Smithmoor February 22 Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor February 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:23 am

Fellow Shooters,
Oh to brag! We had several shooters do extremely well this past Saturday at the February Smithmoor 22 match! Among them was Steve Anderson who cleaned all the laydowns and bagged six chickens. That is some smokin' shooting! Steve shot the pigs last and I could tell he was really trying hard to not lose his focus and blow a great score. As soon as he dropped his last pig and gave a couple of quick high fives, he slipped out the door to the parking lot. I am sure a spectacular victory dance ensued complete with a moon walk and a couple of splits! Unfortunately I had to finish calling the line and missed it. Only someone that has put the time and commitment into this sport for several years, suffered the highs, lows and frustrations, and the felt the rush of success can fully understand the joy in Steve's heart. Steve has been an adamant supporter of the Smithmoor Range since it's inception and nothing makes me happier than to see our shooters improve and have fun. Everyone at the match was glad to see Steve shoot well. Congratulations Steve, we are all proud of you!

Tom Reed, Coralee's Dad, also shot really well this past Saturday with a 34. Coincidently Tom and Steve were shooting partners. That appears to be a winning combination! Tom's score is impressive because he was shooting open sights. The cold weather had brought a couple of inches of snow with it and there was a nice blanket on the berms. We tried to sweep it off, but it still left patches of dark and light. As the day went on, the berms became shot up and the sun melted part of the snow leaving really dark patches in the white snow behind the animals. I know I spent most of the day just trying to shoot where I thought the targets should be. Tom has also put a lot of effort into trying to improve over the last couple of years and has also done his own amateur gunsmithing on his rifle. Tom gets extra satisfaction out of shooting well knowing he did it with a rifle he worked on himself. Congratulations Tom!

As mentioned above, it was a rather chilly, overcast day. I think it warmed up from about 7 degrees in the morning to around 9 degrees about noon. A few snowflakes fell throughout the day. The good news is there was almost no wind. I know I only made one small wind correction all day. Really, the fresh blanket of snow and calm wind made for a beautiful day. The firing burning hot in the shooting shed made it comfortable for everyone.

As always, lunch was great! Coralee made a big roaster full of beef, barley, and vegetable stew along with sourdough oatmeal rolls and apple crisp. It was really good and I know I enjoyed it. The Sauer family brought a big tray of salami and cheese, Bev Reed brought some super pumpkin bread, and Dick blessed us with a huge tray of cookies! While I am busy bragging this month, I wanted to brag on the food as well. The ladies of Smithmoor and our generous shooters create a meal each month that is absolutely splendid! There is more than one shooter that claims he comes to eat rather than shoot, and I am starting to suspect they are not joking!

More bragging! One of the main goals of the Smithmoor Range that we set when our family was first dreaming and planning about how we might go about building a shooting range was that we wanted to create a place where families could come together and enjoy the day shooting. Besides my family, this year we have had the Cecil Sauer Family and Mike Roduner and his grandkids make most of the matches. The Sauers are really a joy to have make it out as the boys go above and beyond to help out. They sprint out of the shed the moment I call the line safe to set as many targets as they can, regardless of who's they are. Amber usually sends some home made goodies, and my friend Cecil has always been very supportive of whatever I have going on, not to mention being a top notch marksman! Mike Roduner and his grandkids Ruthann and Gavin are also a pleasure to have around and we are so pleased that we have a place where a grandpa can make great memories with his grandkids. The Farmer family has also been long time supporters and dear friends. Seeing JD, Dick, and the boys and sometimes grandpas come through the door always makes me smile. Every month we have from 3 to 5 families shooting the 22's! Thank you for sharing them with us!

As previously discussed, Steve Anderson was our match winner this month with a 36. Dick Hennebry dropped one ram to end up with a 31 and be 1st master. Dick has been on a spree this season and this is the first lay down animal he has dropped in some time. AAA went to Tom Reed shooting an amazing 34, with Cecil Sauer close on his heels with a 33. AA class went to young Cole Sauer with a 29! Cole killed his first chicken this match and earned a golden chicken pin. Yahooo Cole! Great shooting! Greg Bybee was second, shooting his first match with his new DZ scope and earning a 25. Greg was pleased and I am sure we will see his scores go up from here. Caleb Sauer also shot well this month with a 24 and along with his brother, Cole, were very excited to be reclassed into AA. Keith Kelly shot a 20 to earn 1st A class. Keith has been struggling learning to shoot his new rifle, and I hope this win gives him some hope.

Although we had lots of helpful suggestions from friends on the internet for our 5th target this month, we ended up going with a 100 yard prone target. Don McDowell had suggested that in the spirit of the Olympics, we do a skiing/biathlon event, while others thought we could pull a sled behind the tractor and shoot from it. You fellers just be careful what you ask for, that's all I've got to say! Dick Hennebry was high paper this month, shooting a 248. Only two shots fell slightly out of the 1 1/2" center! That is some really great shooting! JD Farmer was high AAA Paper with a 246 and Dick Farmer was high AA paper with a 243 (am starting to suspect collusion, I am looking for a dossier… lol) Big news was young Gavin Holmes shooting an amazing 240 to win A class paper. Dick Hennebry lent him a rifle and helped him along. Gavin was all smiles! Good job pard, we are proud of you!
Thanks to all that come out to shoot, we hope to see everyone back next month on March 10 for our next Smithmoor Winter Series 22 match.
take care, Cody Smith

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Steve Anderson 239 6 10 10 10 36 MW
Dick Hennebry 248 2 10 10 9 31 1st Master and High Paper
Jim Rodebaugh 246 1 10 9 9 29
Cody Smith 245 4 8 8 7 27

JD Farmer 246 1 10 8 7 26 High AAA Paper
Travis Purdum 244 1 9 10 6 26
Jeff Woodring 235 1 9 0 2 12
Cecil Sauer 242 5 10 9 9 33
Gary Smith 236 2 9 8 6 25
Tom Reed 213 6 10 10 8 34 1st AAA
Coralee Smith 243 2 10 8 7 27

Greg Bybee 237 0 8 9 8 25
Dick Farmer 243 1 9 7 5 22 High AA Paper
Zach Farmer 235 1 6 5 5 17
Ethan Purdum 227 0 6 3 5 14
Cole Sauer 241 1 10 10 8 29 1st AA
Caleb Sauer 231 0 10 6 8 24

Ruthann Holmes 236 0 8 1 3 12
Keith Kelly -- 1 10 7 2 20 1st
Mike Roduner -- 0 4 1 1 6
Gavin Holmes 240 0 6 2 1 9 High A paper

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Re: Smithmoor February 22 Match

Post by COBPTR » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:36 am

Way to go Steve! That is an incredible score.
Congrats to Tom as well! Good shootin guys.

Robert G.
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

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Re: Smithmoor February 22 Match

Post by SgtDog0311 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:21 pm

Cody, You write a great report. Makes a body want to be there for sure!

btw, you ever need a dossier on Steve, I'm your man:-))

Nice shooting to Steve and the rest of your crew out there!

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Re: Smithmoor February 22 Match

Post by sandhillcowboy1 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:29 am

I always enjoy reading your great reports on the shoots you host. I also commend you for putting out the time and effort to host these shoots. I know how much work that is, but it is certainly rewarding to read all the positive responses to your efforts. We need more guys like you and others that provide shooting opportunities for all.


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