Cheyenne All 500 showdown

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Cheyenne All 500 showdown

Post by 40-65rl » Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:33 pm

Sunday was the hottest day on record for August 9 in Cheyenne. Eight brave souls came to the high plains and were treated to what most consider the most difficult target in the mid range variety of targets, the 500 yard. Not just one but an entire day, 3 targets, all at 500. Although not recognized by the BPTRA as a match it was shot at the request of several shooters. Don McDowell came out with new, just out of the case, Shiloh 1877. With no time to load for it he shot his highwall loads. The rifle can shoot. Don got second behind Jack Odor who put on a clinic of how to shoot in the heat and a wind that went from 20-25 mph to 5 mph in just a few minutes. Crazy Wyoming wind for sure driven by the heat off the prairie and lack of humidity. Anyway nuff said, Don posted the scoreboard on his post 1877 for your edification and enjoyment. This signaled the end of the mid range bpcr season at Cheyenne but we will have one last .22 mid range match in September. Saturday’s match results and photos are on the .22 BPCRA Facebook page. See ya next year or next month for the .22 match. :D
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Re: Cheyenne All 500 showdown

Post by Don McDowell » Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:35 pm

Fun little match.
Jack's spotter played a huge part in putting on that exhibition. Good job Dick, you worked as hard as he did getting that score.
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Re: Cheyenne All 500 showdown

Post by Grizz61 » Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:02 am

Thanks, Dick, for the both matches last weekend. It was fun and a great challenge. The was some great shooting and spotting displayed all weekend. I am close with my new gun and load. Don and Jack amongst other truly showed why their reps are as good as they are. But I think everyone enjoyed the matches and I look forward to doing it again soon.

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