Smithmoor November 22 Match

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Smithmoor November 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:58 am

Marksmen, Nobelmen, Ladies and Peasants of the land, 11/14/2021

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! As duly appointed leader of the Smith Klan of riflemen, I wish to bestow the highest honor upon one of our most generous, kindest, hardest working and talented shooters for going way beyond the call of duty. His sacrifices added greatly to the comfort, enjoyment, and prestige of the Smithmoor 22 BPCRA Winter Series matches. Untold volumes of time on Sundays and late at night were graciously given. For these actions I hearby grant Knighthood to Bill Acklin of Carpenter Wyoming! Therefore from now and forever more, he shall be known as Sir Billy!

All joking aside, there was lots of news this month, but the inaugural match for the expansion of the shooting shed was the big one. We still have several things to do to completely finish the project, but it is mostly done, and it turned out SUPER! I can’t tell everyone how pleased we all were with it. It is simply awesome. We can’t say thank you enough to all those that made it possible, but Bill did lots, and we had a single anonymous donation that paid for a big chunk of the materials. The rest was met from funds raised from the Turkey Lotto over the last couple of years and lots of smaller donations, as well as Coralee and I kicked in the balance. A giant THANK YOU to all that contributed!

We had a real bang up of a match to celebrate, too! We had 33 or so shooters all let us know they wanted to come. We have a maximum of 30, so that made me nervous we would have to turn someone away, but it all worked out and we ended up with 28 actually making it out to shoot. Sickness, a family accident, and just life happened. Before the expansion, more than 20 or so shooters started to get crowded. With the new addition, 30 plus folks in the shed for the match was plum comfortable.

The weather started out calm and cool in the morning, but right after the first couple of relays, the wind picked up and really cranked most of the day. It stayed fairly steady at 25-30 mph, and gusted into the 40’s several times. Shooters found themselves thinking it wasn’t so bad while sitting in the comforts of the shed, only to have a vastly different set of thoughts after setting targets! It never fails to amaze me how well a 22 rifle can perform in those kinds of winds at 150 and 200 yards. We had some super scores shot yesterday in any kind of conditions, let alone that kind of wind.

In honor of our Veterans and Veterans day, we started off our morning meeting with a recognition of those in our group that so graciously offered to give all for our nation. Dick Hennebry had the genius idea of purchasing some very cool Veterans Challenge coins that we handed out to each Veteran after they gave their years of duty and branch of service. Dick is a Veteran himself, and after a career in the Air Force, he went to work for the VA helping Veterans get the services they needed. Even after retirement, he is still giving today. Thank you Dick for all of your help and support of Veterans, and the most humblest and deepest thank you we can give to all those that served. Veterans that were at yesterday’s match were:
Gary Smith, United States Navy
Dick Hennebry, United States Air Force
Mark Pachares, United States Marine Corp
Sir Bill Acklin, Unted States Air Force

Oh the food! We had several bunches of donuts for our morning snack, and we all know how much I like that. I’m not sure who brought them all, but thank you! Dan Womer is quickly elevating himself to my favorite shooter as he usually shows up with Krispy Kremes… I thought lunch was great! Coralee and Bev Reed tag teamed some super beef barley soup with fresh, warm bread. Marsha Farmer brought some super lemon cake, and Coralee and the kids helped make some apple crisp. It all was really good! Thank you to all that help with the food!

I have a lot of fun thinking of and changing our 5th station. I decided to leave the paper targets alone for a while and move back to some gongs. We used an adaption of what is known as “know your limits” (KYL) targets. We have 3 round gongs on swingers. One is 10”, one is 6”, and one is 2”. The rules are, you only get 10 shots at the gongs and the big one is worth 3 points, the medium one 5 points, and the little one 10 points. This month they were next to the pig berm (100 meters), but based on this month’s scores, we’ll be moving it back for next month. As you can see, there is a bit of strategy as you can safety up and shoot the big target, but probably not shoot a stellar score, or you can take some risk and try the smaller ones. If you hit them, you could win big, but a miss is worth a big fat ZERO. It was fun. Adding to the fun is SPG Sales and WY Sight Drifter stepped up and are offering a 100 dollar cash prize to the first shooter that shoots a perfect 100. Yahoo! Cecil Sauer was really close with a 95, winning GM/M class! Joshua Tangeman was high AAA/AA class with a 75. Great shooting fellas!

A lot of excellent scores were shot yesterday in the regular match, despite the wind. Young Javyn Cruz shot a solid 27 to win AA class for the last time as he will be moving to AAA for the next match. Good Job Javyn! AAA went to a very pleased Joshua Tangeman with a 31, and we had some excitement in Master class. Craig and his son Caleb had a straight through tie with 34’s. It was pretty awesome both of them cleaned the prone targets and then shot 4 chickens, but the fun part was the shoot off. In the first round, they both shot 2/5, so we went to sudden death. They traded blows back and forth for quite a while before Craig edged out Caleb. I love shootoffs, and this was one of the more dramatic ones I have seen. Fantastic Performances by both Craig and Caleb! I was high Grand Master with a 33, and an elated Steve Anderson was the Match Winner with a 35! It is always fun to see Steve have success as he is one of most adamant supporters, he has led countless others to our sport, and he works hard at his shooting. I think the win was extra special for Steve as his daughter Emily came up to shoot with him and was his spotter. It was a great day for Steve and Emily! Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for all of the support of Smithmoor over the last 8 years, and especially thank you to all that come and shoot. I hope to see everyone next month on December 11th for next month’s 22 Winter Series match.
Take care my friends,

Shooter KYL Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Steve Anderson 80 6 10 10 9 35 MW!
Mark Pachares 70 4 10 9 9 32
Michael Rix 73 5 10 9 8 32
Cole Sauer 58 3 10 8 10 31
Cody Smith (I) 50 6 9 10 8 33 1st

Sir Bill Acklin 3 1 9 9 8 27
Greg Bybee 36 4 10 8 6 28
JD Farmer 63 1 9 6 7 23
Dick Hennebry 38 0 10 9 7 26
Michael Jackson 83 1 10 10 9 30
Tom Reed 26 3 10 10 8 31
Cecil Sauer 95 4 6 5 7 22 1st KYL
Coralee Smith 68 1 10 8 9 28
Gary Smith 36 3 6 10 9 28
Caleb Wolf 85 4 10 10 10 34 Clean Prone!
Craig Wolf 35 4 10 10 10 34 1st
Jeff Woodring 68 1 10 8 9 28

Emily Anderson 60 1 10 9 10 30
Dick Farmer 33 1 10 5 10 26
Ed Himelhoch 6 2 9 5 10 26
Joshua Tangeman 75 3 10 8 10 31 1st AAA and 1st KYL
Chase Sauer 36 0 8 9 7 24
Mike Venard 24 1 6 8 5 20
Dan Womer 68 2 10 9 8 29
Jacob Wolf 30 0 10 9 10 29

Javyn Cruz 38 2 10 8 7 27 1st
Danny Glick 9 1 9 6 8 24
Roger Decker 35 0 8 8 7 23

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Re: Smithmoor November 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Nov 14, 2021 5:14 pm

Two new shooters this month as well. I forgot to mention that. Both were lots of fun and I am sure we will more of them. Jacob Wolf (a junior shooter who shot a smoking 29 on his first match) and Roger Decker. Roger is a retired neighbor who is lots of fun.

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