2019 Shippensburg BPCR Results

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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2019 Shippensburg BPCR Results

Post by SSShooter » Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:40 am

First match of the year provided a day that was cold, windy, calm, partly sunny, and a few snow flurries. This challenged most of us, but not Brian Chilson (MW scope 35) or John Whitcomb (MW Iron 30). Congratulations, and thanks for showing us how it’s done! We had twenty one shooters so we set our timers to 12:30 and shot ten in a row. I brought my printer and made copies of some shooters last years books, scanned the copies and emailed them to tournrpts@nrahq.org. I encourage anyone who has not done this to do so. I received my card about 2 1/2 weeks after I emailed a copy of my front cover and score page. I also email the copy of the new sheet we all filled out. I will bring my printer again in April for those who want me to do it for them. Looking forward to seeing more of you next month.
Tim Hoke, Match Director

Scope Chickens Pigs Turkeys Rams Total Place
Brian Chilson 7 10 9 9 35 M/W
Mario DeAnglis 3 10 10 7 30 1st Mst/AAA
Bill Davis 0 6 7 1 14 2nd
Barry Harmon 2 7 7 4 20 1st AA/A/B
Rich Paulquette 1 9 7 3 20 2nd
Bob Kopper 1 9 4 6 20
John Bell 1 5 5 7 18
Frank Delatorre 1 8 5 6 20 3rd

John Whitcomb 3 8 8 9 28 M/W
Bob Bloyer 4 8 8 4 24 1st Mst/AAA
George Harris 3 5 4 4 16 2nd
Tim Hoke 0 7 4 3 14
Mike Benson 2 3 6 2 13
Gil Bass 1 9 8 4 22 1st AA/A
Chris Christensen 2 6 1 4 13
Clayton Grove 1 8 3 5 17 2nd
Eric Huss 0 8 1 1 10
Jesse Ebron 1 4 0 2 7
Ron Tewalt 1 6 5 4 16 1st B
Jazlyn Ebron 1 5 4 0 10 2nd B
Dean Gumby 0 5 2 2 9

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Re: 2019 Shippensburg BPCR Results

Post by SSShooter » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:47 pm

Attached are the results. Let me know if I missed anything. No guarantee I’ll fix it, but at least I’ll know for next time.
Well the April BPCR Match at Shippensburg Pa. is now in the books. We always joke about the crazy weather we get at Shippensburg on Match days. From Snow and freezing temps to 98 degrees and super high humidity. Well we had a new one to add, as the Friday crew setup the Range during on and off rain storms these became a Tornado warning during the late afternoon and then an actual tornado touched down approx. 5 miles from the Range later that evening. Luckily, no one in the area was injured, and the entire system blew out by the morning. Due to the predicted weather issues in the area our turn out was slightly lower than hoped. But 25 shooters showed up to see what they could do that day. As the Match day started, Temps were comfortable, but the breeze was blowing at a favorable clip. By the time the Match got rolling we had very light to no wind then the wind would immediately gust up to approx. 25 mph plus at the high end. Added to this was the wind direction was changing the entire time. Being able to pick which wind direction did the least amount of damage to your shots AND (this was the secret) being able to get your shot off during that condition was the road to better scores. I personally missed that road and traveled the “Off the animal’s nose, again” road. But as you will see, others did manage to shoot well despite the conditions.

In the Iron Sight Rifles, John Whitcomb had the wind reading nailed down and stood on top of the Heap with a Match Winning score of 31.

Bob Bloyer and John Bly tied in the Master Class. They both had 2 Chicken’s, so we had to go to turkeys, where Bob edged out John for the 1st Master win. Did I say the Chickens were tough that day with the wind blowing you all over as you tried to hold on that nasty little birds.

Tim Hoke Took the AAA Class win. This class was tied up also with Len Kobus and Tim scoring 22 each. And again, they both tied on Chickens. Tim hit more Turkeys (he ran them all for a 10 pin) and got the win.

Lynn Carruthers had a great day, winning the AA/A/B Classes and scoring the 4th highest score in Irons with a 24. Her spotter really had her dialed in (I had to do something right as my shooting wasn’t getting me anything that day).

In the Scope Rifle category, Brian and Debbie Chilson showed how to make it happen on a crazy windy day as Brian shot a 34 to take High honors in the Scope Master Class.

Mark Chronister took AAA Class honors with a score of 23.

Bob Kopper shot a score of 27 to lead all the AA Shooters.

First time shooter Thomas Buck did very well with a score of 21.

I would like to Thank John Bly for bringing Thomas Buck along and showing him the ropes. Hopefully we will see some more of Thomas in the future. And I hope to see all of you at the next Match in May. So start loading ammo and writing down the excuses.

Ralph and Lynn Carruthers

Shippensburg Pa. BPCR Match Open Sight Rifles Date: 4/20/2019
Name JR/SR/SS Chickens Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
John Whitcomb 6 10 6 9 31 Match Winner
Bob Bloyer 2 8 8 7 25 1st Master
John Bly 2 10 5 8 25
Paolo Amedeo 2 10 6 3 21
Thomas Buck (unclassified) 1 8 6 6 21
Tim Hoke 2 8 10 2 22 1st AAA
Len Kobus 2 8 7 5 22
Mike Benson 3 9 4 5 21
Bruce Getgen SS 1 8 6 3 18
Lynn Carruthers 2 9 6 7 24 1st AA/B
John Debonis 0 5 2 4 11
Ralph Carruthers 1 3 4 2 10
Eric Huss 1 5 2 1 9
Ron Tewalt SR 1 8 5 6 20
Frank Dellatorre SR 2 7 4 5 18
Dean Gumby 1 10 0 4 15

Shippensburg Pa. BPCR Match Scoped Rifles Date 4/20/2019
Name JR/SR/SS Chickens Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Brian Chilson SR 7 10 8 9 34 MW
Kermit Hoke SR 0 4 5 5 14
Mark Chronister 2 8 8 5 23
Bill Davis SR 0 8 5 5 18
Bob Kopper SS 2 9 10 6 27
Gordon Clefton SS 0 8 8 6 22
Bob Clipp SS 1 7 5 7 20
Jay Brower 1 7 7 3 18
Grant Rogers SS 0 0 3 2 5

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Re: 2019 Shippensburg BPCR Results

Post by SSShooter » Tue May 21, 2019 8:24 am

Hello Everyone:
The May BPCR Match at Shippensburg Pa. turned out to be something different than the last couple of matches, it did not rain on us. Our day started with the morning temps in the low 50’s and climbing thru the day to end in the high 80’s by the end of the Match. Most of the Match was shot in cloudy conditions with the sun sliding thru on occasions, giving us just enough time for you see that there was a mirage down range and then it would slide back behind the clouds. The wind seemed to be the major condition on the day. There were times when all the flags were dead and hanging straight down for one shot. Then by the next shot all four flags were each pointing in a different direction. It seemed that the spotters that could read the changing wind conditions and the shooters that kept an eye on the wind at the line AND listened to their spotters shot very well.
Congratulations go to Paolo Amedeo on winning the match with a score of 31, hitting 5 chickens was good to see. I would give a high five to his spotter, but it seems that Paolo has a spotter by committee as Mike Benson does most of the spotting, with Chris Christensen keeping a watchful eye on both. I even threw in some suggestions at times, but I can tell by how well Paolo scored he didn’t listen to me. Bob Bloyer shot a solid 29 to take home the 1st Master award. As always John Whitcomb called a great match for Bob. Congratulations go out to Chris Landis, who shot his first match, unclassified, and ended up with a score of 17. Excellent job by Chris and his spotter Bob Clipp.
In AAA Class Tim Hoke picks up his second win in a row in this class with a score of 30.
AA Class was nailed down by Vince Dalessandro, scoring a 27 and being coached/spotted by his Wife Michele. Lynn Carruthers pulled in a second place in AA class, with a score of 20, despite having yours truly spot for her.
The B Class was dominated by Jazlyn Ebron slamming a score of 22, which included nailing 3 chickens to boot. She acknowledged that the spotting by her father, Jesse, was a big reason for her high score. Rumor has it, Jazlyn turned down a monetary offer from my wife to let Jesse spot for both of them at the next match.
Mark Chronister took all High Honors in the scope class with Gordon Clefton calling the conditions and hits for him.
Bill Davis followed closely grabbing the 1st AAA Scope awards. I’m not sure who spotted for Bill, as I saw both Len Kobus and Bruce Getgen setting up behind Bill. Both spotters seemed to be making a lot of noise, so I’m sure Bill the information that suited him the best.
Gordon Clefton, with Mark Chronister spotting, won the AA Scope class with a solid 26. I think this win may have bumped Gordon up into the AAA Swamp for the next match.
Frank Dellatorre took the win in A Class Scope with a very impressive score of 24. Not sure who spotted for Frank, but they did a bang-up job with him.
So, with the May match in the books some things stand out, you can never know what the weather will be on match day, so show up no matter what and shoot. Second match in a row with a new shooter, hope to keep that string going. Great to see the girls mixing it up with the guys and doing very well. And most importantly, that this event would not work so well if it wasn’t for the group of guys and girls that show up Fridays before the Match and get the range in shape, for the people that help setup the mornings of Match day and tear down at the end of the Match, and the people who call the lines, and the Match Director who runs the show and the shooters who show up. Thank you all for your help in making the matches at Shippensburg a success. See you all at the next match, which is our Super Shoot, 60 shots, so start loading ammo and writing down those excuses you’re going to use!
Ralph Carruthers

Shippensburg Pa. BPCR Match Open Sight Rifles Date: 5/18/2019

Name JR/SR/SS Chickens Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Paolo Amedeo 5 10 9 7 31 Match Winner
Bob Bloyer 4 8 8 9 29 1st Master
John Whitcomb 3 9 6 9 27
Chris Landis (unclassified) 1 8 3 5 17

Tim Hoke 5 10 8 7 30 1st AAA
Mike Benson 2 6 7 8 23
Len Kobus 0 9 5 8 22
Bruce Getgen SS 0 9 3 4 16

Vince DAlessandro 3 9 7 8 27 1st AA
Lynn Carruthers 3 9 3 5 20 2nd AA
Ralph Carruthers 0 7 5 5 17
R G Christensen 0 8 5 4 17
Jesse Ebron 1 7 5 3 16

Jazlyn Ebron 3 8 6 5 22 1st B
Ron Tewalt SR 2 8 6 3 19
Dean Gumby 2 4 0 2 8

Shippensburg Pa. BPCR Match Scoped Rifles Date 5/18/2019

Name JR/SR/SS Chickens Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Mario DeAngelis 1 10 6 9 26

Mark Chronister 4 10 10 6 30 MW Scope
Bill Davis SR 1 10 8 8 27 1st AAA Scope
Barry Harmon SS 3 7 5 8 23

Gordon Clefton SS 1 10 8 7 26 1st AA Scope
Jay Brower 3 8 3 9 23
Bob Clipp SS 1 8 3 5 17

Frank Dellatorre SR 1 10 8 5 24 1st A/B Scope
Grant Rogers SS 0 0 2 0 2

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Re: 2019 Shippensburg BPCR Results

Post by SSShooter » Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:18 pm

The June 2019 Super Shoot at Shippensburg Fish and Game Club is complete. Something different happened during this match, there were no rainstorms, high winds, hail or tornado warnings. That being said, the weather did play some tricks on us the day of the shoot. The weather was to be a balmy 82 degrees and sunny. What we got was an overcast sky most of the day, temps in the low 60’s and an Easterly wind blowing 5 to 10 mph all day to make the temps feel like low 50’s. After the Shooters meeting in the morning it was back to the cars and put on any additional layers of cloths that you had in the vehicle.With the overcast conditions the targets had very good contrast and really stood out. Thank the Friday work crew for that, as they did a lot of dressing up of the berms and grounds, trimming the areas and painting the targets with a new coat of black paint so that the range was looking top notch for this shoot. As for how the shooting went, John Whitcomb had the hot score of the day with a 48. This got him the Match Winner pin and his spotter, Bob Bloyer an At a Boy for calling a good game. John and Bob continue to be one of the top scoring teams at our Matches. Paolo Amedeo pulled in the 1stplace Master with a strong score of 44. Bob Bloyer and John Bly finished second and third Master, with all three of those guys one point behind the other one. Really great shooting by all three of them. Willi Zahn shot his first Match this day, starting as an unclassified shooter and ended up with a score of 26. Really good job for first Match and a Super Shoot Match to boot. In AAA Class Len Kobus edged out Match Director Tim Hoke by one point to take top honors in AAA with a score of 41. Len’s spotter, Bruce Getgen had a lot to do with how well he scored.Len and Tim were neck and neck on the stick animals, but the chicken count made the difference and gave Len the edge. Mike Benson finished third in the class with a very good score of 37.In AA Class, Lynn Carruthers rolled to a first-place win with a 38, her spotter had her dialed in.She also pulled in the High Woman award with this score.I picked up the second-place honors with a 35 and Gill Bass shot his way into 3rdplace with a 30. This class was the Husband/Wife team shooters/spotters, as Lynn and I spot for each other and Gill’s wife Bonnie does an awesome job spotting for him. This concept seems to be working real well right now. I would like to mention that Thomas Buck finished just off the pace by one point with a 29. Great shooting for his second match with us. Thomas also has a great cheering section that follows him to our matches, as Mom, Dad, Brother and Little Sister all come to watch him shoot. Really cool family there. In A Class, Ron Tewalt continues to surge ahead. He grabbed first place with a score of 32. I expect to see him moving into AA real soon. I think I saw Bob Bloyer spotting for Ron, not bad calling the shots for Match winner and the A Class winner this day. Chris Landis and Eric Huss finished off the A class winners with second place to Chris and Third place to Eric.In B Class, Dean Gumby shot a score of 32 to take the Class and this should move him up in Class. Great job Dean. And Jazlyn Ebron pulled in the Second place in B Class. Awesome job by her and her Dad, Jesse, who was spotting for her. I think she has her sights on taking next year’s High Woman’s award, Lynn will have to keep an eye on Jazlyn.In AAA Class Scope, Mark Chronister dominated with a score of 42 and was awarded Match Winner Scope. Gordon was spotting for Mark and they seem to be working well together. Barry Harmon slid into first place AAA Scope followed by Bill Davis in Second place and Gordon Clefton in Third place. Good shooting by all of them.
AA Scope Class had Jay Brower collecting a first-place medal with a score of 37. Jay will have to thank his spotter, good job Richard. Bob Kopper and Richard Pauquette followed with a Second-place score of 35 and a Third-place score of 32. I’ll have to check and see if Vermont uses a different numbering system than the rest of the country, as Richard had trouble following “shoot #1, then #2, etc.” and cross fired on some targets that cost him some points. Of course, he hit those targets.A Class Scope was won by Frank Dellatorre with a 29 and Grant Rogers coming in Second place with a 24. Great shooting by both gentlemen. After the shooting was done and the range was cleaned up and reset,all the contestants were gathered in the clubhouse for the awards ceremony. The many companies and individuals that sponsored us this year was great. We were able to draw names multiple times allowing everyone that shot that day to pick various items off the prize table. Overall an exceptional day. I hope everyone stays well and hope to see you all at next months shoot.

Shippensburg Pa. BPCR Match Open Sight Rifles Date: 6/15/2019
Super Shoot 60 Shot Match
Name JR/SR/SS Chickens Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
John Whitcomb 7 14 14 13 48 Match Winner
Paolo Amedeo 8 14 12 10 44 1st Master
Bob Bloyer SS 6 15 12 10 43 2nd Master
John Bly SS 3 14 13 12 42 3rd Master
Willi Zahn (Unclassified) 1 11 9 5 26

Len Kobus 4 15 12 10 41 1st AAA
Tim Hoke 2 15 11 12 40 2nd AAA
Mike Benson SR 5 14 12 6 37 3rd AAA
Karl Hovatter 3 13 8 10 34
Bruce Getgen SS 1 12 6 7 26

Lynn Carruthers High Woman 4 15 10 9 38 1st AA
Ralph Carruthers 5 10 9 11 35 2nd AA
Gill Bass 1 14 5 10 30 3rd AA
Thomas Buck Jr 2 13 7 7 29
Jesse Ebron 3 12 6 6 27
R G Christensen 1 8 5 4 18

Ron Tewalt SR 2 11 9 10 32 1st A
Chris Landis 5 8 6 1 20 2nd A
Eric Huss 5 5 4 2 16 3rd A

Dean Gumby 2 12 9 9 32 1st B
Jazlyn Ebron 2 9 5 3 19 2nd B

Shippensburg Pa. BPCR Match Scoped Rifles Date 6/15/2019
Super Shoot 60 Shot Match
Name JR/SR/SS Chickens Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Mark Chronister 4 14 13 11 42 MW Scope
Barry Harmon SS 3 13 12 8 36 1st AAA Scope
Bill Davis SS 2 12 4 6 24 2nd AAA Scope
Gordon Clefton SS 1 10 4 7 22 3rd AAA Scope

Jay Brower 6 11 9 11 37 1st AA Scope
Bob Kopper SS 1 15 11 8 35 2nd AA Scope
Richard Pauquette 1 11 9 11 32 3rd AA Scope
Bob Clipp SS 2 11 7 10 30

Frank Dellatorre SR 1 15 6 7 29 1st A/B Scope
Grant Rogers SS 0 9 7 8 24 2nd A/B Scope

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