Smithmoor June Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor June Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:27 am

Fellow Shooters,

Happy Father's Day! I wanted to start out by extending a great big Thank You to my father for all that he has done for me. I have a million special memories shooting with my Dad and I hope he knows that the success I have today stems directly from those hours he spent teaching me to shoot my BB gun and 22 many years ago. All of you can see his support and love today through Smithmoor Range. Hopefully we have created a place where other children and their fathers can make special memories. Thanks a bunch, Dad, I love and respect you more than you can imagine.

Yesterday, June 18th, proved to be a great day to shoot. The winds and mirage were very switchy and strong enough to really move bullet impact around, but not strong enough to ever knock a target over. It was definitely a challenge that made great practice. I tell you, your spotter had to really be on his toes to get any kind of a score. Of course, about the time we had our awards meeting, the wind slowed way up. I didn't look at the thermometer, but it had to have been in the mid 80's. We have one large sun shade we put up over the firing line, and a couple of other folks brought pop-ups that did a pretty good job of giving us a shady place to shoot from. The chicken shooters had to stand out in the sun, but it was tolerable. Dad spent quite a few hours this week mowing the jungle that had covered the range with all of the rain we had in the last couple weeks. Curtis and I ran the weedeater and raked the berms Friday evening. All in all, I thought the range was in great shape and target visibility was about as good as it gets.

We had ten riflemen and women make it out to shoot yesterday. Brad Rice, Lee Wolff, and myself made up our 1st half class. It was neck and neck the whole day and I really enjoyed the competition. Like I said before, it was tough shooting and I was pleased with my score. It is always fun shooting with a great spotter like Brad on days like yesterday. Dick and Dad tied for the 2nd half winner. They elected to hold an exciting flip-off in front of the crowd to decide the winner, rather than decide it on the firing line. I tossed the quarter into the air and Dad called tails. Heads it was, giving the honors to Dick. Good shooting both of you! Dad shot ten pigs yesterday and received a pin during the awards. This was his first, and to say he was elated would be an understatement. It is always fun to see folks have some success shooting.

Momma Lorraine and Dad out did themselves on the meal yesterday. Barbecue boneless pork ribs were the center of the meal with pasta salad, chips, watermelon, iced tea, and fresh homemade brownies for desert. Let me tell you, it was freaking good! Somebody, I am not sure who, also brought fresh donuts to go with our morning coffee. Thank you to whoever it was. Tom Wengh also brought a very nice microwave to leave out in the club house. That was very thoughtful and appreciated, Tom. I am sure it will be put to good use. There was quite a bit of money in the donation can as well. Thank you to everyone that donates as that money is greatly appreciated and used to put on our shoots.

I wanted to give a big shout-out to our regular shooters that are at the Quigley this weekend. I hope you guys are having fun and shooting well. Nothing would please me more than seeing some of our guys go up there and kick some butt! We are looking forward to hearing about the adventure. Michael Rix has announced that there will be a match on July 2nd at Watkins, so we will see some of you there then. With the nationals and wheat harvest going on, there probably will not be a match at Smithmoor in July. Coralee and I are planning on being at the 22 BPCR nationals that weekend, but if anyone is really wanting to shoot they can contact Dad to see what is going on.

Take care and hold center,
Cody Smith

Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
1st half
Brad Rice 3 9 8 7 27
Cody Smith 3 10 8 7 28 MW
Lee Wolff 2 10 8 7 27
2nd Half
Tom Wengh 1 2 4 0 7
Dick Hennebry 2 8 5 5 20 High 2nd Half
Don McDowell 1 9 4 0 14
Coralee Smith 1 4 2 5 12 High Woman
Kevin Finney 1 9 3 5 18
Gary Smith 0 10 4 6 20 2nd Place 2nd Half
Dave Clark 1 1 3 1 6

Smithmoor Range
Cody and Gary Smith
291 County Rd 152
Carpenter, WY 82054

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