Smithmoor 22 Offhand Championship

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor 22 Offhand Championship

Post by jackrabbit » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:01 pm

Shooters and Friends, February 22, 2019

I am quite pleased to report the Smithmoor 22 Offhand Target Championship held this past weekend (Feb 20th and 21st, 2021) was a success! It was a 2 day match with 50 record shots per day on the 100 yard German Ring Target from SPG Sales ( Wyoming Schuetzen Union rules were used. We had shooters come from some distance to share in the fun and competition. Coralee, Grace, and Momma Lorraine whipped out some great meals for us and the weather wasn't even half bad for Wyoming in February. Lee Wolff, Ed Himelhoch, and Sheila Jackson also brought a bunch of great goodies to share. Ed's death by chocolate brownies are to die for!

We limited the number of shooters to 20 and the match had been full for some time. I was really excited to see this kind of interest and support for this match as it has been my dream for some time to hold a real schuetzen match here in Carpenter. It turned out to darn sure be a rootin' tootin' real schuetzen match! The match went quicker than I suspected it might and I think next year we may add a 5th relay.

My grand experiment that I had not seen at other schuetzen matches was to break the shooters into two separate classifications based on skill level. We used the Day 1 scores as a qualification and anyone above a score of 875 was placed into what I called Division 1. Others would be placed in Division 2. As I was hoping, there was a bit of a natural break in the scores and I think my division line worked out well.

I did reserve my right as match director to place shooters where I thought their abilities were and I did have to use it on Jim Rodebaugh. Jim shoots with me weekly and often shoots some super scores. He thought he would try out his new schuetzen buttstock with the hooked buttplate at the match. It proved to be a bad decision and he switched back to his regular silhouette stock for day two. This brings up two very good points. First, don't try new equipment out at a big match and expect to do well and second, you don't need a hooked buttplate, fancy schuetzen stock, or palm rest to do well at these types of matches. Shoot what you are comfortable with.

For our course of fire, we shot 3 ten shot targets first, and then came back later in the day and fired on the other two targets. As per Wyoming Schuetzen Union Rules, only ten shots were fired at each target and you were not allowed to return to the sighter after starting your string of fire on each target. We used 12 inch round, black gongs for sighter targets. I have experimented with other ways of having a sighter target, and I think I like this best. Shooters seemed to get along with it pretty well.

Day 1 turned out to be quite a nice day. With very small breezes and relatively warm temperatures well into the 40's, it made a great day to shoot. We still kept the wood stove burning hot. We also had a nice donation of a couple of outdoor patio propane heaters like you see at outdoor restaurants sometimes. One of these on each end of the firing line really helped keep the chill off. We used the tradition followed at Butte with awarding a 20 dollar bill to the first 25 in each relay. The spotters shout "Twenty Five" whenever their shooter smacks a bullseye. It really adds to the fun. We also had a 50 dollar bill for the high target in each division for each day. In Division 2, day one had Greg Tryon in 3rd place with a 823, Greg Bybee in 2nd with 832, and Bryan Youngberg in 1st with a 839. In Division 1, Lee Wolff was 3rd with a 948, Steve Anderson shot a 952 to be 2nd, and Jack Odor shot a 1013 to be 1st. I was the overall match winner with a 1038. Jack Odor received the 50 dollar high target award in Division 1 with a smokin' 225! Wow! Greg Bybee and Bryan Youngberg both shot solid 189s to tie for the Division 2, 50 dollar high target. We used the worst shot score on the target to break the tie and Greg came out ahead.

Day 2 weather was not nearly as hospitable as day 1. Strong breezes and cooler temperatures made for some challenges. The shooting shed stayed fairly comfortable, but posting targets was definitely less fun. Day 2, Division 2 third place went to Ed Himelhoch with a 846. 2nd place was Jay Sittig with a 867, and 1st place went to Bryan Youngberg with a solid 879. 50 dollar high target went to Jay Sittig with a super 204. In Division 1, third place went to Steve Anderson with a 962, while Jim Rodebaugh shot a solid 968 to be 2nd. Jack Odor shot a good 1019 to be 1st, while my 1030 made me match winner. Jack and I tied for high target with 214's and I came out ahead using the worst scoring shot tie breaker.

The big prizes were saved for the aggregate and Coralee and I were quite proud to be able to offer some nice prizes. 3rd Place in each division earned a 100 dollar bill, 2nd place received $200, and 1st place won $300 and a beautiful Seiko wrist watch with the Smithmoor Range logo on the dial. I thought they were really cool and hope the shooters liked them as much as I do. Division 2, 3rd place went to Greg Bybee with 1657, 2nd went to Jay Sittig with a 1689, and 1st place went to Bryan Youngberg with a 1718. In Division 1, 3rd Place was earned by Lee Wolff with a respectable 1836, while 2nd place went to a very pleased Steve Anderson with a 1914, and Jack Odor shot a very good 2032 to be 1st place. I was quite honored to be the Match Winner with a 2068. Also a big thanks to Wyoming Sight Drifter for awarding one sight drifter to each division for 2nd place high spotter. Bill Acklin and Lee Wolff both received one of the brand new, improved versions. Let me tell you, they are cool! Check out to get one of your own.

Thanks to some very generous donors, we also had some great items to give away in a drawing. SPG Sales sent some nice items to give away, as well as Robert Garibay brought a 50 dollar gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops, and Larry Kearns donated one of his super offhand stands. Larry hand makes them with a clamp to secure it to your bench, a padded foam lateral arm to rest your rifle muzzle on, and a bracket to attach your spotting scope to. They are cool! Michael Jackson was pleased to receive it. The big news was Roger Buechler brought a bunch of really great hand made by himself wooden ammo line boxes and a super cool 1950's vintage shooting box. The box had been used by Roger's mentor back in the day. He was a top shooter in the South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota region and I am sure he is happy to know the tradition carries on. Bill Acklin was elated and honored to be the recipient of such a treasure.

A giant thank you to all of our very generous supporters! We can't thank SPG Sales, Wyoming Sight Drifter, Roger Buechler, Larry Kearns, and Robert Garibay enough. Their support really helped make the match great.

Although I am sure he doesn't like the spotlight, I did want to especially thank Roger Buechler for his support of this match and our range. Roger was the one that got me off center on putting this match together. It would not have happened without him and his selfless donation of time and money are greatly appreciated. Roger, I am truly honored to know you and call you a friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support.

We hope to make this match a February tradition and plan on taking 25 entries next year. Look for it the 3rd weekend in February again. Get your entries in early, I am sure it will fill up.

Keep your rifle clean and your knife sharp my friends,

Division One
Shooter Day 1 Day 2 Aggregate
Jack Odor scope 1013 1st 1019 1st 2032 1st
Cody Smith iron 1038 MW 1030 MW 2068 MW
Steve Anderson scope 952 2nd 962 3rd 1914 2nd
Lee Wolff iron 948 3rd 888 1836 3rd
James Sedman scope 887 887 1774
Logan Eliason iron 902 929 1829
Jim Rodebaugh scope 840 968 2nd 1808

Division 2
Dean Scott iron 586 605 1191
Carl Eliason iron 748 810 1558
Ed Himelhoch scope 755 846 3rd 1601
Don Hubbard iron 354 356 710
Jay Sittig scope 822 867 2nd 1689 2nd
Roger Buechler scope 713 650 1363
Bill Acklin scope 812 787 1599
Bryan Youngberg scope 839 1st 879 1st 1718 1st
Greg Bybee scope 832 2nd 825 1657 3rd
Michael Jackson scope 762 766 1528
Greg Tryon iron 823 3rd 764 1587
Robert Garibay iron 756 810 1566
Gary Smith scope 707 775 1482

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Re: Smithmoor 22 Offhand Championship

Post by COBPTR » Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:59 pm

Great match!
Thanks to the whole Smith family for putting on a good show, as usual.

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Re: Smithmoor 22 Offhand Championship

Post by jackrabbit » Wed Feb 24, 2021 6:31 pm

Thank you Robert, I'm glad you had fun. It's always fun having you there.

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Re: Smithmoor 22 Offhand Championship

Post by bryany » Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:07 pm

I really had a good time shooting the match. 100 shots off hand plus sighters is a little wearing by the end of each day. Shooting with the crowd Cody drew for this made for a fun weekend. Everyone wanted to shoot well but I don't think anyone was so serious as to interfere with enjoying the weekend. I'm looking forward to shooting this again.

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