Sagebrush 2012 in the Books

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Sagebrush 2012 in the Books

Post by Dakota Dick » Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:50 am

Well Sagebrush 2012 is in the books.
Harlan and Tiff did another great job of putting on the Sagebrush Shoot and the Range and Weather conditions did not disappoint either!
Range was opened starting Wed for those who wanted to do some load testing and get early sight settings.
I arrived early Thursday morning and got trailer and cover set up before 8am…good thing as it got hotter than blazes in pretty quick order. By Noon it was already up in the 90s but the winds were very light.
I actually used two guns for the match and had to get sight setting for both as I had not used them in any match previously. Both were 45-110s. The first I used on Saturday for the long range match was my C Sharps Bull Barrel 110. Sucker is just a tad over 16lbs so it makes a good stick gun but a really lousy off-hand shooter. Since the Long Range match is all shot off sticks, either prone or sitting, (no takers for off-hand!) the 16 pounder is just the ticket. This rifle has always shot well for me and with 105 grs of KIK 1.5 pushing a BACO PP .444 Money Bullet patched to .450" it can do the job out to 1000yds with no problem…that is if you can see the targets!!! My cataracts and floaters are becoming a real problem at ranges beyond 800yds. Shadows and low light conditions just amplify the problem. I can see the target well enough as I get it initially lined up but then it just disappears on me…blinking use to help but not so much anymore.
Temps Thursday afternoon were just to dang hot for shooting, too bad because the winds were way down, so we just sat around in the shade and napped and swapped lies. About 5pm things started to cool off so we did some more shooting till about 7pm. I brought some PP loads for my new C Sharps 74’ chambered in 50-70 with a Badger 26 twist barrel. 540gr bullet patched to .500" and pushed by 76grs of KIK 2F has enough push to shoot some pretty amazing groups out to 650yds and even did well on the Buffalo at 800yds. Light conditions were fading by the time we got to the 1000yd target so I saved that for another day…but the report on the 50-70 with PP is a contender for a future Quigley.
Friday was just as hot, but with 20-30 mph winds out of the south that blew all day and through that night. Still had to sight in the Shiloh rebarreled Montana Roughrider with the Loomer PP Chamber. Even though I've have had it back less than a month from Shiloh I was lucky enough to stumble across a great load that has been shooting 1.5 MOA groups at 400yds. I wanted a 110 that I could shoot off-hand so I had it rebarreled with the same 30” Hvy barrel it initially carried in 45-70. I was concerned the recoil would be a bit much but with a 30” barrel but that did not turn out to be the case. Even in the high winds, sight settings were quickly attended and between 7:30am and Noon Friday I managed to put over 60 rounds down range with good success and no recoil issues. Friday afternoon winds just continued to get worse, so most spent the rest of the day trying to stay cool and helping new arrivals get sighted in.
Saturday it cooled down a bit, but the winds were still strong and blowing from the south then switching from NW by early afternoon. Cloud cover most of the day kept things cooled off and two well timed and short duration rain showers kept the mirage down and the air clear. The shifting strong winds had the biggest impact with elevation settings attained during Friday's sight-in…and even Sat morning pre shoot sight-in… lower an average of 12 to 15 mins for the 1000yd targets as the norm…if we all didn’t have enough problems keeping up with the wind changes (and for me, actually seeing the 1000yd target) luck of the draw on relay rotation had my relay up first on the 1000 yd targets...both days! The Bull Barrel did its job on Sat and the nut behind the butt did well enough until the we got to the 1000yd target...the combination of wind and eyesight issues kicked my butt…but I did salvage 2 hits and was happy, well amost happy, to get those.
Sunday morning broke clear and cool with the winds down a bit but they still remained variable in both speed and direction for the duration of the shoot Sunday. Even on the 400 target you had to pay attention to the wind as it ran the full spectrum from 2-15mph across a 45 degree arc of vector. Windage settings ran from 1min L to 3 mins R during one relay. But the Loomer 110 chamber with the duplex load of 10grs of Reloader 7 under 95grs of GOEX 1F pushing a .442 Creedmoor PP bullet patched to .448 performed flawlessly. I can get 20 shots without wiping using that duplex load and they will all stay in a 3min Grouping, but wiping between each shot will result in 1.5 MOA Groups…so wipe I did between each shot…figured I needed all the help I could get.
One thing I have always enjoyed with the Alliance Shoots, and others, is that everyone pitches in and helps with spotting and sharing windage/elevation information. Have always gotten the feeling that most are there to work together so everyone has a chance to do their best and have a good time.
Lot of old faces were missed at this shoot and there was some initial speculation that the shooter numbers would be down…but quite a few new shooters showed up and the Sagebrush finished up with 97 total shooters…about the same as the last two years. That is good news…our sport continues to attract new participants…I believe a direct reflection of the people who participate and their willingness to make helping each other a priority.
Big Thanks Again to Harlan and Tiff for another great shoot.
Scores can be found here:
Dick Savage
Dakota Dick
Keystone, SD

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