Smithmoor October BPCR Match

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Smithmoor October BPCR Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:22 pm

Smithmoor Shooters and Friends, 10/19/19
We enjoyed a very relaxing and fun day at the range today. 6 shooters made it out for the October Monthly NRA BPCR Silhouette match at Smithmoor west. It ended up being a decent fall, Wyoming day with temps in the 40's and 50's and a rather strong breeze. A lot of left windage was required and the pig shooters often had to shoot a few shots for score on the swinger because some or all of them blew over, but it wasn't bad. We had no problems with any of the other animals. Dad had a fire blazing hot in the clubhouse and it felt good to warm up to it.

Dad and Momma Lorraine made big pot of really good ham and beans. Home made cornbread with maple syrup or honey and pumpkin cookies rounded out the meal. I know I really enjoyed it. Thank you guys for the great food!

We had some decent shooting occur despite the wind. Steve Anderson was shooting a different gun and didn't have any sight settings, as well as he was using Buffalo Arms' bore wipers for the first time. I think he was generally pleased with his shooting, especially the 3 chickens and 8 turkeys. We were all pleased to see Brad Rice make it up. His work schedule has kept him from shooting lately. Greg had ups and downs, but learned a few things to keep improving. It is also always a pleasure to have Lee Wolff and Dan Womer come to our matches. Thank you guys for coming out to shoot, I enjoyed it very much.

I hate to talk about myself much, but I was quite pleased to shoot a 34 today. That score broke the old range record of 33 and is also my career personal best in big bore. It is definitely a head scratcher why I can shoot that well in some pretty windy conditions, and then often can't break 30 on a nice day. Steve Anderson is sure that is was a result of his superior spotting skills today, and I suspect that may at least be partially true. Maybe of some interest to readers, I used a new chicken load today. It consists of a 210 grain 41 caliber bullet intended for a 41 magnum. 65 grains of 1 1/2 F Kik and a Winchester large rifle primer. It sure makes for a low recoil, cheap chicken load and seems to work well too.

Our Winter Series 22 BPCR matches will start up on the second Saturday of November. We have been planning some work on the shooting shed and we are hoping to have it done before then. We am looking forward to showing it off as I think it will really be a nice improvement. If the weather holds, we will also have a monthly big bore match on the 3rd Saturday in November as well. Watch for emails and I will keep everyone posted. I would like to try and have some historic target rifle matches this winter. Please let me know if anyone is interested in participating.

Take care my friends,

Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total
Lee Wolff 2 10 5 5 22
Dan Womer 0 8 8 7 23 1st 2nd Half
Cody Smith 6 10 10 8 34 MW
Brad Rice 1 10 5 7 23
Steve Anderson 3 5 8 4 20
Greg Bybee 3 5 3 5 16

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Re: Smithmoor October BPCR Match

Post by GrumpyBear » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:37 pm

Thanks for the good write up Cody, and I agree Steve does have superior spotting skills,doesn't hurt that you are an excellent shot, and thanks for sharing your new chicken load, interesting.

Oh and I certainly would have enjoyed your Mom and Dad's good cooking.

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