Paper Patching question for hunting

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Paper Patching question for hunting

Post by Bulseyetom » Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:20 pm

I have two 40-70 SS rifles, one with a .400 bore and the other with a 0.402. I have a dual diameter mould for the larger bore but I want to try a bore diameter bullet just for the giggles. I bought a box of BACO .395 bullets of pure lead and now the question is what diameter should I patch to? The BACO paper I have ends up with a 0.4013 bullet on the average and slides easily down the bore of the Hepburn with the 0.402 bore. The fit is tight with the C Sharps 75 with the 0.400 bore but I can switch to Seth Cole 55W and get somewhat smaller, or even 55Y and get where it will be a loose fit. I have been seating my dual diameter bullets about 0.15 into the case but how far can I go with a bore riding patched bullet without loosing accuracy? If I neck size the brass, the BACO paper patched bullets are a easy slip fit and will require slight crimping to hunt with so that the bullet won't stick in the bore, but the others will require more crimp. Since I only have 50 to play with I thought I would reach out and see what experienced pp bullet shooters would recommend. I am shooting a duplex load of Re 7 and Swiss 1.5 and the grease groove bullets are shooting great without cleaning for 5 shot strings. I am hoping to be able to shoot 5 shots with patched and have been experimenting with lube cookies with the dual diameter patched bullets but have not perfected a load yet for either rifle. Both chambers have about 0.300 freebore of 0.410 but the fired brass ends up around 0.412 or more inside diameter. Obvious the ideal situation is to build a rifle from the get go with a tighter chamber for patched bullets but that is not going to happen at my age! Thanks for any help. Tom

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Re: Paper Patching question for hunting

Post by semtav » Tue May 04, 2021 6:44 pm

I don't think seating the bullet farther in the case is going to bother your accuracy near as much as running a bore dia bullet over that freebore.

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Re: Paper Patching question for hunting

Post by trapper » Tue May 04, 2021 7:59 pm

I know absolutely nothing about the 40-70 ss cartridge. I have a 45-70 and a 45-2 7/8 that I use for hunting. After I compress the powder in the case I add a .030 poly wad on top of that a 1/8" felt wad soaked in SPG lube and a .030 fiber wad on top of that. All said and done I set my patched bullet on top of the veggie wad and do a very slight squeeze on the case mouth with a taper crimp die. Just enough to hold the bullet from falling out. The bullet is in the case about 3/8". In a fouled barrel the bullet some times stays in the barrel if i eject a loaded round. My mould throws a .442 dia slick and patched with 9# 100% cotton paper it ends up at .4485 to .449. I have shot 40 rounds with no fouling control and the accuracy stays pretty good for hunting. They all stayed with in 4" or so at 100 yards. Maybe this will help you? I also wipe a little jojoba oil on the patch after it is loaded. Kind of makes it water resistant.

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