First for my Shiloh

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Re: First for my Shiloh

Post by mountianman286 »

Listen to Redneck. He has helped me more then any dozen books or years of shooting. I have shot my last 3 elk w/gov.rnd.nse and they have not gone more than 3 steps. I have yet to recover a bullet. 45-110 105 gr 1fg goex express. 526 gr. gov.rnd.nse. 30-1
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Re: First for my Shiloh

Post by rdnck »

Victor--I didn't say I failed to shoot all the way through a buffalo with the 545 Brooks flatnose. I said I had shot all the way through buffalo with the other three bullets. After seeing how the Brooks flatnose came up short in the penetration tests and talking to a gentleman who had used it on elk without complete pass through I decided not to use the bullet for hunting large animals. The other three bullets work so well, I didn't feel a need to use what I felt was a bullet with a lower level of effectiveness. Sorry for the confusion.

Straight line penetration is very important. With the other three bullets, you can shoot a buffalo square on the shoulder and expect the bullet to exit through the other shoulder, taking out the lungs and whatever else is in the way. These rifles kill best by punching big holes in and out of the chest cavity and causing air leaks that cause the lungs to collapse. When the lungs collapse, the animal goes into immediate systemic shock and death quickly follows. A good exit wound is important as the internal pressure in the chest cavity blows it open and keeps it open, whereas the entry wound is often closed by this internal pressure going outward. It takes reliable straight line penetration to do this consistently, and the Govt. roundnosed bullet is the best I have found. Hit a shoulder, a rib, or a skull and don't worry about it. The Govt. bullet will push straight through.

Like Clarence, I have used the more pointed Postell bullet on game, and have found that while it kills, it simply does not put the animal on the ground as well as the 457125 Govt. Some bullets simply kill better than others, for whatever reason. Shoot straight, rdnck.
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Re: First for my Shiloh

Post by vgostomski »

Thanks for clearing that up. I just read into it too much.
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Re: First for my Shiloh

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It seems that many of us owe rdnck a thanks for his williness to share his knowledge and experience freely. For me it was his technique for prepping the barrel for making a cold bore shot shoot into the group. I have confidence in my rifle to make shots to 350 yards now with 100% confidence.

Victor: Sharps used 400 and 420 grain bullets in the .45-70 and the 500 grain in the .45-110. I can tell you from experience that a 500 grain flat nose cast 20/1 will penetrate over an inch of hide, at least 5 foot of solid muscle and stop in the 1 inch hide. I have not used the 457125 bullet, but I'm sure that rdnck is spot on about it. I guess what I am trying to say is, you don't need more weight(length) it can work against you. If the bullet is too long it will yaw reducing the ability to penetrate.

Mike R
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