Smithmoor 22 Offhand Cash Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor 22 Offhand Cash Match

Post by jackrabbit » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:11 pm

Friends and Shooters, 11/30/2020

Yahooo!!! I am elated by the interest and turnout we had for our 22 Offhand target match this past Saturday! We had 13 noble and determined rifleman make it out to test their skills. We shot 100 yard German ring targets at 100 yards, offhand. The center 25 point bullseye is 3/4" diameter and each successive outer ring is 3/8" larger. Everyone used a falling block single shot 22 rifle with period sights. The match was very much in spirit with the highly competitive and very popular offhand matches of 120 years ago. I enjoyed it thoroughly and think the shooters did too.

We jokingly called ourselves the "Butte Wannabees" as we ran the match similar to how they do at the Butte Schuetzen house in Butte, Montana. In particular it is unique among offhand target matches in that they allow and encourage the use of a spotter or partner. It is definitely comforting having someone give you a hand in finding those holes in the target, keeping an eye on the wind, and in general just keeping you on track. Also big fun at Butte is they give a cash prize to the first 25 scored in each relay. To help keep track of this, the spotter screams out "TWENTY FIVE" at the top of his lungs each time his shooter shoots a bullseye. They continue to do it even after the first one of the rely has been recorded. It adds to the fun for sure. We didn't exactly have a plethora of bullseyes, but the shooters did enjoy getting into the spirit and playing along.

We had some pulled pork left over from a previous match that Coralee had frozen. It made excellent sandwiches and we had a big bowl of Pepe sale courteous of Momma Lorraine to go along with it. Apple crisp and pumpkin pie rounded it off. Dick brought a nice selection of donuts for a morning snack. Thank you Dick! I appreciate it very much.

The day turned out to be one of the most beautiful fall days I can remember. I started to wonder if the flag was broken as it never moved much the whole day. The sun shined brightly and the temperature rose to the low 60's. Gorgeous!

I think I will work on figuring out some classes for the next match, but for now we were just one big group. 3rd Overall was veteran shooting champion Jack Odor with a 946 out of 1250 possible. We have not seen Jack much lately and I knew a schuetzen style match would draw him out. Good shooting and so glad to see you Jack! 2nd overall with a super 957 using iron sights was Lee Wolff. Good shooting Lee! I was pleased to shoot a 988 to be the Match Winner. All of our winners took home cash prizes, including our High Junior, Cole Sauer. Cole shot a respectable 844 in the match and also shot the highest single target of the day which was a 213! Super Shooting Cole! Cole took home an 1880's Silver Dollar and a fist full of cash for his efforts. Jack, Jim, Cecil, and Keith all took home a 10 dollar bill for smacking the first 25 in each of their relays.

Thank you to everyone that came to shoot and support this match. I know there were several others that wanted to come, but life didn't let it work out. We are planning to try to have this type of match on the 4th Saturday of each month, so mark your calendars!

take care my friends,

Shooter Sights Target 1 2 3 4 5 Total Place
Cody Smith Irons 195 189 198 210 196 988 MW
Jack Odor Scope 154 191 199 208 194 946 3rd
Jim Rodebaugh Scope 137 186 203 184 188 898
Lee Wolff Irons 202 184 186 190 195 957 2nd
Cecil Sauer Scope 154 140 160 145 180 779
Cole Sauer Scope Jr 154 196 170 213 151 884 1st Jr High Target
Chase Sauer Scope Jr 93 95 58 64 135 345
Dick Hennebry Irons 150 140 96 119 30 535
Keith Kelly Scope 112 83 86 135 103 519
Gary Smith Scope 120 97 126 163 141 647
Ed Himelhoch Scope 122 94 132 126 163 637
Javyn Cruz Scope Jr 38 62 46 61 70 277
Bill Acklin Scope 163 170 137 142 146 758

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