Smithmoor January 22's

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Smithmoor January 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:31 pm

Friends and Shooters, 1/6/2021

We ended up with 26 shooters making it out to last Saturday's Winter Series 22 BPCR match. There were several more signed up but couldn't make it at the last minute. 26 is still a pretty full house as our maximum capacity is 30 shooters. I thought it was a super match and I am still smiling about it several days later. There were great conditions, great friends, intense competitions, super food, and tons of donuts! It couldn't possibly get any better!

Conditions were interesting in that it was fairly chilly with temps in the 20's and snow flurries coming and going throughout the day. The wind flags barely moved all day and any windage corrections needed were minimal. The snow never accumulated much and it was actually kind of pretty. We had the fire roaring hot in the fire and we all stayed pretty comfortable. The snow made for a bit darker of a day so sight pictures were a little off, but there were no pesky shadows complicating things at the beginning or end of the match like there can be on bright days.

Oh the donuts!! It was near donut nirvana! Dick brought a couple of boxes from his new favorite donuts shop in town, Mark Pachares seldom fails to deliver a box or two of the delicious treats, and Ed Himelhoch showed up with mini cinnamon rolls. Also, glory upon glory, the heavens opened and Joshua Tangeman showed up with two big pans of fresh cinnamon rolls from our local café in Pine Bluffs. Regular and maple bacon! Joshua didn't even end up shooting as he had to go to a funeral but he still brought the rolls over. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to you guys! 1,000 extra range points will be awarded to Dick, Mark, and Ed, and 2,000 to Joshua! LOL

Coralee and Beverly suffered from a bit of lunch anxiety as the big roaster they make our match lunches in gave up the ghost about mid morning. Super star Momma Lorraine rushed to the rescue with her roaster and saved the day. Chili skillet with corn chips and fresh fruit sure hit the spot. Thank you Beverly and Momma Lorraine, it was sure good!
And then there was the shooting ! Wow!! Dick Hennebry sponsored our paper target match again this month. He brought some targets left over from his muzzle loading days that had 6 bulls on them. One was used as a sighter, and then 2 shots were put into each of the other 5. We shot them at 50 yards and most shot them off the sticks, although a few brave souls shot them offhand. The center x-ring was tiny! Danny Glick shot an amazing 100-1x to be our high overall paper shooter. Great Shooting Danny! Coralee made a separate certificate for high paper in each class and those winners are noted in the below scores.

We gave away several clean prone pins this month, including one to Dick Hennebry. This was Dick's 10th clean prone pin, which is more than anyone else by a sizable margin. Good Job Dick! We were also pleased to give clean prone pins to Mark Pachares, Greg Bybee, and Coralee. I am so proud of our shooters! Shooting a clean prone is no small accomplishment.

Phillip Dobkins won A class this month with a solid 24, while Dick Farmer took AA with a 29. One more AAA score and Dick will be moving up! Yahoo! Caleb Wolf took AAA class with a 29 as well. Caleb and his Dad, Craig, were new to us last month and we were all pleased to see them back. Good shooting Caleb! Things got real in master class with Greg Bybee knocking one out of the park with a 36! Greg cleaned the prone and walloped 6 chickens! Wow! Awesome shooting! Greg has been steadily improving and this was his 2nd Grand Master score, so one more and we will have a new addition to the Grand Master Class. Great Shooting Greg! Grand Master class was a little small this month with only two of us, but it was still stiff competition. Mark Pachares cleaned the prone targets and smacked 4 chickens to be high Grand Master, and I was quite pleased to shoot well and be the Match Winner with a 38.

The weather forecast is not looking very promising for a big bore match this coming Saturday, but we will make that call later in the week. Watch for an e-mail. Match Flyers are out for our 2 day Smithmoor Offhand Championship coming up in February. Contact me if you are interested in coming. I hope to see everyone back for our February Winter Series on February 13th. Thank you, thank you to everyone that makes these matches such a success!

Take care my friends,

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Mark Pachares 98-1x 4 10 10 10 34 1st
Cody Smith 97-1x 9 10 10 9 38 MW and 1st GM Paper

Bill Acklin 98-1x 5 10 9 3 27 1st Master Paper
Steve Anderson 98-1x 4 10 9 8 31
Greg Bybee 96-1x 6 10 10 10 36 1st
JD Farmer 94 1 10 10 9 30
Dick Hennebry 94 2 10 10 10 32
Michael Jackson 95-1x 4 10 10 8 32
Tom Reed OH 60 4 10 7 7 28
Travis Purdum 91-2x 2 9 5 9 25
Coralee Smith -- 2 10 10 10 32
Gary Smith 93-2x 1 9 8 10 28
Kenny Wasserburger 93 0 10 10 9 29
Bryan Youngberg 96-1x 4 10 8 8 30

Ed Himelhoch -- 1 9 7 8 25
Keith Kelly 86 2 6 10 9 27
Monte Reed OH 58 2 9 8 8 27
Caleb Wolf 90 2 10 9 8 29 1st AAA and 1st AAA Paper
Lee Lane OH 32-1x 0 10 8 10 28

Dick Farmer 95 2 10 8 9 29 1st AA and 1st AA Paper
Danny Glick 100-1x 2 10 8 9 29 HOA Paper
Keith Seberg -- 0 3 0 6 9
Craig Wolf 93 0 10 8 9 27

Javyn Cruz 93-1x 2 8 8 5 23 1st A Paper
Phillip Dobkins 91 2 7 9 6 24 1st
Greg Tryon OH 26 5 6 1 5 17

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