Smithmoor Spring Finale

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor Spring Finale

Post by jackrabbit » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:52 am

What a difference 24 hours makes! The weather was immensely better on Sunday than it was Saturday. Moving the match back one day proved to be the best decision we have made in quite a while. It was hard to know what to do and I didn't get much sleep on Friday night from pacing around worrying about it. Thank you to everyone for the support and understanding. We really appreciate all the shooters that were able to move their schedule around so we could hold the match on Sunday. It was well worth it as the weather was perfect and made for one of the most beautiful days we have had so far this year.
All of us here at Smithmoor were quite pleased with how well the match went. We had great prizes, great weather, great attendance, great target setters and great competition. It was truly a Grand Finale for our 2017-18 Winter Season. Right after the safety meeting, we had a quick drawing for a few prizes. Creedmoor Sports generously sent out a really nice shooting mat, Midway gave us some gift certificates, and we also had a bore snake and a Smithmoor coffee mug to give away.
Some of the long time BPCR shooters may remember the "Hunter" matches that used to be held during the Nationals at Raton. There was some effort to start a hunter match back up at Raton this past year, but it didn't happen for whatever reason. Dick Hennebry had the great idea to do a 22 Silhouette Hunter Match this year at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Regional 22 BPCRA Match. As far as we know, it will be the first Hunter match done with 22's. It will be on Friday before the Regional Match and there is still room for entries, so call Dick if you are interested.
For those that don't know, a hunter match is shot on a regular silhouette range with legal rifles. The big difference is you shoot by yourself with no spotter and no help from anyone watching. You also have unlimited shots and the animals don't have to be shot in order. With this in mind, we thought we would try a small hunter match for our fifth station at our Spring Finale. We brought over one of our portable rails and backers from the other range and set up turkeys on it. We gave the shooters a maximum of 6 1/2 minutes to get as many as they could. It was pretty dang fun! We were a little worried there would be lots of folks that shot ten, so to break ties on perfect scores, we tracked the time and whoever shot their ten in the shortest amount of time was the winner. Rocky Mountain Discount Sports in Casper graciously donated prizes for this side match. A really cool dueling tree was given for the overall winner and a brick of CCI 22 shells was given to the high Master/AAA class and AA/A class. High A/AA class was super junior shooter Cole Sauer downing his 10 turkeys in 3 minutes and 6 seconds. It seems Cole does something amazing each match and he didn't disappoint us this time either! High Master/AAA went to Joe Kapler with 10 turekys in 2:49, and I drew an excellently calm relay and managed 10 turkeys in 2:21.
We were pleased to have 8 different junior shooters compete over the course of the season and we had four enter the finale. As talked about all season, we also tracked the scores throughout the season and awarded a $100 dollar cash prize donated by Pine Bluffs Auto Parts and a plaque donated by Cal-Graf Design. Weston Rix did a super job this season and was both our season junior champion and also our Spring Finale Junior Champion, winning a very nice 22 line box donated by Cal-Graf. 1st place junior, went to Cole Sauer, 2nd Ruthann Holmes, and 3rd Gavin Holmes. Good job junior shooters, we are all proud of you and so glad to have you come shoot with us!
Speaking of the Winter Series winners, Coralee and Momma Lorraine whipped up some of their famous homemade pies and they served as the prizes for the season winners. There was an apple, cherry, pecan, and rhubarb. We let the A class pick first and Keith Kelly picked cherry (smart!). AA winner was Dick Farmer and he took the pecan, AAA was Cecil Sauer and he took the apple, and I was the master class winner and got the rhubarb. I hope everyone enjoys their pies, I know it was sure fun shooting for them.
We were very pleased to have a Buckle Sponsor for this year's Spring Finale. Buckaroo Motors in Torrington, Wyoming graciously stepped up and helped purchase some very nice custom buckles for our class and overall winners. We awarded a custom 22 line box donated by Cal-Graf to Keith Kelly for our high A class. 2nd A class, winning a plaque and a Smithmoor Range glass was Ruthann Holmes. In AA, AAA, and Master class, high overall received a buckle from Buckaroo Motors, 2nd received a Cal-Graf Plaque as well as a one ounce silver coin and a Smithmoor Range glass, and 3rd received a plaque and a glass. 3rd AA was Cole Sauer with a 21, 2nd AA was Greg Bybee with a 24, and 1st AA was Dick Farmer with a 24. 3rd AAA was Joe Kapler with a 29, 2nd AAA Robert Garibay with a 31, and 1st AAA was Coralee withh a 31. Coralee will be moving to Master class next match! 3rd Master went to Jim Rodebaugh with a 29, 2nd Master class went to Michael Rix with a 32, 1st Master was Jack Odor with a 35, and I was quite proud to earn the Overall Winner buckle with a 35.
We also gave a couple of special awards. Wyoming Sight Drifter and SPG Sales donated a couple of prizes for the high turkey and high chicken. Jack Odor won a Wyoming Sight Drifter and a tin of SPG lube for being high chicken shooter with 7 chickens. There were several 10 turkey scores, so we used the score from the Hunter turkey match to break the ties. Joe Kapler shot 10 turkeys in the match and 10 turkeys in an amazing 2 minutes 49 seconds to win the High turkey award. Joe also took home a Wyoming Sight Drifter and a tin of SPG Lube. Good shooting fellas! Hopefully the SPG Lube will help with all that fowling…..
I am not sure we did any shootoffs all season. We did not have very many ties and we were usually out of daylight by the time the match was over. The Finale proved differently, however. With the help of some excellent target setters, the match was done in good time and we ended up with four shootoffs! As most of you know, I love shootoffs and they made for some exciting watching. Our target setters were graciously rewarded from the tip can. Thank you to Ethan Purdum for rounding up some good help. It was nice to have good target setters and ones that appreciated the money that was given to them.
Often the highlight of our matches here at Smithmoor is the food and the Finale proved no different. Pulled Pork sandwiches, Bev's coleslaw, Dad's famous spicy cowboy beans, and Momma Lorraine's chocolate zucchini cake rounded out the meal. There was also a pile (literally!) of excellent cookies, homemade fudge, coffee, and donuts. Wow! What a spread! It was enjoyed by all and a big thank you to all who helped.
Our 22 Winter season at Smithmoor Range has proved to truly be a blessing. The friends and memories I have made over the last several years are priceless and I hope everyone knows how much we value them. What makes us the proudest is knowing that we have created a place where others are enjoying the same experience. Thank you to everyone that contributes to the range, and especially those that come shoot. We are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer, and back this fall in November when the Smithmoor Winter 22 BPCR Series starts up again. You can keep track of what's going on over the summer by checking our facebook page or for match writeups, pictures, and info on upcoming matches.
Take care my friends,
Cody and Coralee Smith

Shooter Hunter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Steve Anderson 3:41 2 10 8 8 28
Dick Hennebry 5:19 0 10 8 8 26
Jack Odor 3:31 7 10 10 8 35 1st
Travis Purdum 3:52 3 10 10 4 27
Michael Rix 5:50 4 10 10 8 32 2nd
Jim Rodebaugh 5:52 2 10 8 9 29 3rd
Cody Smith 2:21 6 10 9 10 35 MW
Brian Youngberg 5 t's 1 10 7 10 28

JD Farmer 4:08 1 9 10 6 26
Robert Garibay 4:21 2 10 9 10 31 2nd
Joe Kapler 2:49 0 10 10 9 29 3rd
Mark Pachares 3:57 2 9 7 7 25
Tom Reed 7 t's 1 9 6 9 25
Cecil Sauer 4:29 4 10 7 8 29
Coralee Smith 3:50 3 10 9 9 31 1st and moves to master
Gary Smith 5 t's 2 9 8 7 26
Mike Venard 7 t's 2 9 6 1 18
Tom Wengh -- 1 7 9 9 26
Jeff Woodring 1 t 2 9 6 10 27

Greg Bybee 8 t's 3 7 7 7 24 2nd
Dick Farmer 8 t's 1 10 7 6 24 1st
Cole Sauer 3:06 3 8 4 6 21 3rd

Ruthann Holmes 4 t's 0 7 5 4 16 2nd
Keith Kelly 3 t's 0 8 5 6 19 1st
Mike Roduner 7 t's 1 1 1 1 4
Gavin Holmes 6:15 0 7 5 2 14
Maria Rodebaugh 3 t's 2 6 4 2 14

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