Smithmoor December 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor December 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:11 pm

Our December Winter series match was a success! We had a large turnout, almost no wind, great food, and some of the stiffest competition I have ever seen! Holy Moly I still can't hardly believe how competitive our shooters have gotten! It sure looks like you don't have much chance of being match winner unless you shoot a 34 or better. AAA shooter Jeff Woodring hit one out of the park and smoked out a 35. What was really impressive is he went clean prone, whacked 5 chickens and hit his last chicken knowing that would give him the win. He didn't cave under the pressure and it was impressive. Great Shooting Jeff, we are all proud of you! He moved to master class immediately as he had shot a score two classes above his current class.
Master class saw a tie between Bryan Youngberg and Mark Pachares with 34's. Bryan bested Mark in the shootoff on chickens. Those grand master scores are going to give us some new members to that class pretty soon, I bet!. Mark also earned a coveted clean prone pin this month, along with Jeff. Grand Master class had a three way tie between myself, Michael Rix, and Jim Rodebaugh with 33's. We shot off on offhand pigs, and Jim Rodebaugh came out on top by smacking all three of his pigs! Great Shooting Jim. Jim was especially pleased as he was shooting a rifle he had gunsmithed himself.
AAA saw Greg Bybee be 1st with a 30. He was tied with Tom Reed, but Tom had to take off and forfeited the shootoff to Greg. Greg was also 2nd half high paper with a 227. This month we shot the fifth station paper target at 50 yards offhand. We used a 100 yard schuetzen target from SPG Sales. 227 is a pretty darned good score! AA class had Mary Zang winning with another very good showing this month with a 30. Looks like AAA class is in the near future for Mary! Yahoo!! Great Shooting!
I am also very pleased to see Keith Kelly shoot his 3rd AA score this month to win A class and move into AA next match. Good Job Keith! He has been working at it for some time. We had several newer faces this month. Our friend Josh Tangeman had shot a while back and it was great to see him again. Keith Seberg shot his first match, and Danny Glick got part of a match in for the first time before he had to run off to a family event. Lee Wolff also shot his first 22 match at our place. Lee is an accomplished big bore BPCR shooter and a frequent and adamant supporter of our big bore range and I am pleased we finally got him convinced to shoot 22's. He was trying out all new equipment and is still getting things figured out. I am sure he will soon, and watch out when he does!
The weather was a little interesting this month. We had a couple inches of snow in the night and it made for some miserable roads. I am glad everyone made it to the match and home safely and I appreciate the dedication. The berms were splotchy with patches of dirt and snow and made seeing the targets tough, especially for the iron sight guys. It also snowed off and on all day and the temps hovered around the low 20's most of the day. The crazy thing was the calm! I actually walked out to make sure the flags weren't broken as I couldn't believe there was no wind all day! It made for a very pretty day with the beautiful blanket of fresh snow covering everything.
We also had a ton of good food this month. The Sauers and Mark Pachares brought donuts, there was a giant roaster full of ham and beans, big pans of corn bread and applecrisp, Bev Reed's home made maple syrup candy, and somebody brought some chocolate chips cookies. It was a feast for sure! The icing on the cake was Ed Himelhoch made a giant batch of beautiful, iced sugar cookies. They were in the shapes of chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams! Silhouette cookies! I love it! They were very tasty as well. Who knew Ed was such a talented baker?
Thank you to everyone that comes to shoot the matches and support our events. We had a lot of fun and you guys really make it great. It is looking like work and weather will cancel our December big bore match next Saturday. There is still big drifts all over the big bore berms. Our next Winter Series 22 match will be January 11. I hope to see you all there!
Merry Christmas Everyone,

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Cody Smith 232 6 10 9 8 33 High Paper
Michael Rix 211 4 10 10 9 33
Jim Rodebaugh 212 4 10 9 10 33 1st

Cole Sauer 207 3 10 10 9 32
Cecil Sauer 217 3 10 8 9 30
Coralee Smith 191 3 9 10 10 32
Gary Smith 177 2 9 10 10 31
Kenny Wasserburger 196 2 10 10 8 30
Mark Pachares 214 4 10 10 10 34 Clean Prone!!
Bryan Youngberg 210 5 10 9 10 34 1st
Jeff Woodring 193 5 10 10 10 35 MW and Clean Prone!!

Mike Venard 196 2 8 9 6 25
Tom Reed -- 2 9 10 9 30
Ed Himelhoch 205 0 9 5 5 19
Greg Bybee 227 2 10 8 10 30 1st and High 2nd half Paper
Weston Rix 175 0 7 7 8 22
Joshua Tangeman 214 2 8 9 9 28

Chase Sauer 131 3 10 7 9 29
Dick Hennebry 212 1 10 9 9 29
Mary Zang 165 1 10 9 10 30 1st
Keith Seberg -- 0 7 9 6 22

Lee Wolff 200 2 0 0 0 2
Keith Kelly 232p 0 9 7 8 24 1st
Danny Glick -- 9 pigs 8 turkeys and then had to go to work

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