.50/70 Drops another Hog in its tracks

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.50/70 Drops another Hog in its tracks

Post by Darryl »

I went out to the ranch this past weekend and took my .50/70 rolling block that Dave Higginbotham built for me in February 2009. I never fail to drop animals in their tracks with this rifle.

Its super accurate, it hits like a sledgehammer, and its absolutely gorgeous. More importanly, its very special to me because of the wood.

It's plain wood, but Dave had actually set aside that wood for himself to build another personal hunting rifle. He liked the simplicity of that wood, and for those of you that have been to his shop and seen his personal rifles, it is very similar to the heavy barreled .50/70 that he had.

When I could not decide on some blanks that he had - he pulled them out and said, "I tell you what - I've been keeping these for myself. If you like this wood, I'll build your rifle with it". I liked them.

I really love that rifle, and I wish I could still tell Dave just how much I enjoy it. I miss Him.


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Re: .50/70 Drops another Hog in its tracks

Post by Denali »

Nice work and beautiful rifle!
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Re: .50/70 Drops another Hog in its tracks

Post by WHO CARES »

I too have one of his 50-70's and it surely is a shooter. It doesn't seem to matter what bullet, every one I've tried shoots very well. Very pleasant on the shoulder as well.

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Re: .50/70 Drops another Hog in its tracks

Post by wislnwings »

Congrats on the hog. That's a beautiful rifle. I'm kicking myself for not ordering one of his 50/70's years ago.
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