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Post by Gussy » Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:21 am

I have a vineyard below my shop and it's enclosed with a 6' high deer fence. Last evening I went down and tied grapes to the trellis. As I was about to leave I looked down the road below me and right in the middle of the road stood a big bobcat, about 100' away. We stared at each other for a couple minutes and he just sat down like a big house cat. We just looked at each other and I wanted to see how long he'd stay. Dog was laying down by the gate and didn't see it. Dog got up and came by me and was just running around and he still didn't see the cat and didn't even know it was there. The cat didn't seem nervous about it either.

After 10-15 min (not really sure, but a long time) the cat started to get up and I figured he was leaving so I directed the dog that way. Dog hit the fan... Went crazy barking and running down the grape terrace. Cat never moved and sat back down and just watched the dog bark (6' fence between them). Old dog then went down to the next terrace, probably less than 50' apart. Finally, after a couple more minutes of barking, the cat got up trotted right down the middle of the road away from us. Stopped around 200' away and gave a back look then went into the tall grass along the road and into the brush. When we went to the gate, I had to restrain the dog as he did want to head down the road! :lol:

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