Smithmoor November 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor November 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:44 pm

Friends, 11/17/2020

It felt really good to start our 7th 22 BPCR Winter season this past Saturday. With all the worry, concerns, and uneasiness that has gone on for the last several months, it was just good to get to have a shooting match among a bunch of friends. The big news was the completion (mostly) of the addition on the shooting shed. Thanks to an anonymous donor and Bill Acklin, we now have a most wondrous addition that really helps protect us from the weather. Saturday turned out to be a really good test of the addition as it blew like nobody's business. Generally, I think people overstate the winds we have here in Carpenter, but that was not the case on Saturday. I don't actually know how hard it blew, but I do know that weather stations in nearby areas clocked wind gusts into the mid 70's, and sustained winds in the 50's. It does that once in a while around here, and I knew sooner or later we would get unlucky and it would end up on match day. Surprisingly, it took 7 years for our luck to run out!

We were all quite comfortable shooting from inside the shed with the fire in the stove burning hot. Of course, we had to hard set all of the silhouette targets. We even had to set a bucket off of a skidsteer on the base of the paper target stand to keep it from leaving the country. I am sure those were probably the worst possible wind conditions to shoot in. It switched constantly in direction and intensity. The flags were all straight out and whipped around so it was hard to read what was going on. Cecil told me he had some luck listening to the pitch of the howl and adjusting accordingly lol! With all of this heinous wind, it was quite amazing at the quality of the shooting that went on. I am constantly amazed how well a 22 long rifle can shoot in some terrible winds.

New shooter Phillip Dobkins shot an 18 to be 1st A class, while Danny Glick shot a 25 to be 1st AA. He also shot an impressive 240 out of 250 on the 100 yard schuetzen target to be high paper. That pretty much means he shot a 2" 10 shot group in 50-75 mph winds at 100 yards with a 22 long rifle! Wow! Danny is our Laramie County Sheriff and we are all quite proud of him. He is lots of fun and really adds to our matches. Joshua Tangeman, Gary Smith, and Bill Acklin all shot impressive 28's to lead to a 3 way tie for match winner. We settled it on chickens, and Bill prevailed making him match winner, and left Gary being 1st master class, and Joshua being 1st AAA. 28's were definitley something to be proud of on Saturday! I also wanted to mention, the love of my life, sweet Coralee, shot a super 238 to be high paper in combined Master/AAA class. That was some super shooting as well!

We enjoyed a big pot of ham and beans, along with homemade corn bread for lunch, and homemade apple crisp for dessert. Bev Reed and Grace whipped up some homemade donuts and brought them out to us mid morning. I am always a sucker for a donut, especially a homemade one! Ed Himelhoch also almost always bring some great goodies, and he didn't let us down on Saturday. A big package of mini-cinnamon roles accompanied him to the match and didn't follow him home. Thank you to all that help with the food, it really makes our matches great!

Thank you to everyone that supports our matches and comes to shoot. It is hard to believe we are entering our 7th year! Plan on the 2nd Saturday each month, we will be here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is dealing with sickness and financial problems and look forward to the day when we can all get back together again.
take care my friends,

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Cody Smith 238 5 10 2 6 23

Bill Acklin 224 4 9 6 9 28 MW
Steve Anderson 225 3 10 5 9 27
Dick Hennebry 230 1 10 4 8 23
Michael Jackson 218 2 9 5 7 23
Tom Reed 225 2 10 4 8 24
Cecil Sauer 205 1 7 5 4 17
Cole Sauer 230 1 9 8 8 26
Coralee Smith 238 1 10 9 7 27 1st Paper
Gary Smith 231 3 9 9 7 28 1st
Greg Bybee 235 3 10 6 7 26

Ed Himelhoch 216 0 9 8 5 22
Keith Kelly 146 1 9 4 6 20
Joshua Tangeman 235 4 10 6 8 28 1st

Chase Sauer 183 2 10 6 6 24
Danny Glick 240 2 10 7 6 25 1st and High Paper

Javyn Cruz 69 0 8 5 4 17
Phillip Dobkins 198 1 9 4 4 18 1st

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