Smithmoor March 22's

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor March 22's

Post by jackrabbit » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:53 am

March 14, 2020
22 Match
Friends and Shooters,
We enjoyed a nice, relaxed match this past Saturday at Smithmoor Range. We had some freezing fog that made the roads extra slick and more than one shooter turned back when they realized how bad the roads were. A couple were also ill and with all the Corona Virus concerns, they didn't want to spread anything they might have. Hugging was kept to a minimum and all licking was barred, so hopefully we didn't contribute to the spread at the match….lol. We still ended up with 16 brave and intrepid shooters who battled it out to find the Champion of the March Match. We had a good time for sure.

Momma Lorraine pitched in to give Coralee a big hand with the food and I thought it was great. Hamburger vegetable soup with sliders (a type of noodle) was the main attractant and pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing topped it off. I ate more than I should have. Thanks a bunch Coralee and Mom!

The cold fog and breeze made for some challenging (aka irritating) conditions. The cold, dense air made some bullets do some unexplainable things and had more than one shooter walking off the line shaking their heads after shooting. The good news is that the more varying conditions one can shoot in, the more experience they have to shoot well next time they see those conditions. The shooting shed continues to be a blessing as we stayed quite comfortable on the cold day. We have some great improvements planned and are anxious to get started on them. Billy and I's work load have slowed it up, but we are going to get it done, I promise!

We had one new shooter make it out, Keith Goetz, and he really fit in. Hopefully we will see him again. I was also pleased to have Brad Rice make it up to shoot, as well as all my other friends. As usual, we had some great shooting happen. Jack Odor cleaned all the lay downs, which was extra impressive due to the conditions. Jack took home a coveted Clean Prone Pin for his efforts. Steve Anderson knocked one out of the park with a 34 and 6 chickens! Wow! Great shooting Steve, we are all glad to see you beat your slump. There was also some guy that shot 9 chickens, again. I am not going to mention his name as we all so sick of listening to his gloating, I won't add to it. He's done 9 four times now, and one of these days he'll shoot 10. Lord help us when he does as we'll never hear the end of it…

Keith Goetz was our only A shooter this month and took the certificate home after shooting a first time score of 5. Dick Farmer was 1st AA with a 23 and also our top paper score in the AAA/AA/A class with a 94-1x. Good shooting Dick! Greg Bybee was our only AAA score and shot a respectable 25 to take home the certificate. Steve Anderson shot a super 34 to be 1st Master, and Jim Rodebaugh was 1st Grand Master with a 32. Jim was also the high paper shooter with 100-6x. I was pleased to shoot a 36 and be the Match Winner. Remember our paper targets are 22 BPTR targets and we are tracking the scores for a three month winner. This month we shot the 300 yard reduced target at 100 yards. Next month at the finale we will shoot the 600 yard reduced target at 100 yards to determine the winner. It is going to be close! Dick Hennebry has sponsored this side match and has donated some really nice prizes. Thanks a bunch Dick, it has been fun. Hopefully this teaser will entice shooters to come shoot a real 22 BPTR match this summer at the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol club. Talk to Dick Hennebry for details.

Be sure and get your entries in for the 6th Smithmoor Winter Season Finale. It will be held April 18th. As of now, we are thinking we will still be able to hold it. Also, entry forms are out for our big matches in July, as well as the National 22 BPCRA Championship in Raton, and the International BPCR Showdown we are sponsoring in Raton in August. I hope to see you all there, let me know if anyone has any questions.
Take care,

Shooter Paper Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Cody Smith 100-4x 9 10 10 7 36 MW
Jim Rodebaugh 100-6x 3 10 9 10 32 1st M and 1st Paper
Jack Odor 100-3x 1 10 10 10 31
Mark Pachares 100-2x 2 10 7 9 28
Brad Rice 97-1x 6 9 7 3 25

Steve Anderson 100-4x 6 10 8 10 34 1st
Coralee Smith 97-0x 3 10 9 7 29
Gary Smith 100-1x 1 10 8 8 27
Kenny Wasserburger 100-2x 3 10 9 9 31
JD Farmer 94-1x 2 10 9 3 24
Billy Acklin 100-6x 2 9 8 9 28

Greg Bybee 42-0x 0 10 8 7 25 1st

Dick Hennebry 94-1x 0 9 3 9 21
Dick Farmer 94-1x 0 9 9 5 23 1st AA and 1st Paper
Keith Kelly 85-0x 2 10 3 9 19

Keith Goetz 83-0x 2 0 1 2 5 1st

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Re: Smithmoor March 22's

Post by stevewhr » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:37 am

Thanks for the kind words Cody. It was a great match, Coralee is an excellent spotter.

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Re: Smithmoor March 22's

Post by Kenny Wasserburger » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:17 pm

Yes she is.

And a wonderful person.
An excellent match as always, with my shooting family in Carpenter Wyoming.

Kenny Wasserburger
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Re: Smithmoor March 22's

Post by 40-65rl » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:27 pm

Thanks for the kind words Cody. You and you entire family are a gift from God and saved me from leaving this black powder game.

A word about the mid range matches on the second weekends of June and July, I have added a, just for fun,.22 BPCR silhouette match on the Friday before the weekend matches. Range will be available for dry camping on Thursday at noon and open till 6:00 pm on that Sunday.
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Re: Smithmoor March 22's

Post by stevewhr » Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:05 pm

Great news Dick!

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