November Smithmoor 22 match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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November Smithmoor 22 match

Post by jackrabbit » Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:40 pm

Fellow Shooters,

We were once again blessed with absolutely fabulous weather for our first 22 BPCR match of the season. There was a south wind that required some wind adjustments and in general paying attention, but it was manageable. 19 shooters took advantage of the great day and came out to shoot. We were very pleased with the turn out. I was a little nervous about running 5 relays, but everything went smoothly and we were done by three o'clock. In the spirit of schuetzen, we tried something a little different in addition to our normal silhouettes. I put up a paper target at the 100 yard pig line and everyone fired one shot at it. After the match, everyone autographed their bullet hole and the one who shot the closest to the center took the target home as a momento of the day and their win. To schuetzen competitors, this is known as a King match. It was exciting to watch as Dick Hennebry and Coralee both fired shots into the 24 ring that were both so similar in distance from the center, it was going to be very hard to judge a winner. I was saved from having to make that decision by Mike Venard. He was the very last shooter of the day and he stepped to the line and put one closer to the middle than anyone else, winning the King match! Good shooting Mike!

We broke the shooters into two groups. One being AAA and master and the other being A and AA. Don McDowell and Dick Farmer both shot very well today and tied with a 24. In the interest of time, a shoot off was avoided and Dick prevailed by reverse animal count. It pleases me to see folks improving and shooting well on our range. Good job Don and Dick. I had a good day and managed to win the master/AAA class with a 32. It was some tough competition as there were multiple scores at the top.

There are lots of thank yous this month. Coralee spent several hours washing windows and cleaning on the shed helping me to get ready for today as well as put together her normal fantastic lunch. Bryan Youngberg built two very nice rifle racks to hold our rifles while we are not shooting. Dick and JD Farmer both came early today and set up targets as well as helped build the target stand for the King Match. Jeff Demott brought donuts for our early morning snack, and Steve Anderson donated a gift card to be used as a prize. We didn't use it today, but will save it for another match. There was also a substantial amount of money in the donation can. This is greatly appreciated as it goes to pay for the food, plates, napkins, cups, as well as other miscellaneous things needed to put the match on. Thank you to all of you that support our match and contribute so much. Also a big thank you to all of the shooters that came to shoot with us. We feel truly blessed to have you all a part of our lives and to count you as friends.

As most of you know, in the pre-shoot meeting I like to find a patriotic story to tell. I tried to keep it lighter today than usual and picked on France a little bit. Apparently I have had my head in the sand and was unaware of the tragedy that had happened in France recently. Our hearts go out to all of those so terribly affected by this tragedy and had I been more aware, I would have picked a different story to tell.

There will be some pictures on the Smithmoor facebook page and we will be shooting 22's here at Smithmoor on December 12. The big bore match will be next Saturday at Dad's place. Hope to see you all soon!
take care,


Smithmoor Range
Carpenter, WY 82054

Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place

Rick Moritz 2 10 8 10 30
Travis Purdum 1 9 9 10 29
Cody Smith 5 10 10 7 32 MW
Bryan Youngberg 1 9 9 9 28
Robert Garibay 1 10 8 9 28
Tom Wengh 1 8 9 8 26
Jim Nonnemacher 4 8 9 9 30
JD Farmer 2 9 7 7 25
Coralee Smith 1 8 5 5 19
Dick Hennebry 2 10 8 4 24

Don McDowell 1 10 8 5 24
Steve Anderson 1 7 7 8 23
Emily Anderson 1 5 0 2 8
Mike Venard 2 7 6 7 22
Kevin Finney 0 3 1 1 5
Jim Rodebaugh 0 8 1 7 16
Dick Farmer 3 5 9 7 24 1st
Jeff Demott 1 2 8 4 15
Marissa Mortitz 0 9 7 7 23

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Don McDowell
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Re: November Smithmoor 22 match

Post by Don McDowell » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:06 pm

Great job that you and Coralee do with these matches. It's well worth the drive.
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Re: November Smithmoor 22 match

Post by John Bly » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:08 am

Good job Cody in getting new matches going and making a good effort in keeping them going. You'll be rewarded in 2016 with increased participation as the word spreads. When others speak of gloom and doom you are a bright spot starting new matches. Glenn and I are making tentative plans for TX again this year and we hope to see you there again.
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Re: November Smithmoor 22 match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:27 am

Thank you for the kind comments! We are actually running into a completely unexpected problem, our participation level is starting to reach the maximum allowed by the size of our facilities! What a great problem to have. We may have to look at trying to expand. I have read with great interest all of the comments on the various threads recently posted about the health of BPCR and the nationals. I can't help but feel that the decreased participation in the nationals is in no way representative of the overall health of BPCR. Local, regional, and state matches are all doing very well if not growing! We seem to have lots of interest here locally. Just offering a fun place to come shoot and trying to be helpful in getting folks pointed in the right direction seems to be all that is necessary. I enjoyed meeting you and Glenn in Texas as well and thoroughly enjoyed our whole Texas trip. We are hoping to make it again next year.
take care, Cody

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Re: November Smithmoor 22 match

Post by stevewhr » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:21 pm

It's Coralee's cooking.

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Re: November Smithmoor 22 match

Post by Tebbeman » Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:50 pm

Jackrabbit Cody, You are the new face of BPCR and 22BPCR and the next generation that is going to see this sport stay alive. Thank you for all you are doing and all the personal expense you've invested in your range. I hope to get up there soon. KT
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