Smithmoor Feb 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor Feb 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:26 pm

Feb 15, 2020
22 Winter Series
Dear Shooters,
Well, we didn't get a lot of early response for the match, so I figured it would be a little smaller due to Valentine's day and the news that several folks had other plans. That didn't happen and we were pleased to have another great turnout at the last minute with 26 shooters. The weather was also a bit of a surprise as it turned out super. High winds were expected, but they mostly left us alone with the morning being very calm. The temperature dropped and the breeze picked up in the afternoon, but it was still a pretty decent day considering it is mid February in Wyoming.

As always, the food was super. Coralee did up a giant roaster full of really great chili and had cornbread, applecrisp, and Grace's Zebra cake to go along. Don't worry, no zebras were harmed in the production of the cake;) There was a mountain of morning donuts and cookies brought from several folks. Dan Womer continues to earn extra range points as he has been dropping by the Krispy Kreme shop and bringing up a box. Thanks Dan and everyone else that brings morning goodies.

We saw some super shooting again this month. It is sure fun to see folks shooting so well and improving. Ruthann shot very well, winning A class with a 22 and 4 chickens! Wow!! Her Grandpa (Mike Roduner) was sure proud. AA went to a really pleased Keith Kelly with a 29 and only missing a clean prone pin by 1 ram. Keith apparently found super vitamins that really help one's shooting because his shooting has really improved this season. Maybe he'll let us in on his secret one of these days…. Great Job Keith!

Tom Reed was first AAA this month for the last time. He shot a great 33 with 4 chickens to make his 3rd master score and move him to Master class next match. JD Farmer will also be moving to master next month as his 31 was his 3rd master score. Great shooting, fellas! It was kind of strange how master class was a bit of a dog fight this month with no one shooting in their class. Steve Anderson came out on top with a 30 to be first. Good job Steve! It was fitting as Steve's birthday was this week. We all sang happy birthday to him and Mary Zang brought treats to celebrate. We had fun helping to celebrate. Happy Birthday Steve!

Our growing Grand Master class had 3 shooters make it out to shoot. We have added a couple new ones recently and I know there are several that are close and chomping at the bit to make it. Mark Pachares and I ended up tying with 36's. I wanted to shoot off, but I couldn't talk him into it, so he forfeited the Match Winner pin to me. Mark is a fantastic shot in several different disciplines, as well as a heck of a good sport and great friend. We are so glad you are a part of our matches, Mark, as well as all of our other great friends that come shoot with us. I was also pleased to see Jim Rodebaugh and myself earn clean prone pins this month. Cleaning all the lay downs is a serious challenge and I really like commemorating it with a pin.

Our 22 BPTR teaser matches started this month,too. February, March, and April we will each shoot a different 22 BPTR target with the scores being added up and an aggregate prize given away in April for the winners. This month we shot the 200 yard target corrected for use at 100 yards. Jim Rodebaugh shot a freaking amazing 100-10x to be high paper target this month. We allowed 4 sighter shots and Jim actually smacked an x with one of those too, so he actually shot 11x's, but we could only count 10 of them. Wow! Awesome shooting. The race is far from over for the aggregate, however, and there are bunch of shooters on his tail! JD Farmer shot well, too, with a super 100-7x to be high paper in the 2nd Half of the shooters. Good Shooting JD! Next month we will shoot the 300 yard 22 BPTR target corrected for use at 100 yards.

A few notes before I sign off, Smithmoor has it's match schedule out and entry forms are available on the website. Also, plans are in the works for a super time at Raton this August. There will be a week long of shooting with levergun, 22 BPCR, and big bore BPCR the first week in August. All of it will happen without the help of the NRA. Please consider coming out to have a great time shooting and to support the matches. Match flyers and entries will be out in March and we will be sure and let everyone know when they are available and where to get them. We also have a very busy shooting season available right around home with many fun matches in Wyoming and Colorado. Be thinking about where you want to go shoot as summer is going to be here soon!
take care my friends,

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Mark Pachares Scope 100-4x 7 10 9 10 36 1st
Jim Rodebaugh Scope 100-10x 3 10 10 10 33 1st paper
Cody Smith Scope Iron 100-6x 6 10 10 10 36 MW

Steve Anderson Scope 100-6x 4 10 9 7 30 1st
Coralee Smith Scope 100-8x 0 10 8 10 28
Gary Smith Scope 100-4x 2 9 8 8 27
Kenny Wasserburger Scope 99-6x 0 10 10 9 29
Joe Kapler Scope 100-2x 3 10 8 7 28
Doc Bement Scope 100-8x 0 10 9 10 29
Scot Stephenson Iron 94-1x 2 6 5 7 20

JD Farmer Scope 100-7x 4 10 8 9 31 1st paper
Ed Himelhoch Scope 100-3x 2 10 5 7 24
Tom Reed Scope 100-2x 4 10 9 10 33 1st
Monte Reed Iron 98-2x 1 9 4 4 18
Greg Bybee Scope 100-4x 2 10 6 9 27

Dick Hennebry Iron 100-4x 0 10 4 6 20
Dick Farmer Iron 100-3x 1 9 5 6 21
Keith Kelly Scope 100-6x 0 10 10 9 29 1st
Mary Zang Scope 94-1x 0 10 8 6 24
Richard Stephenson Iron 98-3x 0 9 1 7 17
Wyatt Bournazian Iron 100-3x 1 9 4 9 23

Ruthann Holmes Scope 24 4 9 4 5 22 1st
Mike Roduner Scope 79 0 3 0 2 5
Dan Womer Iron 100-2x 0 9 7 5
Kristen Womer Iron 95-1x 0 1 3 0 4
Mark Zitek Scope 100-4x 1 7 4 6 18

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Re: Smithmoor Feb 22's

Post by stevewhr » Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:55 am

Nice report Cody. The match and the food were typical, excellent! Thanks for all the efforts of the Smith family, truly you make my world a great place.

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Re: Smithmoor Feb 22's

Post by buffalocannon » Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:26 am

I have never shot or even seen a .22 BPCR match and so this may be a silly question. I assume folks are using .22 long rifle ammo? Does anyone actually load BP in those tiny cases? If not, I assume that it is called .22 BPCR because of the rifle used?

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Re: Smithmoor Feb 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:17 pm

So, it is apparently confusing to folks that have never seen it, but it seems to make perfect sense to us, 22 BPCR means a 22 version of our BPCR rifles, not 22 black powder loads. Trust me, the game is tough enough using high dollar match grade ammo. I hope you get the chance to shoot a match someday, it is really a lot of fun. It constantly amazes me how closely it approximates our regular big bore BPCR silhouette competitions. The wind reading, the adjusting for elevations and wind, the mirage, it is mostly all there and a great way to both spend the day and also practice for the big game. The only thing missing is the reloading and fouling control procedures. You also do not have to develop loads, but you must spend some time finding ammo that works in your gun. It is amazing how many different types of ammo shoot well at the pigs, maybe ok at the turkeys and then won't hardly hit a ram. It can be a bit of a search to find ammo that works well at the ram line in all conditions.

I hope this helps, thanks for the question. Come shoot with us sometime!

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Re: Smithmoor Feb 22's

Post by buffalocannon » Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:33 am

Thanks Jackrabbit. I am sure glad to hear that there are NOT folks out there trying to put BP in a .22 LR case! Years ago I loaded .22 Hornet but gave it up when I grew old and my fingers turned into sausages. I have heard from many folks that you run such a great match up there that I have been tempted to get into your .22 BPCR. Perhaps one day if I live long enough. Thanks again.

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