Brooks Turkey Killer

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Brooks Turkey Killer

Post by ShilohShooter119 »

Is this the bullet that Steve calls "Pointed" on his site? I had read about it in several old posts from this forum but am unable to find a picture.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Brooks Turkey Killer

Post by Woody »

Yes. It's a sharp pointed bullet. I've used two of them for years. One in .40 that I've shot my personal best, (35/40), silhouette with, and a .45 that I've shot seven National Records with my Trapdoor. I also shot Master Creedmoor scores with the same .45 bullet in a Shiloh LRE. Steve did quite well that design when he was competing.

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Re: Brooks Turkey Killer

Post by 40-65rl »

I shoot the three groove, pointed nose, Brooks Turkey Killer in my 40 -65. 410 diameter and they cast out at about 408-409 using 20-1. Very nice bullet with plenty of lube. Light load of 50 grains of 3fff Swiss with .120 compression shoots very well. May ring a ram on low hits so I use a 426 grain Mike Lewis bullet for the rams with 60 grains of 3FFF Swiss. Same compression, again, 20-1 lead. Steve makes some very good moulds with great designs and his record of championships speaks for itself. Not to mention he is a very nice guy.
Randy Bohannon
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Re: Brooks Turkey Killer

Post by Randy Bohannon »

I found a Brooks mould on eBay a couple of years ago it turned out to be one of these Turkey Killer pointed bullet moulds. Cast up some with 16:1 and the bullets measured .460” I-thought no way it will fit my Shiloh 45-70 chamber. It fit perfectly and shoots the best of all of my moulds for my Shiloh 45-70 . It has been suggested that it shoots so well in my rifle because of being a fat bullet in my rifle. I’m playing with PP now so new greaser mould is not happening soon.
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Re: Brooks Turkey Killer

Post by ian45662 »

Once ya start paper patching greasers just arnt as fun anymore.
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