2018 Cumberland Riflemen BPTR Mid-range

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2018 Cumberland Riflemen BPTR Mid-range

Post by SSShooter » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:05 pm

Pretty weak turnout on what became a beautiful day. Six folks showed up, but only three of us shot the match. Am guessing the 12" of snow that fell on Wed may have put many folks off. However, other than in the pit and the first 15' in front of the 600yd firing line (both in the shade from the cover) the 200yd & 300yd firing lines were clear of snow. There was a nice 'pond' in front of the 200yd & 300yd firing lines, but not a problem. Other than me, the other two shooters were visitors from NZ who had shot MLs at the Phoenix 1000yd matches two weeks ago. ChrisC loaned them a rifle and spotted for both, so he did not get to shoot.
When we were signing in I was thinking, oh no.......... another day like Shippensburg the previous Saturday. 28F to start and a mild breeze in our face. But, unlike Ship, where it stayed cold and windy, once we made it to the 200yd line the sun was above the trees and the wind was, as well. Positively toasty in the brilliant sunshine on the firing line. Same on the 300yd firing line when we moved back, but as we moved up the hill the wind was having a larger impact on our shots, gusting enough to move one more than halfway across the black.
As is usual at Cumberland, once we made it to the 600yd line the wind has kicked up and one needed a spotter. ChrisC did a very good job and one of folks from NZ shot a fine 87-3X in our gusty conditions. The other fellow was having a tough time seeing the sights and did not do quite as well. Though I was using a scope, having no spotter in the gusty conditions wasn't doing me much good. Especially with a new rifle (38-50 Hepburn) and unproven loads. But, all but one of my shots was in the black, so no complaints.
As Bill said about Ship, better weather should bring out more shooters for our next match on May 12th.
Thank you to our new match director(s), Vince and Michele D'Alessandro.

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Re: 2018 Cumberland Riflemen BPTR Mid-range

Post by SSShooter » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:00 am

Can's say much about the May match as I wasn't there. Ten shooters and congrats to Paolo and Jay for their wins in position and prone. Not sure what happened to Jay, who usually shoots a 100-?X at 200. Must have had an off day. Also, was nice to see ArtR come down from New England to shoot the match.

May 12, 2018 - Mid-Range BPTR Match
Cumberland Riflemen, Millville, NJ
Match 1 (200yd) Match 2 (300yd) Match 3 (600yd) Match 4 (agg)
Position Match
Paolo Amedeo 94 - 3 1st 96 - 1 1st 87 - 0 1st 277 - 4 1st Match Winner
Vince D'Alessandro 85 - 1 90 - 0 84 - 1 259 - 2
Chris Christensen 74 - 1 84 - 1 72 - 0 230 - 2
Mike Benson 61 - 0 89 - 1 75 - 0 225 - 1
Dean Gunby 55 - 0 48 - 0 78 - 1 181 - 1
Prone Match
Jay Brower 97 - 2 95 - 3 Tie 84 - 0 276 - 5 1st Match Winner
Dave Harrison 96 - 2 89 - 1 88 - 3 1st 273 - 6
Art Ruggerio 98 - 1 92 - 1 82 - 1 272 - 3
Kevin Houlihan 98 - 2 1st 90 - 1 73 - 0 261 - 3
Michael Nielsen 94 - 2 95 - 3 Tie 65 - 0 254 - 5

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Re: 2018 Cumberland Riflemen BPTR Mid-range

Post by SSShooter » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:14 pm

Thanks to all who participated in the NE Regional/NJ State Championship Mid-Range BPTR match at the Cumberland Riflemen range in Millville, NJ.

Congratulations to the NE Regional position winners Paolo Amedeo, Mike Benson, and Ralph Carruthers who took gold/silver/bronze respectively and to the NE Regional prone winners Dave Harrison, Alfred Korndoerfer and Mike Nielsen who took gold/silver/bronze respectively.

The NJ state championships went to Vince DAlessandro for position and Dave Harrison for prone.

A Special thanks to our match sponsors who helped us make every shooter a winner:
- Schuetzen Powder Energetics
- Goex Powders
- Starline Brass
- Krieger Barrels
- Montana Vintage Arms
- Creedmoor Sports
- Redding Reloading Equipment
- Lee Precision

Pleas join us at our next match on September 8th. The match bulletin can be found at:
Or feel free to contact the match director,
Vince DAlessandro
P (908) 300-0587
Email: vincedalessandro@yahoo.com

Weather forecast kept out numbers low (10) and those that stayed home may have been the smarter of us. Day started sunny with no wind and we got an early start at 200yd at 8:30, with two relays of 5. The normal format for the regional/NJ state championship is a 60-shot match, but the match director wisely cut that back to a 45-shot match, plus the early start, in an attempt to beat the weather.
200yd went well with bright sun and almost not wind. Felt considerably warmer than the mid-70s due to the high humidity.
By the time we moved back to the 300yd line the high clouds started moving in, giving us a bit of a break from the sun. We also picked up just enough of an occasional breeze to be noticeable.
Then back to the 600yd line. All went well for the first relay at 600yd. Still not much in the way of wind, but more ominous clouds had arrived. Once relay 2 started firing their sighting shots the rain began, including lightening and thunder. By the 2nd or 3rd sighting shot the pasters were falling off the targets and the pit staff was getting soaked. A rain delay was called. After about 20 minutes of increasingly hard rain it was decided to cancel the 2nd 600yd relay and count only the 200 & 300yd scores for the match. We all gathered under the cover at the 600yd line and broke out the hoagies and drinks and moved on to the prize drawing. Over the next several hours the area received 3”+ of rain, with localized flooding. Was also our 7th weekend in a row with rain (which continues tonight with another 2” - we’re thinking of breaking out the ark). Our thanks to Vince & Michele D'Alessandro, the match directors, for running the match and prize drawing, etc.

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