Smithmoor March 22 Match

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Smithmoor March 22 Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:48 pm

Fellow Shooters,
As usual, we had a great match yesterday. The wind blew a lot harder than we would have liked, and it would have been nice if it would have been a bit warmer, but that did not deter 25 riflemen and women from making their way to the Smithmoor Range for our monthly Match match in our 22 BPCR Winter Series. We had the fire burning hot in the shed and it was definitely the most popular place to hang out. We also had some good scores shot yesterday. It always amazes me how often we have some great scores in some of the worst weather. We often have better scores on the poor weather days than we do on the match days that have really good weather. Coralee thinks the poor conditions make everybody focus harder and I tend to agree with her.
Probably the biggest news of the day was our favorite local AM radio station, KGAB, came out to check out our range. They brought some video equipment and made a really great video of the match and range. Check it out at ... est-video/ Glenn Woods is the host of the morning radio program and is a conservative and true patriot. His support and voice for our constitution and the 2nd Amendment is greatly appreciated and is a beacon of hope for all of us worried about the future of our country. Thank you Glenn and Tim for the great video and for coming out and being a part of our day!
Michael Rix had an idea for our fifth station this month and it turned out to be a great one. In the spirit of the Olympics, we shot at targets that approximated the size and distance of those used in the Biathlon event. For those that don't know, the biathlon event is a combination of a cross country ski race and a rifle match. You ski a ways and then shoot at 10 targets, then ski some more and shoot some more. Missed targets result in the penalty of having to ski a penalty lap, thus putting you behind in the race. I didn't know much about the Biathlon until Michael got me interested, but they shoot both prone and offhand. The target dimensions are metric, but the prone one is about 1 3/4" and the offhand one is 4 or 5". It is actually shaped like a donut with the outside being the offhand target and the inside being the prone target. We gave the shooters a gong to sight in on and I think everyone enjoyed it. It definitely gave everyone more respect for the biathlon competitors because the targets were plenty hard to hit and we didn't have to ski however many kilometers immediately before we shot. The Olympic competitors also do not have sighter targets.
We had some of the very best shooting to ever happen occur at Smithmoor yesterday. It was done on the fifth station Biathlon target. Young Cole Sauer, who is eleven and a very enthusiastic competitor and a fine young riflemen shot an absolutely amazing score. At 50 yards in some severe wind, no one except Cole was able to keep all 10 shots in the 1 3/4" circle. Cole not only scored a perfect 10, he put all the shots in one hole! His ten shot prone group was something the size of a quarter! Cole was all smiles and proudly took home the high paper target award. I sincerely hope Cole sticks with shooting because this young man has some serious potential to one day rank among the very best of riflemen. Congratulations and good shooting Cole, we are all very proud of you!
The food was great! Coralee had a big roaster full of what she calls taco soup. It's kind of like chili, but better. Steve Anderson donated the hamburger for the soup, thanks a bunch Steve! Homemade cornbread muffins accompanied it. Amber Sauer brought a big container of home made muffins and boy where they ever good, especially the blueberry ones! Thank you Amber! Bev Reed made a huge pan of carrot cake and Lorraine sent over a big plate of cookies. There were only crumbs left. Someone brought a box of fresh donuts and I would comment on how great they were, except I didn't get one! By the time I made it over to check out the goodies, somebody had cleaned them all up and the box was empty….Pachares, I'm keeping an eye on you! lol
A class this month went to young Chase Sauer with a 17. Good job Chase! Mike Venard shot a super 29 to win AA class and Travis Purdum took home AAA. Trav cleaned all the lay downs and killed two chickens! That is some pretty dang good shooting! He will be moving into master class next month. Congratulations Travis! Jack Odor shot very well this month and downed 7 chickens to earn a 34 and 1st master. Good job Jack! It is always fun to watch folks down a bunch of chickens. I was pleased to shoot well this month and earn a 35 and the match winner pin.
It's hard to believe our 4th Winter Series is drawing to an end, but it is. Our Grand Finale is next month on April 14th and we have some great prizes and food planned. The match is full and we have a waiting list started. We are also taking entries and planning the Smithmoor Spring NRA BPCR Regional Championship over Memorial Weekend. Plan on entering, it is going to be a great weekend.
Take care my friends, Cody

Shooter Paper Offhand or Prone Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Steve Anderson p-9 3 9 8 9 29
Kevin Finney p-7 2 10 8 4 24
Dick Hennebry p-9 1 9 8 7 25
Michael Rix o 9-3c 4 10 7 7 28
Cody Smith o-10-3c 6 10 10 9 35 MW
Kenny Wasserburger p-7 0 10 6 9 25
Brad Rice p-9 3 9 9 5 26
Jack Odor o-6 7 10 8 9 34 1st

Joe Kapler p-9 1 10 10 7 28
Mark Pachares p-7 0 9 8 8 25
Travis Purdum p-8 2 10 10 10 32 1st and moves to Master
Tom Reed o-0 1 10 7 6 24
Weston Rix o-3-1c 2 6 10 6 24
Cecil Sauer p-5 4 10 10 7 31
Coralee Smith p-6 1 9 8 7 25
Gary Smith p-6 0 10 8 8 26
Jeff Woodring p-8 1 7 5 5 18
JD Farmer p-7 1 9 5 8 23

Dick Farmer o-1 2 6 9 5 22
Ethan Purdum p-4 0 8 7 3 18
Mike Venard p-7 3 10 8 8 29 1st
Cole Sauer p-10 1 10 8 6 25
Caleb Sauer p-2 0 9 4 1 14

Keith Kelly p-1 1 4 4 0 9
Chase Sauer p-5 0 7 2 8 17 1st

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