shim MVA tang sight

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Re: shim MVA tang sight

Post by kenny sd » Sat May 29, 2021 2:38 pm

Well, as a Post scriptum. I hope...
things that I have shimmed in my 35 years as an antique gunsmith.
Colt SAA, third Gens. tighten up the hammer, which tightens up the hand and action
Ruger Single Six. shims everywhere. makes the action super smooth. ANY Ruger for that matter will benefit from this application. But it's hard to do. Rugers do not like to come apart or go together for that matter.
Colt SAA 1st Gens at the cylinder/frame junction. under the removeable cylinder pin. lessens the overtravel of the bolt by tightening the hand-ratchet area.
Colt screws. all of them....using a plastic ring under the screw. tighten once, and never again. can be removed but will hold the screw tight.
this trick will also keep the screw from going in the hole too much and coming out the other side..unsightly.
and isn't Light hold Locktight really a type of 'shim' to keep things tight?

The MVA sight did tighten, but who knows if it mattered that much.
It worked on mine. yours may not need it.

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