January Smithmoor 22 Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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January Smithmoor 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:58 pm

Fellow Shooters,

We just finished picking up the range and arm chair quarterbacking the results of the day, as well as solving a few national political issues. Now, if we could just get DC to call and ask for our help in solving them....I can't do much about that, but we did have a great day shooting. We ended up having relatively great weather to shoot in. It was cold, but we had nearly no wind most of the day. A slight breeze did come up about about three quarters of the way through the match, but it was fairly constant and only moved impact on the rams 2 or 3 moa. I am rather surprised as I was expecting much worse weather. About the only bad news was the snow on the berms made the sight picture of each target really tough. Scores were surprisingly high with such poor visibility.

We had 12 shooters make it out today. That is a nice number as it fills three relays. The match moves right along and we still have plenty of time to enjoy Coralee's good cooking and visiting. Ham and beans, cornbread, and hot fudge sundae cake were on the menu. Judging by the lack of leftovers, it was apparently pretty darn good. Thanks a bunch Coralee for all the work you put into making our matches a success. We had the wood stove stuffed full of dry pine and it was putting out lots of heat. With the lack of wind, the shed stayed comfortable even with the doors open while shooting. Also, a big thanks to Tom Reed and JD and Hayden Farmer for showing up early and setting up. With feeding and ice needing breaking I have a hard time getting it all done and getting back in time to set up for the match. It makes me smile that whenever something has been needed, someone always sees the need and steps up. Whether it is help setting up, food, money, targets, or any of a hundred other things, someone has always stepped in and really helped out in making our monthly matches truly great. Thank you to all that help and come shoot!

There were a few events of interest this month. Dick Hennebry shot a 31, which is his first master score with the 22. We all know all of the many contributions Dick makes to our sport, as well he is usually the first to step in and help the new guy. It is fun to see him have success and shoot well. Good shooting Dick! Also, Coralee's Dad, Tom Reed, shot a 30 this month which is also a personal best. He did it with his Stevens rifle that he relined and chambered himself. He was all smiles! Steve Anderson won the King match for the second month in row with a 23. The target made a great trophy as we had most of the shots in the red of the WSU target. My Dad, Gary, also shot well this month with a 23, winning the 2nd Half class. He barely beat out Ceph Jones by way of reverse animal count. Dad keeps steadily improving. Nothing pleases me more than shooting at our range with our friends and seeing them improving and shooting well! We also had two new shooters this month, Rob Cooper and Mark Pachares. Both of them shot well and hopefully we will see them back again.

Dick Hennebry received the 22 BPCRA score books and has them available for sale if you need one. Purchasing a score book also makes you a member of the 22 BPCRA. The book sales are really the only fundraiser the 22 BPCRA has. The money is used to run the website, sponsor regional and state matches, as well as help to put on the national 22 BPCRA Championship in Raton. Even though I don't require them here at Smithmoor for the monthly matches, the money goes to a good cause and it is a handy way to keep track of your scores. Any regional or state match will require one for entry, as well as we will require them for entry into our Spring Championship in April. We are beginning to plan our Spring Championship and Coralee and I are hoping to make it even better this year. It will be a one day, 40 shot match with 22 BPCRA legal rifles and limited to 24 entries. Folks that regularly shoot our monthly matches will be given precedence in receiving a spot in the match, but I anticipate it filling up and I wanted folks to start thinking about attending. It will be the second Saturday in April. Our next monthly 22 match will be February 13. Maybe we will call it the sweetheart match...
Hold Center and Take care,

Cody L. Smith
Smithmoor Range
291 County Rd 152
Carpenter, WY 82054

Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place

Cody Smith 3 10 10 9 32 1st
Dick Hennebry 2 10 9 10 31 2nd
Coralee Smith 0 5 2 5 12
Steve Anderson 3 6 6 2 17
Tom Reed 110 9 10 30 3rd
Mark Pachares 3 10 7 6 26
Ceph Jones 0 10 6 7 23 2nd in the 2nd Half
JD Farmer 1 9 8 4 22
Hayden Farmer 0 8 5 7 20
Rob Cooper 1 6 7 4 18
Gary Smith 1 9 9 4 23 High 2nd Half
Greg Bybee 1 4 3 7 15

King Match Steve Anderson with a 23!

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Re: January Smithmoor 22 Match

Post by stevewhr » Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:56 pm

A big thank you to Cora Lee and Cody for hosting this. It wasn't that long ago that I knew of no venue even sort of close and know look at what is in the backyard! Thank you, Steve.

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