Bill's article in BPCN

Support for the 1863 shooter. Discussions of powders, loads, bullets, etc.
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Todd Birch
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Bill's article in BPCN

Post by Todd Birch » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:11 am

Well done, Bill! I'm sure you've regenerated interest in the percussion Sharps rifles.

I think you need a follow-up article, this time dealing with paper cartridges. Once you get the knack of it, they aren't much more labour intensive than brass where we deprime, clean, size, trim, anneal, etc.

'Sides, Berdan's boys, cavalrymen and the buffler boys didn't pour from the horn with the availability of paper rounds. I've never used loose powder in my '63s.

The first rds I fired through my Farmingdale .50 MR were with the Lyman 515141 rolled with .54 calibre 60 gr Pyrodex pellets. They make into a solid, easy handling, chamber length cartridge you could waterproof with a coat of shellac for hunting.
When I got that brain wave, I called Hodgdon's and talked to a tech. I asked him to measure the diameter of the pellets and ran my idea past him. He assured me I was on solid ground, especially with a Sharps.

I've gotten away from the Pyro pellets lately, preferring good ol' BP. Smells better and makes more smoke. High tech ammo along with 1850s-60s technology just doesn't compute.

I've got some 'brag' targets with incredible groups fired off hand at 50 yds and at 100 from the bench with my .50 '63 carbine - with 'as issue' sights. However, I see an MVA tang in the future for my '63 .54 Sporter.

I think we'll see more '63 shooters on this forum 'ere long ......
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63 sharps article

Post by MRW » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:16 pm

I just got the bpcn yesterday. You wrote a fine article Mr. Goodman and I thought it was interesting that you could shoot the rifle safely with an air gap in the cylinder. Accuracy sure is good. I have been interested in the sharps percussion for quite sometime. Lots of history with this rifle and looking forward to more info on this historical rifle

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