NRA bankruptcy news

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desert deuce
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Re: NRA bankruptcy news

Post by desert deuce » Sun May 30, 2021 4:15 pm

You just don't know Mike, you just don't know.

It was a chilly moon lit Halloween night on Hamburger Hill on the East Side of Nogales, Arizona, at the Border Fence.

As was customary and allowed, small children in costume (obviously accompanied by their parents) were virtually invisible to the Border Patrol. Any others were highly visible and forbidden to enter through the gaping hole in the border fence.

A significant crowd was pressing from the Mexican side well after dark and a smallish 7-8 year old Cinderella asked me in perfect English, "aren't you afraid of the boogey man?" I shined my Mag-Lite under my chin and up to the bill of my cap and said, "I am the boogey man!" Which drew some chuckles and shrieks as some smallish temporary visitors intent on scoring some treats scurried by on their way to trick or treat glory.

Boogey Men don't worry about Bat Crap, Mike, or any other crap for that matter. It just rolls off like water off a duck.
Sometimes you get the chicken, and sometimes you get the feathers!

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Re: NRA bankruptcy news

Post by mdeland » Sun May 30, 2021 5:57 pm

My old pastor, now gone on to Glory, used to say that in the Gospel work one needs a heart as soft as a babies .............. and hide like a water buffalo ! :lol:

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