Friendship 2021 matches

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Friendship 2021 matches

Post by Woody » Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:02 pm

Here is the match schedule for the Walter Cline Range at Friendship, Indiana. Come join us. We shoot from March to November. We have .22 Silhouette matches on the Friday prior to the BPCR matches on Sat and Sun. More detail can be found on the Miami BPCR website and the NMLRA website.
2021 Matches
19 March Friday, .22
20 and 21 March BPCR 40 shots per day

16 April, Friday .22
17 and 18 April,BPCR 40 shots per day. We will also have the BPCR Military match within the the silhouette on Saturday the 17th. Break out your trapdoors.

14 May, Friday .22
15 and 16, May, BPCR two day AGG NMLRA Championship (We moved the Regional to August in hopes that the pandemic has subsided.)

25 June, Friday .22
26 and 27 June, BPCR 40 shots per day

16 July, Friday .22
17 and 18 July, BPCR 40 shots per day

19 and 20 August .22 (Yep a two day match)
21 and 22 August, BPCR NMLRA/NRA Silhouette Regional AGG. 40 shots per day. Pre-registration required.

24 September, .22
25 and 26 September, BPCR Miami Club Championship match. 100 shot total, 60 on Saturday and 40 on Sunday

15 October, .22
16 and 17 October, BPCR 40 shots per day. We will also have the Military BPCR money match on Saturday within the silhouette match. $5 extra to enter, winner takes all. Again breakout your trapdoor.

5 November, .22
6 and 7 November, BPCR 40 shots per day.

See you there.

Richard A. Wood
If you are surrounded. You are in a target rich environment.

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