2021 Montana NW Regional Championship BPCR Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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2021 Montana NW Regional Championship BPCR Match

Post by Del » Sat Sep 25, 2021 1:51 pm

The 2021 Montana NW Regional Championship BPCR Match was shot over four days from Sept 16t - 19th. The weather was coooolish with the temperature dropping overnight on Thursday night to below freezing. The temperature during the days was in the mid 70s Thursday thru Saturday but dropped to the mid 60s on Sunday with a little rain overnight and then one short rainstorm during the day Sunday. Having target setters made that pretty easy on us...!

We shot black animals for both days of Iron Sights but then reversed them for white for the scope match. Our shooting day was relatively short for Iron Sights due to the time of year. Thursday saw an issue with the first and second relay with shadows on the rams and turkeys that I decided to wait before shooting the second relay for about 15 minutes. We had shadows on the turkey line in the afternoon on the last relay of the day but there was no one shooting bank 1 turkeys so that wasn't an issue. We started at about 9:50 am on Friday to get away with the first bank issues and finished a little earlier in the afternoon, getting done about 4:00 pm.

Winds were pretty strong for Missoula with them coming out of the North by Northwest, which made for interesting wind calling. I think there was wind spilling off the ridge on the left of the range causing the bullets to be pushed down at time significantly. On Sunday, my last animal was turkeys and between my 5th and 10th animals my elevation dropped about 6 minutes. Others experienced lots of issues as well. While I was shooting pigs, the wind was howling from left to right down the 1000 yard range line which cuts through the silhouette range at about 100 yards. But the smoke and flags at the shooting line were showing significant right to left and the dust and flags on the chicken line were screaming right to left. Gave the bullets whiplash crossing through that wind off the 1000 yard range!! Depending when you started on animals, the mornings allowed for good scores but as the wind came up it got pretty dicey!

We gave out daily Iron Sight 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall awards and on Thursday, Ed Tilton shot best with a 31, Doug Gazaway ended up 2nd with a 30 and 6 chickens, and Steve Hubbard also shot a 30 but only 3 chickens for 3rd. Friday ended up with Steve Hubbard out shooting us all for 1st with a 32, Dave Eichenlaub shooting a 30 with 3 chickens for 2nd and Doug Gazaway also shooting a 30 but with only 1 chicken for 3rd.

We had our Iron Sight Aggregate Overall awards ceremony Friday after the last Iron match and this found Dick Bernier winning B Class. Cliff Diffendaffer won A class with a 34 and winning in a shootout against Skip Steinmetz who also shot a 34. Chris Steinmetz took 3rd in A. For AA, Don Hanson took first shooting a 46, Diana Mitchell took 2nd and High Woman shooting a 44, and Glen Gipson took 3rd shooting a 42. AAA Class found Jonathan Currey taking first place with a 54, Del Niemeyer taking 2nd place with a 53 by default as Blair had to go to town early and missed his shootoff. Blair did take 3rd place with a 53 as well. Master Class found Dave Eichenlaub in first place with a 53, Jim Brennan in 2nd place with a 50, and Darrell Smithson in 3rd with a 47. 1st Overall in Iron Sight and winner of the 2021 Iron sight NW Regional championship was Steve Hubbard shooting a 62, 2nd place Overall going to Doug Gazaway shooting a 60, and 3rd Overall going to Ed Tilton shooting a 57.

The daily Scope match winners started on Saturday with Scott Lindley taking 1st shooting a 32, Dave Eichenlaub taking 2nd shooting a 31, and Ritchie Tilton taking 3rd shooting a 30. Sunday daily match winners went first to Dave Eichenlaub shooting a 31, 2nd place went to Scott Lindley shooting a 30, and 3rd place went to Ed Tilton shooting a 29.

For the two day aggregate match for scope, 1st place in A class went to Chris Steinmetz shooting a 40 with 2nd going to Dick Bernier. 1st AA went to Diana Mitchell shooting a 49, 2nd to Glenn Gipson shooting a 48, and 3rd going to Skip Steinmetz shooting a 47 and winning by default against Roy Sanford who passed on shooting the shootout. The AAA scores were 1st place going to Dan Steinmetz shooting a 54, 2nd going to Don Johnson shooting a 53, and 3rd going to Dan Smrdel shooting a 52 and winning in a shootout against Herb Bartle. 1st place in Master Class went to Darrell Smithson shooting a 55, 2nd going to Dave Toavs shooting a 53, and 3rd went to Del Niemeyer shooting a 51 and winning in a shootout with Ivan Dice who also shot a 51. The Overall Aggregate winner and winner of the 2021 Montana NW Regional Scope Championship was Scott Lindley shooting a 62 and winning in a shootoff with Dave Eichenlaub who also shot a 62 and took 2nd Overall. 3rd Overall went to Ed Tilton who shot a 56.

We also give out an Ironman award for the highest overall 4 day score for both Iron Sights and Scope. This year's Ironman award goes to Dave Eichenlaub shooting a combined score of 115. Great shooting Dave!!!

We had our annual barbeque potluck Saturday evening followed by handing out of door prizes. With Toby and Brad cooking, we had a nice meal with no one going away hungry... Most kind of waddled away truth be known! Many thanks go to the companies that donated to our match. The list of vendors is Schuetzen Black Powder, Wyoming Sight Drifter, Redding Reloading Equipment, Buffalo Arms, Accurate Molds, Brooks Molds, Starline Brass, Lyman, Shiloh Rifle, Montana Vintage Arms, DGL Lube, SPG Lube, Walters Wads, and lastly Quiltworx/Judy Niemeyer Quilting for donating a very nice quilt again this year which was won in the drawing by Darrell Smithson. I had to tell him not to use it to change oil under his diesel pickup!!!

For the scores, they can be found here:

Iron Sight Match: http://www.mtbpcr.com/2021NWIronScores.pdf
Scope Match: http://www.mtbpcr.com/2021NWScopeScores.pdf
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Re: 2021 Montana NW Regional Championship BPCR Match

Post by Kenny Wasserburger » Sat Sep 25, 2021 5:10 pm

Del thank you for all your efforts.

Kenny W
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Re: 2021 Montana NW Regional Championship BPCR Match

Post by 38-72 » Sun Sep 26, 2021 8:40 am

Thanks for put on such a great match ! ! !

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