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Re: Water Proofing Patches

Post by Dennis Armistead » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:02 pm

Trigger1212 wrote:
Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:38 pm

Just to make sure I understand this correctly, your talking about trying to waterproof PP loads for hunting correct?

When this was initially posted it first thought was That you were talking about muzzleloader patches (as you can tell at this point I’m a GG guy!), was scratching my head on that one.

Realized you were talking about PP loads so a couple questions.

1. Do you apply your waterproofing to the whole patch before wrapping bullet? Both sides?

2. Apply it to patch after bullet wrapped?

3. Apply it to exposed portion of bullet once inserted into case?

4. Brent, do you mean wrap the bullet with wax paper, and that is the patch? What does that do for accuracy?

For my CF loads I put tape over my muzzle, amaizing how many times the cartridge will still come out with moisture on it after a rain.

I'm no expert on paper patching, but have done it for 29 years hunting, not competition. When I was on a deer hunt one season I got caught in a Arizona monsoon down pour that totally ruined my patched rounds. I started working up patched loads using Rooster Jacket to water proof them. I tried just wiping the patch, then dipping the patch, etc. In the end I kept messing up the patch by rubbing them to much, I felt. Now what I do is get a paper towel and fold it up into a 4x4 square and get it damp with water then I soak the top with Rooster Jacket. When I patch I just wipe the patch over the damp paper towel and wrap my bullet. Before the patch dries out I insert it into the case and twist the bullet to tighten the patch. After the round is dry I don't have to worry about the whole cartridge getting wet because it's all sealed. I don't think I would try this on a match round as I don't know how accuracy is affected by this method, but my hunting rounds are very accurate at 200 yards.
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