I used the club

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Re: I used the club

Post by DeadEye »

Mike, I have never owned a chronograph, I can't tell you, maybe Gussy can.

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Re: I used the club

Post by Gussy »

My chrono is down for "repairs" at the moment with a busted plastic part. Chrony says they don't have parts (but they'll take mine in trade and charge me new price for an updated model), yeah right.....

Eventually I'll get around to milling a new part out of solid pvc. I have layed out just haven't done it.
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Re: I used the club

Post by mdeland »

I had a 6mm Remington BDL with a bull barrel for a varmint rifle and foolishly let it get away from me. I prefer the cartridge to the .243 Winchester personally. I currently have a 6mm/284 improved on a Mauser 98 with a heavy, tapered, 26 inch Apex barrel that I've been messing with. It was given to me by a friend that said he never shot it and wanted to get rid of it. I'm sure it will be a throat burner but after bore scoping found it is in like new condition presently. It pushes the 87 grain V-max Hornady pill to 3500 fps with ease and produced 1 inch five shot groups at 100 yards with the first load tried.
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