March 22 Write Up

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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March 22 Write Up

Post by jackrabbit » Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:42 am

Fellow Shooters,

Saturday's 22 BPCR match at Cody's Shooting Shed went very well. We had 14 riflemen and women make it out to shoot on what proved to be a very nice day. Temperatures rose to the mid 60's and the winds were pretty much non existent by Carpenter Wyoming standards. There were no excuses for not having a perfect score! I was thinking about using "I swallowed my chew," but the problem is I don't chew. I will keep working on it and let you know what I come up with for an excuse...

Rick Moritz showed off his abilities this month by shooting a 34 with cleaning the lay down animals and downing four chickens. Very impressive! It makes me smile to see people shoot well on my range. I ended up high master with a 32 and Robert Garibay tied Joe Kapler in the AAA class and ended up winning by reverse animal count. Marisa Moritz was high AA with a 29, and I suspect she will be moving into AAA pretty soon. Good shooting Marisa! We had one new shooter, Brendon Lundstrom, this month. Travis helped him out a bunch, but 28 is still a great score for a new shooter. Hopefully we will see more of Brendon. My Dad, Gary, started shooting a different rifle this match and it appears it agreed with him. He managed a career high 5 chickens, tying me for high chicken score of the day. We had to settle it with a shoot off, and he proceeded to beat me! Good shooting, Dad! If we can get him to keep his focus on the lay down's, we will be fighting him for match winner before long.

We continue to experiment with a paper target addition to the match. This month, I added a 12" black gong that hung off of the paper target stand to serve as a sighter target before one went for score on the paper. That part worked well, but what didn't work well was I put the targets at 200 yards. It was pretty much impossible to see the 22 cal holes in the paper targets at that range. After one went for score, the shooter was pretty much shooting blind and had no idea where the shots went until the target was pulled. Because of this, we chose not to incorporate the paper score into the match winner's score. I have another plan for next month, hopefully it is better! We also debuted our Turkey Lottery this month. In an effort to help raise money for range improvements, Coralee and I came up with a game. Each shooter has the option of purchasing one of the ten turkey's for ten dollars. As each shooter turns his score in, a point is added for each turkey that was hit. At the end of the match, the owner of the turkey with the most points wins half of the total money put into the game. This month we had 8 people buy in, and Coralee and Jack Odor tied for most hits on their turkey. We split the winnings, so Coralee and Jack both doubled their money, and 40 dollars was raised for range improvement. I think it worked well, was fun, and also raised some money to add some additions to the Smithmoor range. We hope to be able to hold the 22 BPCR Rocky Mountain Regionals here in 2017 and also hopefully hold a NRA sanctioned State BPCR Silhouette match here as well. A little at a time, we keep improving.

Our Spring Championship is next month and it filled up with 25 shooters before we could hardly get the word out. We have a waiting list started, please let me know if anyone wants to be added to it. Our trophy buckles for the Spring Championship were also on display this month. They really turned out great and will give our winners a nice memorabilia of winning the match. We also have an assortment of other prizes and a good lunch planned. Hopefully the weather cooperates! We are looking forward to the season's grand finale. Also, next Saturday we have the regular BPCR match planned at Smithmoor. It looks like a spring storm is in the works for Thursday and Friday, but Saturday it is supposed to clear off. Stay tuned, we will let everyone know how it looks on Friday. This month's Schuetzen match is cancelled due to it being on Easter Weekend and family activities interfering. Check out our facebook page for pictures of the matches.

Thank you to everyone that comes and shoots and supports out matches,
Cody Smith

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place

Jack Odor 233 3 9 7 9 28
Michael Rix 226 4 10 9 8 31
Cody Smith 225 5 10 9 8 32 1st
Rick Moritz 235 4 10 10 10 34 MW

Joe Kapler 219 0 9 9 9 27
Travis Purdum 142 2 6 8 8 24
Coralee Smith 189 0 10 6 8 24
Robert Garibay 157 1 9 8 9 27 1st
Jim Nonnemacher 230 1 8 8 6 23

Marisa Mortiz 215 2 9 9 9 29 1st
Greg Bybee 173 4 8 5 6 23
Gary Smith 85 5 10 3 4 22
Brendon Lundstrom 224 0 10 9 9 28
Ceph Jones 129 0 5 5 7 17

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