2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by COBPTR » Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:17 am


Sort of a rodeo of a weekend for the BPTRA Midrange Championships this past weekend at Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, CO. I think at one point we had 16-18 competitors possibly showing, but we dwindled down to 9 by the time the match started. Including a bit of an RV mishap with Jason and Klaus. Everyone is ok and they’re at home safe now. We missed those of you who couldn’t make it.
Friday only a couple of us practiced and got some settings. I shot my Shiloh 1877 for the first time at 600yd and got a setting, along with Dick Hennebry. Only Lee and Grizz made it over to the .22 range to take advantage of a little more shooting that was kindly afforded to us this weekend. Hopefully we can take more advantage of that in the future. Thanks Grizz!

Saturday morning of the match started out breezy from the get go. The wind was pushing us around a little at 200 for the offhand Position match and was pushing a little harder for the sitting at 300. A couple of us managed some good scores, in spite. Gary and Jack in particular did well offhand. At 300, Bryan, Myself and David Heintz put up some of the better sitting scores. By the 600yd line we had stiff breezes and let-offs and Bryan managed to spot the high score for me, with Bryan, Jack and Gary just a couple of points behind. Only 3 points separated 1st-4th place so Sunday was going to be a battle.
Did I mention the rattlesnake in the bathroom incident? Luckily, everyone is ok…except the rattlesnake!

Sunday was a great day to shoot a Prone match at CRC. Very little wind and many shots were taken at 0 on the rear sight. If you could manage your fouling in the fairly brutal heat you had a shot at doing well. Jack, Gary and Michael showed up big at 300 shooting 98’s with plenty of X’s. Jack started to walk away from Bryan, Gary and myself once we got to the forged in hell 500yd target. I think Gary and I were pretty proud of our 92’s at 500 until we saw Jack’s amazing 96-4x score. I think that’s the highest score I’ve personally seen on the MR-65 target. Dick H. showed up huge on the 600yd target with his 84 as well as Michael Jackson with his 88-3x, but pailed in comparison to Jack’s 93-1x. Jack finished with a phenomenal 287-9x out of 300 to take Day 2 and the aggregate win. Congratulations to Jack!
Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped out. It is much appreciated.

Day 1, Position, 200, 300, 600yd, possible 300

Robert Garibay- 256-4x
Bryan Youngberg- 255-1x
Jack Odor- 255
Gary Baylis- 253-3x
David Heintz- 228-3x
Dick Hennebry- 215
Lee Kleidon- 178
Scott Stephenson- DNF (equipment issue)

Day 2, Prone, 300, 500, 600yd, possible 300

Jack Odor- 287-9x
Robert Garibay-273-3x
Michael Jackson- 264-6x
Bryan Youngberg- 262-2x
Gary Baylis- 261-4x
David Heintz- 252-1x
Dick Hennebry-247-2x

Aggregate, possible 600

Jack Odor-542-9x, Champ
Robert Garibay-529-7x, 2nd, High Spotter
Bryan Youngberg-517-3x, 3rd
Gary Baylis-514-7x, High SS/M
David Heintz-480-4x
Dick Hennebry-462-2x
Lee Kleidon-394-2x
Scott Stephenson-350 (with DNF Day 1)
Michael Jackson- 264-6x (Sunday Only)

Robert Garibay
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Re: 2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by jackrabbit » Mon Jun 01, 2020 12:26 pm

Yahooo! Looks like you guys had fun, wish I could have been there. I assume Jack's score at 500 will be a BPTRA record? Were there any other records set?

Thanks for all you do for our sport, Robert!
take care, Cody

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Re: 2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by COBPTR » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:46 pm

It sure does Cody. The previous record was 89-2x at 500.
On Sunday, Gary would have had the new record at 500 with a 92-1x, which I then tied with a 92-1x about an hour later.
Then Jack comes along and beats us both with his 96-4x!
I'll have to check with my records/stats office :), but I believe Jack broke 3 BPTRA records on Sunday. High score at 500, 600 and aggregate total for the MR-Any course of fire. Previous agg. record was 275-4x held by Bryan.

Next BPTRA match is in Worland this coming weekend. Then Dick Hennebry has his combo .22/BPTRA match in Cheyenne on June 12-14th.
Be sure to let them know if you plan on coming.

Robert Garibay
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Re: 2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by gunlaker » Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:51 pm

That's some nice shooting on that 500 yard target!

Robert I see that the new 1877 is working out well for you :D


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Re: 2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by Kenny Wasserburger » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:52 pm

A 95-4x was shot at 500 a few years ago, but somehow got lost in the NRA hands.

It was shot with a 25# Shiloh 45-110 with paper patch.

Aero can concur. As can Don McDowell. 5 shots were inside a 3 inch spotting disk btw, 10s and ax’s. Even shot the pin out once.

I still have the disk, btw. Jack won the match and I was second.

Kenny Wasserburger

Sounds like a great match, sorry I couldn’t make.
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Re: 2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by Don McDowell » Tue Jun 02, 2020 5:38 pm

That was a fun target to pull Kenny.
AKA Donny Ray Rockslinger :?

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Re: 2020 BPTRA Midrange Championships

Post by desert deuce » Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:08 pm

Mighty fine shooting there. Even Jack did pretty good. :D Hope to make it next year.
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