Smithmoor February 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor February 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:53 pm

Fellow Shooters, 2/10/2019 22 BPCR
We were blessed with some tolerable weather to shoot yesterday and 27 shooters were able to make it to the match. What a great day! There was some super shooting that took place and everyone seemed to have good time. We also had a handful of new shooters that had a good time and will hopefully be back to shoot with us.

The morning started cool and calm and warmed to a high of 43 about noon. The morning made for some good shooting conditions, but the afternoon cooled off and the breeze picked up. It came directly out of the east, which of course is the only direction that our shooting shed provides no protection from. My fingers were pretty numb after I shot my relay and I know I beat feet back to the fire as soon as I could! James Sedman was sure thinking when he loaded his portable diesel fired shop heater. We put it on the south end of the building and it really helped. Thanks a bunch James!

Coralee made a big roaster full of her famous ham and beans, and Bev Reed whipped up some corn bread and apple cake for desert. Someone brought donuts for the morning snack as well. As usual, we ate pretty dang well. Thank you to all that helped with the food, it was good!
There is a lot to talk about as far as the shooting. First off, we love new shooters. My close friends Cory Rinehart, Mark Avery, and Bill Aklin came out for their first match. My other close friend, James Sedman, had so much fun last month he bought a gun and came back! Yahoo! All them shot quite well for being new shooters and despite some equipment failures. I wanted to mention young Gavin Holmes shot his first chicken yesterday and earned a golden chicken pin. Yahoo! Keith Kelly also seems to have gotten things figured out. He shot a super paper score of 100-3x and career high of 23 for the main match. Good shooting Keith! He's been working at it and it is fun to see him have some success. I always hate mentioning myself, but I was pleased to earn another 5 chicken pin. I got the first five, but them my heart got to racing and only got one of the next five. I'll get 'em next time….

We were excited to debut our new "Clean Prone" pins this month. It is a big deal to shoot all of the prone targets (pigs, turkeys, and rams) and we thought that should be honored, so we custom ordered some special pins. They have the three prone animals on them along with the words "Clean Prone" and are Smithmoor green. Coralee went back over the last five years and counted up all of the clean prones that had been shot at our Winter Series matches. We had zero our first two years, 5 the third year, 3 the fourth year, and 11 the fifth year. There are already 7 shot this year! It is fun to see the improvement. Dick Hennebry is our clean prone champion with having shot 5 at our Winter series matches! Awesome shooting Dick! Michael Rix and Coralee are tied for second with 3.

As many of you know, Dick Hennebry is planning on running some black powder target rifle matches this summer at the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club range north of Cheyenne. Along with those, he has the great idea to try some 22 BPTR matches. They will be shot at 200 yards using the rifle pits with target pullers. Reduced size targets will be used to simulate the longer distances. In an effort to get folks interested and enthused, Dick offered to help do some similar things here at Smithmoor for our fifth station . This month we shot the 200 yard target that was reduced for use at 100 yards. Next month will be the 300 yard reduced target and April will have the 600 yard reduced target. There are some special awards Donated by Dick that will go to the high score for the combined matches. They will be awarded in April. It was a great idea, Dick, and these targets are sure fun. Thank you!

Our A/B class was won by Emily Anderson this month with a 27. She will be moving to AA class next time she shoots. We probably should have moved her this month, but we didn't catch it Good shooting Emily! Her paper score was great too. AA class went to a very pleased Greg Bybee. Greg has been practicing a lot and experimenting with ammo, much to my frustration. No Greg, cheap ammo will not work on the rams. I think he believes me now. Greg also won our High 2nd half paper target with a super 100-5x! Greg received the 25 dollar gift certificate to Cat's Shooting Sticks. Good job Greg! AAA was won by Joe Kapler with a 31. Joe consistently shoots well, but seems to have a hard time breaking that master class threshold of 31, but he got it done this month. 4 chickens sure helped. Great job Joe! Master class went to Jim Rodebaugh with a 33 and Grand Master class went to myself with a 35. Jack Odor and I tied and we settled it with reverse animal count.

The big story is Mark Pachares. Mark was on fire yesterday and whacked all of the lay down targets and six chickens! The conditions weren't easy either, let me tell you. Wow! Mark has been an avid supporter of our ranges since almost the beginning. He is a super guy and it is truly a pleasure to have him among our shooters. It is great to see him win and it has been fun to see him improve over the last several years. Great shooting Mark, we are all proud of you. Mark also tied with Michael Rix for the high paper target with 100-9x's. The match went long and folks were wanting to get on the road, so we chose not to shoot it off. By semi-unanimous vote from the several people standing there, it was thought that Michael had a slightly better group. Both paper targets were super, good shooting both of you. Michael won a tin of SPG bullet lube and a Pope poster donated by SPG sales. Thank you to SPG sales and Cat's shooting sticks for their generous support of our matches.

Coralee has the entry forms out for this summer's bigger matches. They are available online at or let us know and we can get you one. We received our shipment of 22 BPCRA membership books. You will need one if you plan on shooting any regional or state matches as well as the national match. Let us know if you need one and we will get it to you. We also picked up our order of Smithmoor score books this week. They have pages to record your scores for a variety of matches, as well as a place for notes and sight settings. With the NRA no longer printing books, we thought it would be nice to have a book to record your scores in. Our single largest expense each year is our range insurance. The Smithmoor Score books are 20 dollars apiece and that money will go specifically towards paying the insurance bill. A special Smithmoor Range pin will accompany the books. A great big thank you to all that support this and all of our range events!
Thank you to everyone that made it out to shoot yesterday. It was a great match and a fun day.
Take care my friends,
Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Jack Odor 100-6x 5 10 10 10 35
Michael Rix 100-9x 2 10 10 10 32 High paper
Cody Smith 100-8x 6 10 9 10 35 1st

Steve Anderson 96 5 10 5 6 26
Dick Hennebry 100-8x 3 10 9 10 32
Mark Pachares 100-9x 6 10 10 10 36 MW!
Travis Purdum 100-4x 2 10 8 10 30
Jim Rodebaugh 100-6x 5 10 9 9 33 1st
Coralee Smith 100-3x 1 9 10 10 30
Gary Smith 100-8x 0 10 8 8 26

Joe Kapler 100-5x 4 10 9 8 31 1st
Tom Reed 85 3 10 7 8 28
Monte Reed 97-5x 0 9 9 7 25
Weston Rix 99-5x 3 8 9 9 29
James Sedman 96-2x 2 9 8 5 24
Mike Venard 5 8 8 7 28
Jeff Woodring 100-3x 1 10 9 8 28
Mark Avery 100-1x 5 8 6 9 28

Greg Bybee 100-5x 3 10 5 6 24 1st AA and 1st 2nd Half paper
Dick Farmer 96-1x 2 4 4 3 13
Pete Romanik 97-4x 1 8 3 7 19
Cory Rinehart 100-2x 3 10 7 2 22

Emily Anderson 100-1x 2 9 7 9 27 1st
Gavin Holmes 20 1 8 4 2 15
Keith Kelly 100-3x 0 8 9 6 23
Mike Roduner 84 0 3 2 5 10

Bill Aklin 4 9 6 5 24

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