Smithmoor 22 OH Match

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Smithmoor 22 OH Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:31 pm

Friends and Shooters, 11/28/2021

I was quite pleased to have 15 shooters come out to shoot our 22 offhand match this past Saturday at Cody’s Shooting Shed. We have held this match the Saturday after Thanksgiving the last several years and it grows each year. Some (not me of course) have referred to it as the “Escape from the in-laws match.” Everything went quite well. We had great weather, great food, and stiff competition. Yahooo!! What a fun day it was!

Dick Hennebry and Dan Womer brought some super donuts for a morning snack and Coralee whipped up some great lunch for us. We had genuine home made German sausages in fresh sauerkraut along with beans and some fantastic cream cheese/coconut brownies made by Grace. We ate well for sure.

We shot 100 yard WSU German Ring targets offhand at 100 yards according to Wyoming Schuetzen Union rules. 10 shots were fired at 5 different targets, 3 targets in the first round, and two in the second. A 12” round gong was used as a sighter target. It is challenging shooting as the 25 point bullseye is only ¾”. Anybody that can break 200 out of the 250 points for each target is pretty handy. We break the shooters in to 2 divisions. Division 1 is for those that are often shooting above 875, and Division 2 is for those that are shooting below that mark. The match is shot “any sight” and we saw a mixture of scopes and irons used, as well as full blown schuetzen rifles and silhouette rifles.

We saw some exciting things in Division 2 this match. First, we had several new shooters which is always awesome, and we also saw the return of Weston Rix to Smithmoor. Weston is in college now, but shot with us quite a bit growing up. Everyone was sure pleased to see him. Grizz also brought his daughter Katy to the match and she did very well for her first time here. Roger Decker is a family friend that is just getting started. Hopefully we have him hooked! The best news however, was we got Coralee to shoot an offhand paper match! This was her first one, and in addition tof worrying about lunch, she was able to come out on top of Division 2 with a 786. Great Job Sweetheart, we are all proud of you!

Division 1 saw some hard holders vying for the win. We were all pleased to see Ed Himelhoch break into Division 1 this match. He has really been working hard and we have seen his shooting skill level steadily improve. He was even able to break that magical 200 point level on one target. Good job Ed! Caleb Wolf is a freshman in college this year and is one tough competitor. He is the current holder of the Buckaroo Buffalo for winning the Rocky Mountain Regional 22 BPCRA Championship and is quite a hand in the offhand game as well. Caleb managed a super 952 to be 1st in Division 1. I was quite pleased to shoot well and end up the Overall Match Winner. This was the first match I have shot with my rifle since Dan Zimmerman of DZ Arms rebarreled it for me. Let me tell you, as usual he got it perfect and it is really a shooter! Wow! It has a 28” Bartlein #4 octagon barrel and I used Lapua Midas ammo. Thanks a bunch Dan for such quality work. Dan can be reached at He offers a variety of high quality gun parts, scopes, and targets as well as his top notch gunsmithing.

Take care my friends,

Shooter Target #1 #2 #3 Total #4 #5 Aggregate
Division 1
Michael Rix 192 185 198 575 172 170 917
Cody Smith 222 217 225 664 213 206 1083 MW
Greg Bybee 155 179 197 531 182 151 864
Craig Wolf 163 160 167 490 174 216 880
Caleb Wolf 189 201 176 566 179 207 952 1st
Ed Himelhoch 124 182 190 496 202 191 889

Division 2
Gary Smith 169 141 101 411131 167 709
Roger Decker 19 67 90 176 16 35 227
Dick Hennebry 133 92 124 349 71 108 528
Dan Womer 157 104 176 437 165 161 763
Weston Rix 129 146 162 437 173 165 775
Coralee Smith 155 163 183 501 101 184 786 1st
Katy Stephenson 115 121 76 312 84 113 509
Robert Garibay 139 155 127 421 142 155 718
Grizz 151 163 137 451 85 170 706

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