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Lodi 2019 Creedmoor Cup Match

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 4:37 pm
by Distant Thunder
Held at Lodi, Wisconsin May 9th & 10th. In this match each shooter is totally on their own when shooting, no coaching is allowed. Once the first shot cuts paper you have up to two more sighting shots, after that you have 10 shots for record. All shooting is done in 20 minutes, sighters and record. It is a fast paced relay. You can wait for a little bit maybe a couple of times but it's mostly turn the knobs and shoot. If you're organizationally challenged like me you better keep everything close at hand. If just one thing goes wrong time gets real short real fast. It will definitely raise your heart rate!

We had a rain delay on Thursday but once we started shooting we remained mostly dry with just some light mist a couple of times. The temperatures were pretty low even for Wisconsin and warm clothing was in order. I wore gloves when not shooting so I had some feeling in my fingers when I was shooting. We had one of the stronger headwinds I can remember at Lodi. I had paper strips in my face on every shot and often my wiping patch would go sailing past my head when it cleared the muzzle. Friday was a little better temperature wise but the wind, which was somewhat lighter, would switch in a heart beat and keeping up with it was a challenge. I have to say after four days of shooting the Cup and the Championship matches back to back exactly what condition we had on what day is pretty much a blur. I do remember that just holding on to paper was difficult at times. There were a number of times the target came up a 6 and I was grateful to have it.

One of the new faces in the crowd was Steve Farringer. Steve just started shooting late last year and he finished 3rd in this match, that's pretty amazing, congratulations Steve!


Jim Kluskens 478-8X
Mark Schuenke 466-1X
Steve Farringer 436-1X
Ed Force 424-4X
Sam Thompson 408-3X
Cliff Gregg 407-4X
Kurt Altenberg 368
Bill Powell 352
Gary Freier 339-1X
Ron Walters 265-1X
Rick Chianelli 265
Tony Martello 254-3X
Ernie Villegas 249
Leonard Ciphery 241
Richard Cady 183

As you can see the scores were down from what they have been in the past for this match and that should give you an idea just how challenging the conditions were. Also the X count shows it wasn't real easy conditions. This is a very fun match to shoot and I not only have enjoyed it I have learned a bunch from it.

Re: Lodi 2019 Creedmoor Cup Match

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 6:07 pm
by gunlaker
Nice shooting Jim! In a match of that type, when your averaging just under 80 per target you are shooting very well. Especially in those types of wind conditions. This looks like the same format as the Money Match in Byers and it's tough!

I assume that you were shooting your .45-70 bore diameter PP rifle?


Re: Lodi 2019 Creedmoor Cup Match

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 6:22 pm
by Distant Thunder

None other! That rifle and bullet never cease to amaze me for accuracy and I really like my Hepburn for long range shooting. A .45-70 with paper patch bullets in a Hepburn, as good as it gets!

Re: Lodi 2019 Creedmoor Cup Match

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 7:59 pm
by Aviator
Thanks for the compliment, Jim!

I really had a great time at both matches, and coming in 3rd in the Creedmoor Cup match was very pleasing!
Cliff and Mark did a great job putting on these matches, and I will be coming back. Thanks to all for making a new guy feel welcome!

A side note: When cleaning my Shiloh 45-70 after the State Championship match, before heading home, I found that the firing pin tip was broken! The broken surfaces were pretty battered, so I don't think it happened on the last shot.