Wasserburger Mile/Creedmoor Match 2021

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Wasserburger Mile/Creedmoor Match 2021

Post by Kenny Wasserburger » Mon Sep 06, 2021 11:55 pm

The 2021 Wasserburger Mile and Creedmoor Match

25 years ago I asked my Dad about building a Traditional Creedmoor Range on our family ranch. I was very enthusiastic after attending the Midrange National Championships at Raton and their inaugural 800 yard test match in 1996. Dad was willing and I began the expensive process to acquire the correct steel after our first test match in the fall of 1996. Dad donated diesel, tractors, oxyacetylene and lots of welding rod that i burned up.

By 1997 everything was in place and we shot on new improved targets. This continued till 2005. A few matches were held through 2009, in 2007 with a great deal of help from a great group of people and my Dad and the use of tractors to drill holes plow ground for berms and to drag Lucy our Armored bunker to the mile target.

Those intrepid souls that helped in the initial Mile effort were the following: Randy and Loyce Ellingrod, Jeff Williamson a long time friend from my Highpower days, Harlin and Woody Sage, two guys from Pringle SD, Dave DeJaeger, my pard Jimbo (James Terry) and my dad Jim Wasserburger. And my long time Friend Bryan Youngberg who helped GPS in the distance.

This years match included Dave DeJaeger who has never missed a mile match, Randy and Loyce Ellingrod, Jeff Williamson, Bryan Youngberg and myself many of the original crew. We had new shooters to the mile this year. Well known Long Range shooter and top gun in Silhouette, Mr Steve Farringer traveled considerable distance to shoot the mile. Kody Outland of Rocky Mnt Cartridge and Mr Ed Himelhoch. Returning shooter from last year which was his first, was Gary Millhouse.

Practice was shot on Friday, Thursday morning, early arrival Steve Farringer, who showed up before I did on Wednesday, got a bit of and adventure. My Dad had advised me of a hole in the fence line and cows had got into the mile impact area. Steve and I found the hole in a draw were my dad had located it, and with some posts driven and broken wire spliced, plus a old truck to make an anchor in a low spot to pull the fence down and still keep it spaced correctly. Something I learned from our neighbor when I was about 8-9 years old. And I later watched and helped
my dad do the same thing. I told Steve it was a old Indian trick, but he doubts that, as Indians didn’t use barb wire. That afternoon, we played cowboy with a side by Side and worked about 65 head of cows and calves back into the correct pasture in some very rough and broken ground which highlights our ranch. It was rather wild at times. Steve got sort of quiet when things were a tad bit Western, but hung on and was a real trooper.

Saturday morning dawned after a loud and windy night with several storms blowing through the ranch, we received about .46 of an inch. Fog was heavy, something rare here and soon descended on the range, the fence line and our 600 Yard Traditional Creedmoor target disappeared. By 9am the fog had burned off and still heavy overcast, practice began. At 1030 we had a brief shooters meeting then I painted the 800-900-1000 yard Targets. Match started about 1038.

Two groups of shooters were squadded, first Relay was Brian Youngberg, Steve Farringer, Kody Outland, Dave DeJeger Randy Ellingrod, Ed Himelhoch.

Randy was off like gang busters with his Ballard Highwall. Randy set a new Range Record of 48/50 he shot a bull worth 5 points, then a outer worth 3 points, he then ran 8 bulls in a row on the 36 inch bullseye. This is incredible shooting and shows today’s shooters give up nothing compared to the shooters of old. Bryan and Steve Farringer were hot on Randy’s heels with 44/50 each. Bryan ran his last 5 shots which were all bullseyes.

Relay 2 was as follows: Gary Millhouse, myself, Jeff Williamson, Loyce Ellingrod, and our old friend of many years since 1998, and the 2005 Scope Creedmoor National Champion Michael Jackson. I was the top Gun in Relay 2 with a 44/50, 2 bulls then 2 outers 2 more bulls, a outer then 3 bulls in a row.

900 was next with brighter light and tons of mirage, Bryan set the pace in relay 1 with a 37/50, the rest of us struggled, with Michael and Ed doing 26s each, tied for second at 900. Randy Ellingrod struggled with only 2 outer hits for a total of 6 points

At 1000 yards the mirage was wicked, and conditions were changing rapidly. In relay 1 Bryan came out on top with a respectable 29/50, Steve Farringer was right on his heels with a 27/50. Randy Ellingrod shot a 17 Relay 2 came to the line after a repaint, Michael Jackson was second with a 25/50. A fella that hasn’t been around lately, showed up, a former National Champion, he ran 5 bullseyes in a row then a outer then a Bullseye, a condition change netted him 2 misses, then he finished with a Bullseye, score of 38/50 was the final tally. It felt good and I was most happy with my Dual Diameter PP bullet in Dora.

Final scores for the 2021 Wasserburger Traditional Creedmoor match were as follows.

Bryan Youngberg with 110/150 match winner.
Kenny Wasserburger with 104/150 2nd place.
Steve Farringer with 92/150 3rd place.

Ed Himelhoch with 87/150
Gary Millhouse with 78/150
Michael Jackson with 73/150
Randy Ellingrod with 71/150
Loyce Ellingrod with 58/150
Kody Outland with 57/150
Jeff Williamson with 56/150
Dave DeJaeger with 37/150.

It was apparent that Randy Ellingrod’s rifle had firing pin issues or the like, he was to use a different rifle for the mile.

Sunday dawned and about 9am we all were assembled at the mile firing line, cowboying was required with my trusty steed (Honda Rancher) to remove a bunch of cows that had to come visit us.

A major tail wind played havoc with us the whole day with ups and downs.
My old friend Dan Theodore called the Mile match, Extreme Long Range BPTR. He was correct in his assessment.

First string of fire was as follows:
Bryan, Steve, Kody, Dave and Ed. Kody proceed to give us veterans an education with his Shiloh 44-77 with the top score of 16 points with 2 bulls.
While painting I noticed several bulls with sideways bullet impacts.
Second group was as follows
Gary, Myself, Jeff, Randy and Michael Jackson both men were shooting 45-110’s with PP bullets. Michael was using my version of the 540 gr Money bullet. Michael and Randy tied with 14/50 right on Kody’s heels.

Second string first group. Ed ended with a 15/50 and Steve Farringer with 12/50, Kody had 8 points.

Second group, Gary Millhouse shot a 15/50, Jeff Williamson shot a 17/50, and Michael Jackson shot a 12/50. Myself was dismal irons and my eyes.

Mile match Winner was:
Ed Himelhoch with 28/100.
Jeff Williamson last year’s Mile match winner was 2nd 26/100
Michael Jackson was 3rd with 26/100
Kody Outland was 4th with 24/100
Steve Farringer was 5th with 23/100

Mile Ties were broken by most bulls, highest second string of fire.

Aggregate ties were broken by Highest Mile Agg, then highest 1000 yard Agg.

Final Aggregate was as follows:

Bryan Youngberg 125 total points Match Winner.
Kenny Wasserburger 119 total points 2nd Overall.
Ed Himelhoch 115 total points 3rd Overall.
Steve Farringer 115 total points
Michael Jackson 99 Total points
Gary Millhouse 99 Total points
Randy Ellingrod 88 total points
Jeff Williamson 82 total points
Kody Outland 81 total points
Loyce Ellingrod 58 total points, declined to shoot the Mile.
Dave DeJaeger 49 total points

4 shooters with various back, neck, leg issues opted to shoot Bench/table class. Bench rest cross sticks, no rear bag in the Creedmoor event. A rear bag is allowed in the Mile match due to the extreme distance.

Gary Millhouse
Kenny Wasserburger
Randy Ellingrod
Dave DeJaeger

Discussions after the match were around using a camera to verify hits in the extreme mirage especially the Mile, and to moving the match ahead 1 weekend to gain more local and far away shooters. Lastly we will be having a 22 Mini traditional Creedmoor match on Friday to bring 3 days of shooting to the format next year 100-150 and 200 yards possibly yet be determined by Jim Bourne and myself.

Submitted 1155 pm Big Whiskey Montana
It’s been a long day folks.
KW The Lunger
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Re: Wasserburger Mile/Creedmoor Match 2021

Post by Grizz61 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 7:18 am

Very nice write up Kenny.

I have every intention of attending next year.

Kenny Wasserburger
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Re: Wasserburger Mile/Creedmoor Match 2021

Post by Kenny Wasserburger » Tue Sep 07, 2021 1:57 pm

The Wasserburger Mile and Creedmoor Match Data List

Bryan Youngberg Creedmoor Mile Match
Shiloh Sharps 1877 45-100
Distant Thunder Front sight
MVA MR Buffalo Soule. MVA XLR rear sight
Starline Brass.
93 Grs of Swiss 1.5
PJ Money 538 gr 15-1 alloy
.040 HDPE, .030 Walters fiber
Federal 210 Match primer.

Kenny Wasserburger Creedmoor. Mile Match
Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-110
MVA 6X 23 inch scope 900 yard block MVA XLR/MVA Front
Norma Brass 2.880
103 grs 1.5 Olde Eynsford
BACO DDEPP 15-1 Alloy
.060 Fiber wad my own, .062 HDPE, 1/8 Sagebrush Felt
Winchester WLR old white box primer
Creedmoor MVA 900 yard block .223 elevation 1000 yards
Mile Elevation with XLR 3.12-3.08

Steve Farringer Creedmoor. Mile Match
Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-70
DZ Arms scope. 300 MOA riser
Starline Brass. W-W brass
74 grs Swiss 2F. 82 gr Swiss 2F
BACO Money 540gr
Fed 150M
.060 Poly wad

Randy Ellingrod Creedmoor. Mile Match
Ballard highwall 45-90. Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-110
MVA Front
MVA Soule Rear. MVA XLR
Starline Brass. Norma
85 gr Swiss Caviar. 105 gr Swiss 1f
Sagebrush elliptical 550gr. BACO 550 gr PP 16-1 alloy
Fed 155. Fed 210
.030 poly and .030 Walters. Card wad and Walters poly
1.88 elevation 1000 yards. 3.45 elevation 1 Mile

Michael Jackson Creedmoor. Mile
Shiloh 1874 Sharps 45-110 Same
Norma Brass 2.880
1F Swiss caviar
BACO 540 gr .445 Money PP bullet 15-1
Federal GM 210 primer

Ed Himelhoch Creedmoor. Mile
Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-90
MVA scope. MVA XLR
Starline brass.
86 grs Swiss 1.5
BACO 540 M3 16-1 Alloy
Primer CCI 200
Walters.060 wad

Jeff Williamson Creedmoor. Mile
Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-90. Same
Starline brass
Swiss 1.5 84 grs
Paul Jones money
Federal 210 primer
.030 fiber, .030 poly .030 fiber.
Creedmoor elevation 1.72. 3.44

Kody Outland Creedmoor. Mile
Shiloh Sharps Quigley 44-77. Same
RMC Brass
Swiss 1.5 72 grs
Brooks 500gr flat nose 16-1
.030 Walters
Creedmoor elevation 1.73. 3.73

Gary Millhouse Creedmoor. Mile
Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-90. Same
MVA front
Starline brass
87 gr Olde Eynsford 1.5
BACO 530 gr Money wheel weights
Federal bench rest
.060 fiber coffee filter on top

Dave DeJaeger Creedmoor. Mile
Shiloh Sharps 1874 45-110. Same
MVA scope
Jamison brass
Swiss 1 FG 98 grs
Federal 210 match
.060 Walters wad.

Loyce Ellingrod Creedmoor only
45-70 Wyoming Armory highwall
Lyman 17A
MVA Soule
Starline Brass
Swiss caviar 68 grs
Jones Theodor 530 gr money
Fed 210 primers
.030 poly .030 Walters
1000 yard sight setting 1.79
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Re: Wasserburger Mile/Creedmoor Match 2021

Post by Aviator » Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:50 am

Well, I sure had a good time at the Wasserburger Ranch!
All of the Wasserburgers were very welcoming, and the shooting part was pretty good too!
A side benefit of arriving a little early was getting a taste of mending fences, and convincing cows to head back to where they were supposed to be, which included getting a little tour of an area you don't see from the Interstate highway.

I was planning on shooting better, but those plans don't always work out..... :roll:
Fortunately my broken firing pin happened during the sight-in day. I mentioned during sight-in that the rifle and load normally performed better than that, but didn't discover the broken pin until cleaning the rifle.

Thanks Kenny, for inviting us to your family's ranch.
I am planning on being there next year!

Dan O
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Re: Wasserburger Mile/Creedmoor Match 2021

Post by Dan O » Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:52 am

Great write up Kenny!! Thanks for the equipment list that was eye opening :)


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