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Todd Birch
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Newbie Tip

Post by Todd Birch » Wed May 04, 2011 9:45 am

One of the most reliable rounds I shoot in my .50 '63s consists of a 60 gr .54 calibre Pyrodex pellet wrapped with a sized/lubed Lyman 515141.
I discovered early that I needed to expose the base of the pellet to ensure 100% reliable ignition, the base of which is coated with a smear of BP.
BTW - this cartridge has several historical precedents, many such 'compressed' charge rounds being developed during the Civil War; in both breech loaders and Minie rifles.

Recently, I had a couple of failures to fire due to 'cool' caps and paper rounds that resisted the flash. Usually I use a piece of paper towel as a base, but these rds used the same tracing paper as the tube.
So, for the remaining rds of that type, I coated the bases with white glue using a Q-tip and sprinkled on some FFFg.
Later I got smart and dipped the bases in some glue and then in loose powder. This makes for PDQ ignition - every time!
Today I'm going to experiment with waterproofing some rounds by spraying them with clear Varathane. This will also stiffen them somewhat in the bargain.
Again, there is an historical precedent for this, many Civil War rounds being coated with 'Collodion', nitrated cellulose dissolved in alcohol and ether.
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Southron Sr.
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Re: Newbie Tip

Post by Southron Sr. » Tue May 24, 2011 6:32 pm

I just make my Sharps cartridges using Ladie's Hair Curling papers! I wrap the paper around a short piece of 1/2 " dowel rod and use a glue stick to glue the paper into a tube.

Then use the glue stick to spread glue around the rebated heel of the Sharps bullet. Then I slip one end of the paper over the heel and use my fingers to press it down so the glue sets. Then I use a double tie of dental floss to also tie the paper to the base of the bullet.

Then I "Hot Dip" the bullet in melted lube. After the lube hardens, I pour my powder charge into the cartridge and twist the end into a "Rat Tail."

I then load 28 cartridges into a cardboard box. When shooting team events in the N-SSA I simply flip the top of the paper carton back, place the box of Sharps cartridges in my leather cartridge box and I am ready to load and shoot Rapid Fire. The "Rat's Tail" makes the cartridge extremely easy to pull out of the cartridge box!

The Lady's Hair Curling papers burn 100% when the arm fires!

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