Great time on a morning hike

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Great time on a morning hike

Post by mdeland » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:57 pm

Had a good time this morning on my prayer walk down the Campbell Creek bike trail. About half way down I came on a cow moose off to the side looking back at me and then to my left. I stopped to give her some space and heard another moose in the alders off to the side. It was a young spike bull calling to her. I started to mess with him imitating another bull and he wasn't sure wither to challenge or run. He kept sticking in the brush and would not come up on the path to the cow in the open. A short time later out pops a cow and a calf in the alders with him that I did not see. I suspect he was this cows last year calf and torn between breading instinct and leaving his mom.
The calf was afraid of the bull but was still trying to hang with mom and mom was trying to stay with the other cow which was in estrous and attracting the bull.
It was really cool to listen to the different sounds the estrous cow and bull made and to watch the calf's reaction to the little spike bull.
He is king of the hill for awhile until he bumps into a more mature male an then I'm sure he'll head for less troubled territory.
Had I seen him this last week end I would have had my winters meat supply but it was really neat to hear them make their calls and see the interrelationship of a small moose gathering.
Some day I'm going to follow a group like this and try to learn more about how to make their various calls and when they do it. It will make me a better hunter, the more I can understand about them and was just plain fascinating in and of itself. MD

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