Smithmoor August Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor August Match

Post by jackrabbit » Tue Aug 18, 2020 7:32 am

Friends and Shooters, 8/18/2020

We had a surprisingly good turnout for our August monthly BPCR match this past Saturday at Smithmoor. 17 shooters made it out to enjoy the day of competition and camaraderie. Although it was quite warm, we stayed comfortable in the shade on the firing line. The winds stayed fairly calm, but the mirage was strong and caused some frustrations. It seems there is always something to create some challenges!

Grizz took 1st A class this month with a solid 21. He was quite pleased with his shooting. Sammie Rice shot an excellent 23 to be 1st AA with 5 (!!!) chickens. GREAT job Sammie! AAA class saw a tie between Joe Kapler and Jim Rodebaugh with 26's. Jim was out of ammo and had to forfeit the shootoff, leaving Joe with 1st AAA class. Master class had some stumblings this month. Michael Rix's rifle was not functioning correctly and led to some poor shooting before he had to quit and Michael Jackson is still getting back into the groove after laying off for multiple years. Brad Rice was 1st Master class with a 22. With Grizz as my spotter, I was pleased to shoot a 27 to be the Match Winner. I suspect the extreme mirage was the culprit for most of the overall lower scores this month.

As usual, Dad and Momma Lorraine laid out a great lunch for us. Hamburgers off the grill from our own home raised beef was the main course, and potato salad and watermelon made nice accessories. Dick Hennebry and Dan Womer brought a nice selection of donuts for the morning snack. Thank you all for the great food!

We have some great matches in the area coming up! Kenny Wasserburger is having his Mile match at the ranch at Lance creek over Labor Day weekend. Dick Hennebry is hosting his World Championship 22 BPCR Midrange match on September 20th. The Shiloh invitational match is the 2nd Weekend in September at Reed Point, Montana. Perhaps the premier BPCR event of the year, the BPTRA National Championship will be September 24th through 27th at the Colorado Rifle Club near Byers, Colorado. It is currently filled up with several on the waiting list! The success of the newly formed BPTRA is pretty exciting. We are also quite pleased to hear that the HOTSA Range in Texas has been set back up at a new location and is hosting 22 BPCRA sanctioned matches. That is great news for sure and we wish them the best of luck! We have sure had fun shooting down there and are looking forward to going back. They are hosting their first big match Oct 31's-Nov 1st. Good luck shooters, we will be rooting for you!
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Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Brad Rice 1 9 6 6 22 1st
Michael Rix - - - - -
Cody Smith 2 9 7 9 27 MW
Michael Jackson 2 8 2 4 15

JD Farmer 2 9 3 4 18
Joe Kapler 1 10 6 9 26 1st
Mark Pachares 2 10 5 8 25
Jim Rodebaugh 3 9 8 6 26
Dan Womer 2 5 4 7 18

Robert Garibay 1 8 9 4 22
Sammie Rice 5 9 3 6 23 1st
Greg Bybee 2 9 6 5 22
Thom Moore 2 4 6 6 18

Grizz 2 8 4 7 21 1st
David Heintz 2 6 4 3 15
Dick Hennebry 1 3 3 5 12

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