Cpa recovered projectile.

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Re: Cpa recovered projectile.

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I got the brilliant idea a couple years ago of trying to catch a bullet by shooting it into a 10 foot long 4 inch PVC, with a piece of plastic sheeting on the end.

While I did capture the bullet, it was only useable for one shot! The first foot or so of the PVC was not in one piece anymore..... But the bullet was found in the far end! Glad I was about 10 yards away....
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desert deuce
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Re: Cpa recovered projectile.

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Looks like we have some candidates to spot for Shrapnel.

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Re: Cpa recovered projectile.

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Earlier I had said it was a 6’ pool but it’s actually an 8’ pool.
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Re: Cpa recovered projectile.

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I'll have to find another way. my wife won't hold the T cup full of water....Ken
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