February Smithmoor 22 Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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February Smithmoor 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:34 pm

Woo Hoo!! As some of my redneck friends might say, "That right thar, fellas, was a real humm dinger!!" We had a full house for yesterday's match and for a Wyoming February day, pretty nice weather. I was feeling the pressure yesterday morning as more and more folks kept showing up. I had a good idea we were going to have a bunch, but I was hoping we could keep it to 24. 6 relays makes for a really full winter day, and I was worried we would get done in time. It was also incredibly foggy, so we couldn't start any earlier. 30 shooters ended up coming to shoot and rather than going to 8 relays, I added a fifth station and stayed with 6 relays. Robert Garibay tried to explain to me it wouldn't save much time, and it turns out he was right. We ended up getting done just as it was getting too dark, but I think everyone had a good day. Most of our success in the match running well was due to our target setters, Kimber Purdum and Curtis Baker. They smoked down range and set and painted targets in record time, every relay. No way could we have gotten through all the relays without them. Thank you guys for the hard work! Our shooters generously contributed to their tip can and made their hard work worthwhile. All of the shooters also did very well at getting setup to shoot and back off of the line very quickly as well. All in all, the match ran very smoothly.

We started out the day with heavy fog, then it burned off and was pretty calm and warm for awhile, and then the wind came up around noon. Most of the day was in the 50's and the wind was straight out of the west at up to 25 mph. We had to go to using magnets on the targets to keep them standing up, and we had to put hay bales on the paper target stand after it blew over. It is amazing to me that folks shot scores as high as they did. The wind was apparently steady. One would think that heavy of a wind would blow those little 22 bullets all over. It did make things challenging, but it could be handled. The last couple of shoots, we have added a King match paper target to the event. That has been met with enthusiasm, so I thought we might go one step further and shoot a whole 10 shots for score on a paper target. We used a 200 yard German Ring Schuetzen target and put it at 100 yards. After one shot the pigs, you left your sight settings alone and shot the paper target the next move. It was to be shot off the cross sticks with no sighter shots. At the last minute, I realized that the first group on the paper targets would not have sight settings. We ended up letting them have another target to use for a sighter. I will have a better plan next month. I think I might move the target back to 150 yards next time as everyone shot quite well on the paper. We added the paper target score into the total score to determine match and class winners. In order to give the paper target the same value as each of the rest of the targets, we corrected the score to give a maximum possible of ten. 10 shots on the German Ring target would give a maximum value of 250, so we multiplied that score by 0.04.

We had lots of contributions this month. Dick Hennebry brought a giant tray of cookies, Don and Carol brought donuts for a morning snack, and Tom Reed brought a lemon cake. These along with Coralee's huge pan of ham and beans with two pans of cornbread made for a great lunch! It must have been good as we had almost no leftovers. A big thank you to all of you that help with the food! All of the personalities that attend the match are fun. From listening to Kenny Wasserburger and Jack Odor jab each other every chance they get, to listening to Ceph's jokes and stories, or just enjoying conversation with all of the good folks that come makes the match very enjoyable. Thank you to all that support our matches.

In the late 1800's, a common prize for winning a large shooting match was a bag of gold coins. In a more modern era, Jack Odor was awarded a bag of gold colored coins for coming out on top of a schuetzen match. Jack generously donated the leather sack of Sacajawea one dollar coins to our range to be used for awards. It was very thoughtful and very much appreciated, as well as being a great idea. Our class winners received a Smithmoor Certificate and a gold coin for winning. Hayden Farmer was our A class winner this month with a 34.6. He is steadily improving and will no doubt be a contender for the match winner before long. He is also a fine young man that will give you faith in the next generation. Joe Kapler was the winner of AA class this month. He shot a 40.2 and if you check out the pictures on facebook, you will see his giant grin. It is really fun to see our shooters shooting well and enjoying themselves. The Limping Lunger himself, Mr. Kenny Wasserburger, won our AAA class winner by shooting a 41.6. With the way he shot, I wonder if he received a little shooting advice from Jesus himself while he was nearly dead last year! It is really good to see Kenny doing so well and back to his usual self. Michael Rix again showed us his enviable super shooting skills by winning the Master Class with a 41.8 this month. Good shooting Michael! There was really tough competition for the match winner this month, and with the help of super shooter and spotter Jack Odor, I was able to find one more point than Michael and Kenny to come out on top. Thank you Jack, I couldn't have done it without you. With it being Valentine's Weekend, Coralee and I thought it would be fun to keep track of couples' scores and give a certificate for high sweetheart couple. We had several sweetheart couples this month that shot well, but Coralee and I ended up in the lead. It was the about the best Valentine's gift I could get!

We are really unable to serve more than 24 shooters in a one day match here at Cody's Shooting shed. As much as I hate to do it, we are going to have to limit the number of shooters. In the event of a nearly full match, shooters with legal 22 BPCR rifles will be given precedence. Also, there have been multiple shooters who have contributed greatly to our range and they will always have a place to shoot here. Beyond those two criteria, the match will be filled by those who speak for a place first. Before anyone comes, please check the email updates, facebook, or call me to see if there is room. Without doing so, you run the risk of not being able to shoot.

Coming up we have BPCR silhouettes at Smithmoor next Saturday the 20th, and Schuetzen at Cody's shooting shed on the 27th. The next 22 match will be on March 12. A shooting match every weekend for the next 2 months!! What a good problem to have!! I hope to see you all out on the range.
Hold Center, Cody Smith

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Master Class
Michael Rix 9.8 4 10 9 9 41.8 High Master
Jack Odor 9.5 1 9 9 9 37.5
Rick Moritz 9.5 2 10 10 9 40.5
Cody Smith 9.8 4 10 10 9 42.8 Match Winner
Dick Hennebry 8.7 2 8 6 7 31.7
Tom Wengh 8.6 0 10 9 9 36.6
Kenny Wasserburger 9.6 2 10 10 10 41.6 High AAA
Scott Dahms 9.7 2 10 5 4 30.7
Robert Garibay 9.0 2 9 DNF 7 27.0
JD Farmer 9.4 1 3 3 7 18.4
Coralee Smith 9.3 0 10 8 7 34.3
Ceph Jones 9.4 0 8 8 2 27.4
Don McDowell 9.2 1 9 7 7 33.2
Tom Reed 9.5 1 10 8 7 35.5
Joe Kapler 9.2 3 10 10 8 40.2 High AA
Marissa Moritz 8.9 1 7 7 9 32.9
Steve Anderson 9.2 2 3 7 7 28.2
Greg Bybee 8.0 2 9 4 7 30.0
Gary Smith 9.4 1 6 5 7 28.4
Michelle Garibay 9.4 1 9 DNF 1 20.4
Dick Farmer 9.0 1 6 4 6 26.0
Emily Anderson 9.3 0 5 4 4 22.3
Mike Venard 8.5 0 5 8 6 27.5
Mark Pachares 9.1 2 8 6 8 33.1
Griz 7.1 2 6 3 5 23.1
Jerry Zang 9.0 0 9 5 5 28.0
Carol McDowell 0 0 6 3 5 14.0
Mary Zang 7.6 0 8 5 3 23.6
Zack Farmer 9.3 2 7 0 5 23.3
Hayden Farmer 9.6 7 9 6 9 34.6 High A

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Re: February Smithmoor 22 Match

Post by BFD » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:35 am

.... if you check out the pictures on facebook, ...
Cody, how do you find your facebook page? I'm not really facebook literate.

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Re: February Smithmoor 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:56 am

I am not a facebook kind of guy either, so I feel your pain. It did happen to be the easiest way for us to post lots of pictures and keep an updated schedule of what is going on. Anyone should be able to look at this page, let me know if you can't.
Thanks, Cody


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