Not a Sharps - But dropped a coyote on the run!

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Not a Sharps - But dropped a coyote on the run!

Post by Darryl »

Shame on me. I actually took a scoped rifle into a stand with me (along with my BPCR of course).

I was invited to a friend's place out in West Texas about 25 miles North of Big Lake this past weekend. He told me to spank any coyotes we see while we were hunting for cull deer.

So, I took my custom 6mm PPC out to the stand with me.

My 15 year old nephew was with me in a stand and I was explaining how you should keep you scope magnification dialed down if you expect to see coyotes because they are frequently on the move as they come through this type of country. No more than 20 seconds or so after I said that, I caught movement between the mesquites around 150 yards out. It was two coyotes trotting through at a pretty good clip (15 mph was my guess).

I immediately grabbed the rifle and pointed it into a small clearing in front of where they were advancing towards. I picked one of them up in the scope, put the crosshairs on the point of its shoulder and dropped the firing pin. My shot hit him far back in the hind quarters and caused him to start spinning. I had to put another in him which turned the lights off.

Exact range was 153 yards while he was running. I didn't think I'd need to lead much more with a 68 grain bullet doing 3,250 fps - but I did hit him far back.

I have not shot a coyote in about 5 or 6 years and really don't prefer killing them since they're predators. However, my friend had asked us to shoot some if we see them because they are impacting his fawn survival.

That would have been a little difficult with my BPCR to hit him under those circumstances, but as expected - it was quite easy to do with a scoped gun which spits out rounds over 3000 fps.

It made me truly realize how much of a better rifleman I have become by learning how to use my Sharps and rolling block rifles with open sights, shooting big slugs under 1200 fps with a rainbow trajectories and actually hitting what I aim at very well.
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Re: Not a Sharps - But dropped a coyote on the run!

Post by Sarge »

Get them song dogs any way you can. Good shootin.
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Re: Not a Sharps - But dropped a coyote on the run!

Post by Denali »

Nice shot Darryl.

A few weeks ago I strapped my guncase ( with 45-110 saddle rifle inside) to the back of my KLR650 and headed up into the hills about 20 miles from the house. Did some coyote calling, but all that came in was some mean clouds and visibility dropped to 20 yards. I'll get one sooner or later with the sharps.

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Re: Not a Sharps - But dropped a coyote on the run!

Post by bobw »

Yes, good shooting,don't even apologise for using your 6 mm. There is simply nothing wrong with using what you like and own. I shot a coyote back in January running just about straight away with my custom 338-06 FN at 165yds running with 200gr Horn SST's, 2 back in mid Sept with my HB 223, and another day before elk season started with 175 gr NPT's in my 7 mm Mag. I shoot them wherever I see them prime fur or not. There are so many coyotes here they run around in plain sight all day long. I shoot with whatever I have handy. That is the way it is . Hope you and yours have a happy T-day. bobw
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Re: Not a Sharps - But dropped a coyote on the run!

Post by Mike Johnson »

Nice going. Beautiful colors on the Yote
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