Warm fuzzy feeling

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Re: Warm fuzzy feeling

Post by madisonvalleywapiti » Tue May 31, 2011 9:19 pm

Stephen Borud wrote:Ya life does happen and it ain't fair either :lol: . After shooting that moose I have longed to do it again, and I will someday, I've killed several elk, antelope,deer, bear, turkey, but there's something about a big old bull moose coming in to a grunt that is undescribeable, it gets the heart pumping. When I shot that bull at 12 yards broadside it absorbed and arrow and didn't flinch. I watched the blood pump out of his side, it was one of those HOLY SHIX moments. I hope you get to go next year, good luck.

Stephen Borud
Theres something special about getting in close and personal with game thats hard to describe. I once had a cow elk walk up to where I was crouched in some alfalfa while hunting whitetails. It was like having a horse sniff the back of my neck! It was an insane once in a life time event for sure!

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Re: Warm fuzzy feeling

Post by Stephen Borud » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:16 pm


I had a similiar situation about 5 years ago, my pard and I had cow tags and we had 3 bulls and a cow across a canyon, we got on our cow calls going and the three bulls brought the cow across the canyon with them. I got set up on a knoll and waited, well as chance would have it the cow came up behind me about 50 yards and stopped but one of the 3 bulls a little rag horn 5 ran right up next to me. He couldn't of been a foot from me on the right side. I remember looking at his gut moving and listening to him breathe real heavy from running across the canyon. Good times.

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