave a lot more hits. The 1000 was next we had 2 misses due to wind, the last miss I broke a touch High and got a nice tailwind gust at the same time to have a miss just clearing the steel, all me. 700 we think I had 1 or 2 more hits but couldn’t prove it as we weren’t keeping track so couldn’t argue it with the score keeper. However the 800 yard diamond, the hardest target we went 10/12 in that wind, it also has a berm behind it which helps a bunch.

Take always were: less wind correction needed than we guessed, it was easy to over dope, compared to my other pp bullet with same load. Rifle held excellent vertical for the remainder of shots and was to call. Practice day showed the potential of the load hands down, I have a lot of confidence it it at distance.

This is difficult to do on steel as we had two fresh targets and 2 shot up when we went to score due to the painting rotation. One reason I dislike gong shooting. The flashers worked most of the time on the targets, but difficult to always see your hits.

Next outing is weekend after this, coming at Byers. Paper will tell the tale.

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bruce m
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Re: Dual Diameter @ Alliance Long Range Match

Post by bruce m » Tue May 11, 2021 3:48 pm

thanks for the update kenny.
you have just described some of the difficulties in testing long range .
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