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Ohio Valley Regional, NE Kentucky F&GA

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:02 pm
by SSShooter
Like Ridgway's PA state championship and the St. Louis regional, the numbers at the Ohio Valley Regional in Ashland, KY were down, likely due to the similar weather forecasts (very wet) for KY & PA.
We shot a 22BPCRA match on Friday where it rained on and off. Some of the rain was quite heavy and there was substantial flooding some miles north & east of us (up to 5” of rain in a few hours). We started in the rain and shot the first half of the 60-shot match in same. Personally, I would have been better off if it had rained all match. Got 14 pigs and 13 turkeys in the rain. Once it stopped I got the 3 rams and a like number of chickens. The match winners did not suffer, wet or dry. Congratulations to Mark Finney for winning scope with a 46, followed by Bob Frame with a 41 (9 chickens) and Tom Barr with a 40. John Bly, shooting his all-original Maynard (think it may have a modern tang sight), was the irons winner with a 38, followed by Russell Rorrer and Arvid Englund, both with 36s.

The BPCR was a 2-day 2x-40-shot match. On day-1 we had nice weather (especially for those of us who have shot the match in 95F/95rh) with only minimal rain and mild breezes from the SSW. However, mild breezes from the SSW in KY means your spotter definitely has his work cut out for him. The range is laid out with a draw coming in from the left of the firing line and then across in front of the chickens before turning back to the left just before the pigs and continuing up the range past the turkeys & rams. That mild breeze does some weird stuff once it gets to the pigs and then continues on thru the rams. Mark Finney's spotter got it figured out the best and he lead the scope shooters with a 26, followed by Stan Reed with a 24 and yours truly in a tie with Tom Barr with 23s, where my 4 chickens held up. In irons, John Bly's spotter got him to to the top of the heap with a 23, followed by Russell Rorrer, also with a 23, but John had more chickens . No master and only one AAA score and no 10-pins. Tricky, tricky, breezes with varying light as the clouds moved by.

On day-2 we got a bit of rain early. It was gone shortly, though the heavy overcast remained. Woe-be-it to the first two relays of irons shooters as the rams were nearly impossible to see and turkeys only slightly better. With next to no breeze the smoke hung around or moved slowly so was another factor. The irons scores reflected same. In scope, Stan Reed shot a new personal best and led us home with a 29, followed by Tom Barr with a nice 28 and Mark Finney and yours truly with a pair of 27s. In irons, Russell Rorrer shot a nice 24, followed by John Bly with a 21 and Pete Romanik with a 19.

The overall scope match winner, for the second year in a row, was Mark Finney. 2nd was Stan Reed followed by Tom Barr. In irons Russell Rorrer prevailed, followed by John Bly and Pete Romanik. Congratulations to all the winners. Considering the difficult seeing conditions on day-2 the irons shooters did quite well. As always, the KY range presents a challenge.

Thanks to George Louli, match director, and everyone else who helped put on the match.

And, thanks to Schuetzen Powder (Swiss), DZ Arms and George Louli for supporting our sport with their donation of prizes at our pizza dinner drawing on Saturday night. Everyone went away a winner.

Re: Ohio Valley Regional, NE Kentucky F&GA

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:14 pm
by John Bly
On Saturday Russel and I were tied with 23's but Russel had 4 chickens and I had 3 so Russel was the iron sight winner on Sat. Sunday morning rams did me in and zero chickens sealed my fate. That KY range will leave shooters talking to themselves wondering what in the hell went wrong. If you ever get the chance to come shoot there do it. That place gives up master scores very reluctantly.

Re: Ohio Valley Regional, NE Kentucky F&GA

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:38 pm
by SSShooter
Oops. Thx for the correction.